Thanks Sonny but..


Why so heavy..? I really need to lighten up – school begins tomorrow. But come on.. we’re trying to move forward here – not the same old BS plz.. – all that time you took looking for a way to respond.. you could have just said it to me – and I would have listened with an open heart – S

Dear Sonny..

I left you in the middle of the night to respond to parents’ questions without knowing the answers – then you called me and said goodbye and made your peace – but.. I still needed or wanted more from you..

So.. I asked for your help – please keep doing everything you’ve always done and more – but don’t talk to me – I just don’t want you in my life any more.


Question then.. are you fucking crazy? We were friends, or associate, or colleagues, and strangers, – not lovers – so get your head out of your pants & stop treating me like an ex.

I PROMISED G – No Dark clouds in September.

You wasted five years.. now look in the mirror & waste five more..

good luck sexy angel


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