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Love Horoscopes – August 29, 2013


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Aries: Strength is a very admirable trait, one that you possess in spades. Either others will remind you how impressed they are by your strength, or you will seek out the strength in someone close to you. A significant development in a close relationship or strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter, are very likely at this time. It is the direct approach that you need to take, rather than beating around the bush or whispering sweet nothings. If you have something to say to your nearest and dearest, then say it loud and clear; don’t mumble. Be prepared to see reflections of whom you are and who you want to be today. Sounds confusing? The way you need to take will be clear and that is the path you want to follow.

Taurus: Your relationship has had some ups and downs; you may go through a few rotations before the day is over. Frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving what and who you want in a relationship can evoke enormous anger in you, and you may do something rash and regrettable. But, the energy of the day indicates you have every chance of making a major breakthrough in your relationship. This will only be successful if you go all in and make an effort. Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable so if you can’t then try to count to ten a few times before saying anything you’ll regret later. If you are honest, open and up-front, you could make a difference in your relationship and experience an unforgettable time.

Gemini: If you are having a first date today, it is likely you will have some company tonight. Your friends are only too willing to come with you and join in the fun. They will want to create a party atmosphere with you and this new person in your life. You will have to be patient if you wish to be alone with your lover to enjoy some quiet moments. This may seem disastrous now but this direction you take can be the start of a great friendship that brings both wealth and love. Now sometimes you can be your own worse enemy; try not to put up any new barriers, let them all down today. The energy of love and desire allows for all sorts of pleasantries and can provide the foundations of lots more like it to come, but only if you allow it to happen.

Cancer: To maintain some semblance of harmony during this time, keep your mind as busy as possible. One way to do so is to entertain at home today and invite around a few friends with whom you feel really comfortable. There is the possibility you may get closer to someone you have known that you have felt a spark with. In order to get there, you will need to be quite firm about your intentions. In this instance false modesty does no favors. For many of you, life’s is moving a bit too slow for you. This frustrates you so much that you may take it on your loved ones, likely being over critical. Should you feel yourself hitting a boiling point, burn it off through exercise or try to lose yourself in a book or movie.

Leo: You could be driven more by instinct than by reason now. You are gripped by an almost fanatical and compulsive need to make fundamental changes in your life. One of those changes is with your intimate affairs, which is fine as this is a great time for improving your relationship or prospects. You will find that they are more fun than usual, and also quite passionate. Expect to have a lot of fun together, share intimacies and have no problem being honest and open each other. Other compulsive urges you may have is the need to rid yourself of limitations and obstacles if you are in a more established relationship. Be careful you don’t burn any relationship that you really want to hold on to during this time.

Virgo: Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time, and conflicts over power and dominance may erupt. Within this aggression, you may experience a strong intuitive pull towards someone you know. The realization may come that you are bonded to this person in a particularly close way, one that leaves you knowing them at a very deep level. This may affect your attitude, which, if previously distant, may now become much closer. You may begin a relationship now, boldly taking the initiative to pursue someone you want to be with. You will come on strong to this person, but he or she might just love it! You won’t compromise yourself to please anyone which is fine and in doing so you will feel a warmth that you never felt before.

Libra: Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating and delightful. If you are looking to break from the norm, maybe experiment and to be spontaneous then you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace during this time. If you have anything to say, do so today, as this is the right time. Don’t hold back; speak about how you feel with complete honesty. It is entirely possible that this bold energy brings a new romance or a revitalization of a current one. You seem to be very popular at the moment, and in your close relationships there is a lot of natural warmth. This will likely be a very sociable day with friends providing a lot of laughs.

Scorpio: There is a strong sense of romantic passion in the air today, as well as a feeling of closeness. You feel tender and gentle toward others, and you want to please or to be of service to them in some way. It is also a great time to clear the air on any subject that may have become a sticking point, as there is genuine warmth and good feeling present. There should be plenty of opportunity to say how you feel honestly and openly. Also some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. You are receptive to beauty at this time and want to be surrounded with harmony, beauty, and kindness and love. Buy yourself something nice, pretty even.

Sagittarius: Relationships can get a bit weird right now or at least take an unexpected turn. Your loved one seems to be in a particularly ardent and adventurous mood. That energy flowing from them may spark the need for more freedom, or novelty on your part, or on the part of someone close to you. This will likely disrupt the status quo in your relationship. Focus on taking advantage of have every opportunity to go places you may have never been before with someone you care deeply for. It is a day to discover new things you love to do together, and to find other interests you can share. Rather than fall to any negative energy that could take over this time, use this to strengthen the bond you two share.

Capricorn: This is not a great day to make plans or decisions today but that doesn’t mean you can’t get organized. You have the chance to cement a relationship with someone you are comfortable with in some way. You should at least get started as the potential will brighten up your day no end. Because you are having a hard time figuring out the right move your frustrations may come out. Not just any romantic annoyances but you may also feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. Remember, one thing and one day at a time. Use today to get your desires in order and tomorrow to put them into action. Have some self control and remember tomorrow is another day, a new perspective and will be here soon enough.

Aquarius: Some of you may have an important discussion to make with people you are (or once were) very close to. But in order to make the right choice you feel that you may want to interact with someone from your past. Connecting with your past could very well be the way to go here but only if you can look at your history honestly and objectively. As you walk down amnesia lane, memories and old feelings will surface now. While you are looking for answers to your future, you should maybe clear up some old issues so you can continue forward with an open mind. If you are attached, your partner is particularly passionate and full of life right now. This may be the time to talk in a positive way about your future.

Pisces: Quiet reflection and attention to your inner world. This means your family, and the foundation that supports all of your outside activities. Right now you should spend more time on you than on anyone else first. Figure out what makes you happy because you could encounter that special person in some unlikely places. He or she will be around for some time to come. The day’s planetary configuration indicates that you have a chance of your eyes meeting somewhere like a crowded waiting room, veterinary office, at work, or while seeing someone at a hospital. There will be a sense of attraction, and the feeling you have always known each other. This could be a wonderful at romance, so go with the flow.




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