Hypnosis Update ! Meetup in Kits This Evening


Hi Hypno-Fans!


Last week I demonstrated how to structure a suggestion to make it both believable and achievable. Then we used a modified version of The New Behavior Generator to accept, engage, and act upon the suggestion. This was practiced using The Blackboard Induction.


Using reframing techniques during the induction/deepening process generally tends to make everything easier. It doesn’t necessarily make your post hypnotic suggestions stick any more or less but.. as anyone will tell you – if you get the reframe right – it tends to lock itself in quickly with just a little help.


Generally, I’m not a fan of countdown inductions, but I see their use in teaching.
When I was learning hypnosis.. for some reason I kept trying to match my breathing to the subjects’. This wasn’t always easy and I’m a trained wind musician! I will show you this approach in time but first.. The numbers/letters work as anchors and place holders in the sessions for both the subject and the hypnotist. Last week we used the model of the “countdown” as a shell to create our own metaphors around the suggestion.


I hear a lot of guys say they can talk forever but.. that’s a funny one – so.. we learned that it’s very easy to run out of things to say during a session or even on stage.


This week we’re going to work on our metaphors. Remember.. Hot women/guys are paying a lot of money to sleep with you – ok I’ll reframe that – Do a good a job.. make your session or show interesting, fun, exciting, engaging of the senses and moving the eyes around the room – even if they’re closed.


You don’t need psychic hypnosis or super advanced techniques. You just need extremely strong fundamentals to be really good.


Having said that, some of you guys are already really good at this – & I’m still pleasantly surprised at the talent level of our group. Even the newbies are getting people to “lock their eyes”- That’s impressive. You’re doing great!


Homework this week is to write a simple hypno-script.


Other notes:


I’ve scheduled the NGH Cetification class for November. Register with me asap because spots will be limited. Sorry guys, I know you all want this but I just don’t have an assistant to help me watch a large class in case someone trips into “hysteria” or begins to cry uncontrollably, or simply trances out with their eyes open. I’ve seen all three of them happen and as part of your training you’ll learn how to deal with it when it comes up – and if you plan on working in a clinic.. it will. So once again just give me a call right now and register. You’ll be in practice, accepting clients, and making money in time to help people with their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and stop smoking.


I also want to do a show. Let’s go! Who’s in. Something fun. We can make it a night of hypnosis with a couple of us performing during the evening. Let me asap.


That’s it
See everyone on Wednesday @ Jack’s


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