Single in September..

What’s around the corner..? – Universe

How the fuck should I know.. – S

“Vestigla Nulla Retrorsum..”


“No Backward Steps..”

“Seriously Bill.. WTF..? I have to do my thing in a min..”

“No.. you have to do this.. Now.. – they will wait for us.”

sigh.. & I’m ready & willing  @ all times to prove myself.. What..?”

You can’t just go in there and do your thing today.. They’re expecting more from you. Being the best is not good enough – you have a responsibility.. to all of us – in all pursuits, to keep eternity in view.. even your arrogant M’s know you’re special and stay away when you come here.. this is the all-star team but you have to remember your home.. and when you do your thing – remember who you are – and remember who we are – and don’t take any fucking backward steps..”

“sigh.. I do remember..”

“And your thing is on backwards again ! why doesn’t she dress you properly before you come here ? Sigh.. You have come a long way really fast and we’re all proud of you.. go get ’em”


“We’re not here because we Can do this.. We’re here because This is what We do!” – Sunshine Express coming through


I’m not going to be single in September – I want more – and I don’t think I should be nice about it – S

Well.. Venus is moving into Scorpio.. don’t say I never help.. – what’s past the bridge..? – Universe


“Hit me again..”

This fucking guy is made of steel..

“You have so much speed but you have no power..”

I hit him so hard.. I think my arm is broken at the elbow.. but I can see how he does it.. how the force moves through his body and then into the floor of the ring – Master S is the shiz – but he makes me wear pink & green WTF!  


“What are you guys doing..? Is this like some early morning secret training session or something.. Everyone knows Sonny doesn’t sleep but what’s everyone else doing here?”

“Relax.. how can you be so hyper in the morning – we’re just opening the gym..”

“Ok.. but don’t go anywhere – I have to run before Master S gets back – everyone already run right..?”

“Ya fuck.. go! come on – no ones waiting for you – run bitch..”

And that’s just the way it was.. – S

You guys were idiots.. – Universe

No.. you don’t understand.. there’s a reason.. Holy crap.. how big is this park – in the distance.. another bridge? – S


“The guy you’re going to fight isn’t taking any breaks today..” – Uncle Imo


Hi Mom – Come to join me on my run.. 

You running strong today boi..

Thanks.. why not.. I’ve been here before – I’m not worried

There’s no one waiting for you at the finish line you know..

I know.. & I know you love me – but you’re wrong.. I’ll be there


Because.. You only need one heart.. to save the world..

In your journey.. there will come a point of no return – people will begin running towards and against you instead of with you – to be successful in life you must find it.. Embrace it.. & when you get there.. turn on the jets because from this point – you’re going to make it.. I love you


“We don’t like medals.. we like trophies..” – Thanks Speed – My ex-wife.. probably why I loved her so much.


“Whatever is happening @ home.. let’s not go into September with any dark clouds.. take care of your family.. see you next week”

“Thanks Sonny.. see you next week”


It’s different now.. I just want the kids to have fun. It took a while to sink in and maybe I shouldn’t be so snobby about it.. or maybe I should – who knows – S

You have to do this.. or people will have nothing to dream about – that’s why you’re here.. so keep running – Universe

“That’s not even a question – when did you stop speaking English..?”

Fuck.. when did I start?

“You have to do it.. there’s no question – Go – and you better win.”


I wonder where my sister is.. ? she hasn’t said hi in a while – S

Perhaps you haven’t run far enough yet.. Have you figured out why you’re doing this yet.. ? – Universe


Because.. you can’t say you can do something.. unless you actually do it every once in a while.. I can feel the finish line & I’m not tired & I’m not afraid.. no more pictures until I get there – it’s time to run for real.. to run for me.. to run for the person I want to be & for the world I want to make for those I love.. I do love you.. for all the reasons I say I don’t..


Good Job Sonny.. I always believed in you – Universe

Fuck You – Straight up – S

A little ungrateful.. – Universe

This is what you had me afraid of.. ? I took fucking pictures ! – S

Calm down.. you’re over reacting – Universe

I really don’t think so.. not today – I didn’t even tell Pook – deal with – S


Because.. there are things that for whatever reason will scare you so much.. you will physically avoid them – others will even warn you of the potential peril. So you work up to it.. maybe even train a bit. In life you really don’t have to overcome any fears or do anything that’s a big deal if you don’t want to.. but I do. 

And it doesn’t matter if anyone meets me at the finish line.. or even along my journey.. or advises me on a way or whatever.. it would be nice but it’s not why I’m here.. I’m here because – that’s just who I am..  a simple Boi.. looking for my Y

Sugar and spice


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