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Love Horoscopes – August 27, 2013


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Aries: This can be a creative and even romantic time in your life, one to look back on with pride and fondness. While that may be the case, sadly there may be a few ego based issues that will spoil a pleasant day. A need to be the center of attention takes hold in your life now. Some days we are willing to put our own interests aside in order to help out or give another a break. If you are attached then it may be difficult for both you and your partner to lay anything aside, as you are each determined to have a slice of the action. You must see that the end result will be the two of you accomplishing nothing. This day may not end well if one of you, preferably you, doesn’t see that really this is just ridiculous and you two have better things to do.

Taurus: You have trust in the Universe to provide you certain opportunities for a life that is bountiful in many ways. There are some checks that the Universe just cannot cover and the energy formed under today’s planetary aspect just may be one of them. The energy of the day may encourage you to be you more extravagant than you can actually afford. You might really want to take that special person in your life out for a really good meal but you should really make sure you do have the funds first. Besides you naturally having a big heart, right now you have a knack for picking up on others’ distress and being compassionate and understanding of others’ needs. Your lover will appreciate this more than you might realize.

Gemini: Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. You feel full of the magic and that you can really make a difference today. One of those areas would be your love life, but whatever you do needs to be based on reality, not on idle promises. Today is a good time to express your feelings with conviction, knowing that there will be response in kind. Your head and heart are on the same page and will tend to remain that way for some time to come so take advantage of this. This could really be a good day for you, but if you say that you are going to do something, even if it is a bit outlandish, then you better mean it – otherwise there could be problems.

Cancer: There is the possibility of a lot of warmth and good feeling around today. Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. A new romance or friendship may start or an old or current one may take a new turn for the better. Either way, you will experience joy and exuberance in your close relationships. It is also a great time for parties and any kind of travel. Don’t try to use all your energy at once, and get exhausted. It would benefit both of you to try and pace the day; otherwise, you’ll be tired before it has begun. Enjoy your day and look forward to many more like it.

Leo: Today could be fairly action-packed, and full of the things you enjoy doing. Socializing and reestablishing bonds with friends and family you haven’t seen lately is the order of the day today. It may become overwhelming if you stop and think about all the possibilities of the day. Before you and your partner set out to conquer the world, check that you have not forgotten to include anyone. You may both be full of yourselves and a little too over-excited. Give others a chance to enjoy themselves, too. Set some time aside to devote to those in your personal circle you haven’t seen or heard from in a while. If you do you’re likely to revitalize yourself spiritually and may even fall into an opportunity to realize some unexpected financial gains.

Virgo: It’s a great time to hold a party to celebrate the good things in life and the wonderful company around you. There is a sunny atmosphere that will pervade the air today giving you and everyone around you a good feeling of optimism. You and your loved one should take advantage of this to just enjoy being together and also to enjoy the presence of treasured friends. There will be a handful of you, despite the warmth of the day that may feel more emotional and subjective than usual. There have been a string of events that is causing you to question the motives and maybe even the manipulations of those closest to you. It’s easy to assume things right now, so rather than risk being wrong hold off a day or two before you make accusations.

Libra: The current planetary configuration brings the chance to enjoy life a little. Your passions are strong and compelling at this time causing you to be demanding of a lover’s energy and affection. It is not a day that you want to spend away from your partner or be alone. You two should get out and enjoy yourselves even spend time in the company of others with those you are close to. This will be a day for sunshine and laughter, so sharing a meal and just enjoying a sense of togetherness is definitely on the list of things to do. Do try and rein in your demands today as tensions could easily erupt in your relationship. Issues that may be underlying, like giving more but not receiving enough in return, could come to light or explode once again.

Scorpio: The atmosphere surrounding you today is fairly optimistic, which is great after that fairly heavy spell you have gone through recently. Now that this optimism has set in you feel the need for introspection during this period. The clarity this energy brings will give you this need to explore yourself, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future. One of those decisions may be looking for love and romance. If it is then it is not a good time to stay indoors. Right now, love will be found in the places where the spirit of laughter and friendliness is celebrated. Where you go that you are comfortable, a few romantic options may present themselves. It would be unwise for you to make any decisions until this period of self discovery has passed.

Sagittarius: The energy of today is something you will certainly enjoy. Because the cosmic atmosphere is so great, you just have fun and be yourself. If you are single and looking out for someone to share your life with, the right person will come along soon if not today. Go somewhere where you can meet those who enjoy the same kind of sporting activities that you do. Or perhaps join a philosophical discussion group. Gear your activity by the type of person you want to attract. For some of you, memories and old feelings may surface at this time, thrusting things you may have forgotten or wanted to forget back to the forefront. Any closure you can get at this time from past issues will benefit you in all your other relationships both now and in the future.

Capricorn: The energy in the air today should put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. It is time to forget the cares of life for a while and have some fun those you care for. If you have the chance, take your partner out somewhere you can relax together. You two need to make up for lost time so go somewhere where the atmosphere will restore the spirit of laughter between you. If you are looking for something else to do then this is the time for getting a wild with friends. Try going out dancing, or doing something out of the ordinary that is different and fun. If you are unattached you will meet new people who are more open, interesting and quite different from yourself. Romance may happen and will be exciting but may be short-lived.

Aquarius: You will enjoy today, as an optimistic feeling and love of the human race grow within you. During this time you may feel the need to be free spirited and independent. Though you are optimistic, don’t expect this to be a peaceful time, but rather a very active and energetic time. Upsets and unexpected changes in relationships are extremely likely at this time. Your need for freedom may not help matters any as it may make you selfish and unwilling to tolerate being stifled or put down by others. People may be a little full of themselves and you just do not want to be bothered. Do not be surprised if you find yourself rebelling against others who are domineering or rigid in their way of dealing with other people and especially you!

Pisces: Although you would rather spend some time alone right now, the energy is far too open and bubbly to let you do so. The atmosphere surrounding you is joyous and affectionate. Your warmth will radiate under the right circumstances and allow people to see you for the genuine, caring person you are. It would be a good plan to spend the day out with your loved one, or enjoying yourself with other friends. Personal relationships should be especially fulfilling for you during this period because those close to will be easily charmed by your affection and poise. Pampering yourself some is called for as well. Treat yourself to one of your favorite, more extravagant activities. It has been a while and you deserve it.



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