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Love Horoscopes – September 1, 2013




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Aries: They may be a few of you about to experience a very positive change in your life. This may have to do with international relations as contact with countries abroad intensifies today in a powerful way. This may be because of a friend or even and educational opportunity but this may possibly change your life. You could be taken on a journey into new cultures and new ways of life. One of the people involved is relatively new in your life so if you meet this person, possibly for the first time today, then the relationship will be ongoing. Your enthusiasm and desire for living are very high now. This is a harmonious time where you express your feelings openly, you feel alive and interested in the world about you, and your love relationships are exciting.


Taurus: You may feel as if your life is one of those widely popular romance movies. Sexual needs are just one of the life issues emphasized for you at this time. There will be passion, adventure, and the chance to go to places you have never been before. You pose the only obstacle, because right now you enjoy the stability of your local environment, a little too much. If all of this seems daunting, then stay in and watch it on TV. Why experience such thrills firsthand? Many of you right now have this instinctive need to be powerful and in control. You are looking to be the one pulling the strings and calling the shots. Just make sure you don’t take your control issues so far that your partner feels smothered or ignored.


Gemini: Often times you will find that people have a hidden agenda for their generosity. You may be reminded of this today as you are all set to take off on the experience of a lifetime. There will be some sort of adventure involving things you have never done before. Sadly all of it will come with a price. The person you are with may ask you to commit yourself to something more than a casual relationship with them. He or she is looking for something much deeper with you but if you are prepared to give it then by all means do so. This situation plays towards the energy of the day as it is a good time for relaxation and rejuvenating yourself. During this time having a good sense of humor and optimism help you gain a much needed perspective on your life.


Cancer: Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding during this time. Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions will occur now. It is entirely possible that a colleague may surprise you romantically. He or she is someone you would have never thought or maybe hoped a connection could possibly happen. This new attraction is quite intense and rather consuming. If you feel the same way, this will work out wonderfully but you do not then you may have quite a problem getting your adoring admirer to keep away. Whatever your scenario, this is a good day to ask someone out on a date.  If you are involved with someone, surprise them by being spontaneous and doing something a bit different than normal.


Leo: The day’s celestial configuration indicates that you have a day of real passion and romantic love in store for you. You and your partner may well discover new heights to your relationship through trying out something different together. If you are looking for romance, anywhere connected with travel, sports, gambling, philosophy, or the theater will be a great place to have some fun. If you are waiting for that fantasy to walk through the door and become a reality, well it could happen, but not if you’re sitting at home watching the television. If you want it you are just going to have to make an effort to go out and find it! So make some plans to be places and meet people today that could get you noticed.


Virgo: You may have been feeling blocked emotionally lately. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires onto others. Doing so will only cause more friction that you do not need. Thankfully this is only temporary. Passion may be found, or rather uncovered, at home today. You may find yourself thinking that finally your love has come to their senses as far as you are concerned. They seem to agree with or cater to your every whim. Which is perfect but you should give back to them a little; maybe massage them with warm oils. If this day doesn’t turn positive, then take some time out from any romantic interactions and just enjoy your own company if possible.


Libra: It’s a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive of your most intimate relationships. There’s a certain stability in the general energy that makes it safe to say what you feel just keep it a bit conservative as your partner may not be able to handle the true depth of your emotions just yet. You need to work towards that by working together and dreaming up a few good life-changing ideas – the more, the better. Right now you both seem to be in a brainstorming mode and feel the need to move through this transformational energy together. This will certainly create something that will change your lives and change your outlook. You two will discover what you are looking for in each other. Life may never be the same again.


Scorpio: Love and finance seem to be at the center of the energy surrounding you today. Money and resources are useful to purchase different types of experience. Part of this is about intuitively knowing just what to ask for, what’s really available, and who’s in the mood for giving. You can use financial resources to do something that makes a difference to both of you. While that may be thinking more long term than you wanted,  you could also buy your loved one a very expensive present that will have an immediate yet equal effect. The choice is yours – decide wisely. You really should go with your feelings during this time. You’ll be surprised at what’s at your command and how people respond to your charm and energy. Just keep your ego in check.


Sagittarius: It seems that whatever you do today has a potent effect on the life of someone close to you. This can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with something that in reality, is no longer working. This can be anything from an old possession to an unhealthy relationship but do not be surprised if it is a deeply ingrained and self-defeating attitude people nag at your for. Thankfully the energy of the day drives you with the desire to make these improvements and forge full speed ahead. Naturally, you would like your partner to be right there with you. But he or she may be unable to keep up the pace or was the unhealthy relationship you had to let go of. It is entirely possible that you will take the next few steps in life alone.


Capricorn: Everyone needs a little rest and recuperation. Today’s astral energy means it is vital for you to take time out to regenerate yourself and feel good about life once more. Certain events may have taken the wind out of your sails, and it is necessary that you find time to be alone. Send your partner out on a long shopping spree and put your feet up. This relaxing influence can last for a few days this upcoming week but during this time period your intimate relationships will deepen and grow. All this time you two will spend together brings things to a very personal level. It doesn’t matter what events unfold during this upcoming week, all you need to know is that it leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you and your love.


Aquarius: Relationships of all kind, romantic or platonic, are intensified now.  Your friends certainly know how to get you all wound up and proceed to do so. One in particular may present a very tricky situation. After all the tensions surrounding you two, it’s time to either take this passionate connection further or leave it alone. There is no middle ground and certainly no “let’s see how we get on.” There is too much between you two all ready that it is either there or it isn’t. Take your time in order to choose wisely. If you are attached, this energy leaves you with strong feelings of attraction, love and desire. If you are unhappy in your sexual life, you can be very tense and angry with your current lover or partner. They need to man up!


Pisces: This is not a great day for you to make plans or decisions. You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. Because you feel this, it could be hard to figure out the next move with that special someone in your life. The alignment of the planets today brings your love life into focus once again. If you are experiencing a blaze of passion, you can expect things to get even hotter today. Your loved one will not want romance and lust; they want action and excitement from you! Are you up to the task, do you think you can give them what they want? Think carefully about what you agree to do. The next few days you may want to exercise some self control but for right now remember tomorrow is another day and a new perspective.


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