Weekly Sonnyscopes are up !

6a00e5551268ac88340120a61cf6cc970c-800wi1Astro-Week – September 2 – Sept 9, 2013

Dear Aries

You only have one thing on your mind this week, sex. Go for it. Sometimes your needs have to be met by your partner, and if they’re not, then it’s time to do something. This week is about you and your needs. Have fun expressing yourself and don’t worry about pushing buttons. If they love you, they will forgive.

Dear Taurus

Your energy is being channeled into the home but you really long for love and the freedom to express yourself. There is someone true out there waiting and you’re not even going to have to rush. Just be yourself, walk up, and nibble hello. Trust me. It will work.

Dear Gemini

I don’t know how you’re going to talk your way out of this one but you’re going to try. Good luck. Karma might have caught up with you but you still have to keep going. You are the most sexual sign right now so make sure you are out there fulfilling your astro duties. Have fun and good luck. Just watch your aggressive language.

Dear Cancer

Making money and fixing up the home. Energy will be directed towards making money this week. You might begin a new project at work, or be handed a new assignment, or you will go after something that you always wanted to make to home more comfortable. And the home is where love is waiting this week. Your good fortune this week is found close to home in a nurturing and loving environment. You’re not going to have to go far to find love but you will have to invite it in.

Dear Leo

Be careful. Your ego is on a bit of overdrive this week making you confident and confrontational. Try not to step on too many toes as you shine through the week. This week money continues to be your focus. Figure out some new ways to get things done and add to your nest egg. Love is waiting behind new lines of communication so watch closely to what people are saying and how it matches with their actions. New beginnings in personal finances.

Dear Virgo

Your energy has you aggressively clearing out the past. Conversations with old friends and lovers are in store. Make peace and try not to be too critical. This is your time to shine. Get out and have a happy birthday. Everyone seems to be planning or getting ready for something or other, and that suits you fine. Believe it or not, things are easier financially than they could be so remember to count your blessings as they arrive.

Dear Libra

Your energy is currently directed towards finding those who can help make your dreams come true. Expect to find yourself in the center of groups and social activities. Luck is favoring your career and public image all year. This is really a week to shine. Having said all of that, this is a bit of a low energy time of year and although you are sparkling in the community, there’s something missing and you can feel it.

Dear Scorpio

The weekly energy has you a bit aggressive at work. Watch your tongue. That new person screwing up is new after all. Keep the ego in check or at least try not to be too flippant. If there is anyone that you have a karmic or spiritual bond with, now’s the time to address it. A new love enters the picture with immediate feelings of karmic connection. This is the last week to make things work out then Venus will be in your sign and it will be time to move on.. together or apart. The world seems to want to help you right now so when laying out your plans, remember to ask for help.

Dear Sagittarius

Get out and have some fun.. seriously. Love is waiting in groups and public social circles. You’re busy at the office and bosses are noticing. You’re also due for a raise but you’re going to have to work for it. This is not the time to dream about money but rather the time to get some work done. Take a chance but be prepared for more effort.

Dear Capricorn

It might feel like your friends have deserted you this week. Don’t let it get you down. Energy is directed into group projects but you’re the leader so you might be putting in extra hours because of a lack of team effort. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable with this, you’ll make a bunch of money. But life isn’t always about money. Sometimes it’s about respect. And that’s the lesson for the week.

Dear Aquarius

You might be thinking about how much money the two of you can make together and thus your energy is directed towards your partner. Try not to be too intense, or aloof. Love is still arriving from the exotic and distant shores. A trip, vacation, or new course of higher learning is beginning. Get out and do your best and don’t worry about being better than everyone else for a change.

Dearest Pisces

You might find yourself spending more time in routine chores or simply getting back to the daily grind. Make sure you budget time for the gym, and for love. Love is currently working in tandem with others. This means you can make money if you team up. You naturally like to help others so let peace win and just go for it. You’re all about taking care of the details to help your closest partner this week.

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