Do you truly believe in love..


Holy Crap ! I think I just broke my arm.. fuck, that really hurts – I’m am sooo happy I’m flexible right now. And I’ve already begun to heal – S

Not today Sonny.. I have a beef with you – Universe

Fuck.. MY OTHER ARM !!!! Oh No, my head’s exposed !!! – S

Time for your wish you arrogant motherF – welcome to your precious forever + a day – Universe

Laza in istaja maja.. apologizes made to whoever pleases.. – S

“Come on Sonny think. What do you do if you’re out of strikes and the hits are still coming.”

“Seriously.. How could I be out of strikes. I have eight.”


“But I have Eight.. ? and they all cut downwards.. I don’t see the problem”

“Oh Sonny.. my goofy little boi – just listen. You’re going to be out of strikes.. you’re going to be alone and sealed away from everyone.. and you’ll be on display as always. You probably won’t be able to see. It will get very quiet and you’ll stop breathing. When that day arrives.. it will not be because you weren’t ready or because you’re not strong or fast enough. It will arrive because you goofed off and you will deserve it…..

So.. Sonny, what are you going to do when you can’t hit back?”


“How long’s your contract for.. ?”

“After the tour they want me to join the company for real”

“It’s your dream.. you did it. I’m proud of you..”

“It is my dream ! and you always believed in ME – thank you Sonny.. you’re amazing”

“When do you leave.. ? ..tonight..”

“Tonight. I love you so much – promise to call when you visit the East”

“Good luck sexy. I really do believe in you.”

That was touching.. Too bad You weren’t Her dream – Universe

You’re not helping – S

You’re too arrogant.. I’m going to shut you down before you really hurt someone – Universe

You’re wrong.. I can feel Destiny now.. & she’s waiting for me – safe in time.. @ the end of a pendulum. – S

Sonny.. We’re just playing, I really don’t want to see you get hurt.. de Soeille.. there’s no one waiting for you @ the finish line. – Universe

Why does everyone keep telling Me that ! I know. She’s going to meet me 1/2 way – & we’re going to cross together. You better stop having a fucking problem with that. – S


“Don’t worry – I heal fast”

“That’s the problem Sonny.. I don’t”


“You have to go home. They said your people need you”

“What Fucking ! People – They Hate ME”

“You have to go darling”


“It’ll be a nice weekend. Stop whining and come down, do your thing, everyone will be happy.. plus it’s a weekend away by the beach”

“Thanks N but we just broke up and I already live by the beach..”

“Ok how about this.. the place is already sold out because of you..”

“Sigh.. good job”

“See you tomorrow player”

“See you in the morning N”



“She poisoned me.. it was cute”

“What.. ? You guys are crazy.”

“It’s ok, I can handle it.”

“What.. ?”

“Well she was upset.. and she doesn’t want anyone else to have me. It means she really loves me.”

“You two make me laugh. You’re fucking mental. Who would imagine that you’re the quiet brainer and she’s the crazy one. It’s just too funny.”


“I know why I’m here..”

“You have to stop saying no one’s good enough Sonny. What’s wrong with seeing the good in people.. ? Yes ! everyone.. there are lessons everywhere.”

“I know why the kids came back these last two years. I know why I was here. I just didn’t figure it out until Saturday.”

“It’s a mirror Sonny, rise above.. & you should start believing in people more”

“……?…… but….. ok – here’s why they’re all going to ____ it’s the IB program. I didn’t know. There’s like seven of them ! My little squeakers. Some of them don’t even take band in school! They’ll all meet each other for the first time this week. It’s exciting for me. They are little M’s !”


A couple of them will be born early.. and pave the way for the rest. I think Red was really Indigo but…

“I think people around our age have become jaded Sonny”

Sonny ! that is a measured fucking statement.. be very careful what you say next.. – Universe

“I don’t trust anyone”


“I’m in the hospital.. come and get me please I’m scared.”

“I’m on my way”


“I was with my ex for the last couple of days.. it was a party. The doctor said I had a miscarriage. I fucking hate you right now. Can we go home please”


Well then Mr. Sunshine.. what’s the verdict – Universe

“Stop thinking Sonny.. just open your eyes”

She makes me a better person – And I want to make this a better world for her & everything she loves so dearly. I’m not going to worry about love any more. Idols and fantastic drams have let me down. And my beautiful world is now colored in disarray. But we can look beyond the broken glass.. stained with a raw memory – and build again for a better future.

“Sonny.. do you believe in demons..”

“I..  I don’t think we should speak ill of any magical creatures.”


“I’m now writing down a two letter word.. the first one is four letters long..”

“fuck.. you.. giggle”

“Maybe you are psychic..”

So.. Do you really believe in Love – Universe

I’ve seen it. It is real. Strength, Courage, Faith, and Excellence are all real. Just like fear. You can touch it and when provoked it will move you.  The thing is.. Love is different & it really can conquer all of the others. I always believed that Love will change you. Even if you don’t realize it – you might do something crazy. But it is fun.

And I still don’t believe in second chances but I do believe in change. And If you’re different about things.. then maybe things might be different.   

From the beginning.. until the beginning – begins again – I love you

Sugar and spice



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  1. I’m ok George tnx. One of the ILYB asked if I still believe in love. And.. I do. And as much as the past hurt – the present now heals – and once again.. True Love is only a heartbeat away – sending love – S

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