Weekly Sonnyscopes Are Up!


Astro-Week August 26 – September 2, 2013




Dear Aries


You’re giving a lot to your partner this week and as a result, good things are happening for the both of you. Use this time to get closer together. If you’re single, reach out to someone you already know. The answer will be yes. This is also a time when joint finances and the occult become important. Keep your eyes open and double check everything. New opportunities are on the horizon. So team up but know in advance that it’s going to hurt a bit at first but it will work out.




Dear Taurus


Although love is waiting is your daily life, perhaps someplace close by that you may have never imagined, you energy will be directed towards your home life. Renovations, repairs, and just sprucing up the place is in order. Afterwards, throw a party and see what happens. You never know what love will say. And that’s what you love most this week. Have fun.




Dear Gemini


Love and communication are highlighted this week. This is kind of your wheel house so what are you waiting for? Something about the way you do things is changing. The will be a disruption in your daily life and it will hurt a bit at first but if you keep moving everything will be ok. Use your voice this week, 100% – trust me, do it but DON’T argue.




Dear Cancer


The next couple of weeks might hurt romantically but I see you finally meeting someone special who nurtures and help you come out of your shell. You are going through a major life transformation in relationships where people will arrive and then disappear. But, if you look deeper as you run away, you might see that they’ve been there all along.




Dear Leo


This week begins a big dose of happy and healthy me time. With Mars entering your home sign, you’ll feel more energetic and playful. Get out and have some fun. Change is happening at home but don’t worry about it. This might be a painful separation but it will all work out for the best.




Dear Virgo


Happy birthday! This is a good week to move forward with your plans. The way you communicate to the world is dramatically changing. Maybe you’re making a new website or promotional photos etc. Get creative but get it done. You’ve been procrastinating and slumming. Get back in the game.




Dear Libra


Destiny will meet financial opportunity in the next couple of weeks but first, painful change is happening. A once counted upon source of income or security is now gone but a new one is emerging in surprising and promising new ways. Thoughts are lingering on the past and how to merge with your future. This is normal Libra stuff. Both The Sun and Mercury are in your 12th astro-house clearing out, cleaning up, and finding answers. This might cause a bit of an emotional drag. Venus however, is shining love on your ego very brightly. People are falling in love with you all over the place. The new you really arrives next month. Now’s the time to put your puzzle together and get ready.




Dear Scorpio


There’s pain ahead.. Full speed! This week, don’t be the scorpion with a sting, be the higher form of your sign, the eagle. Use your famous psychic vision and put everything together right now. If parts don’t fit, spin them until they do, or just leave them along the side of your journey. Merge your dream with another for a stronger future.




Dear Sagittarius


A powerful change is happening right now to your finances. Your personal resources are being tested. On the other hand financial associations with others are fantastic! So, you might be feeling happy for other but still a little broke. It’s just one of those years. Yes, I said years. Keep going. You’ll be ok.




Dear Capricorn


So you fell in love and you guys are about to start a business together.. Very Capricorn. It looks like things will work out so keep going. Your test coming up will be in your larger circle of friends and general support group. People who you thought you could count on will change. This might include love so watch out!




Dear Aquarius


You’re going to want to steamroll into some kind of fatal attraction this week but thing to really watch for is your career. Change is happening so be alert. There is a possibility that the two will go together and your new relationships will lead you to a career change. Just keep your eyes open and be ready to act.




Dearest Pisces




Money is coming easy to those around you right now. Smile and help them. Love is entering a new cycle where you are about to shine. Have fun and don’t worry about the gloomy mood. Everything is working out. Stay close to your friends.


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