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Love Horoscopes – September 9, 2013


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Aries: Right now, your ability to communicate in a compassionate and understanding manner is especially strong. You have a knack for picking up on others’ concerns, interests and their needs. Although you may have had things sorted out with your sweetheart, you still feel a distance between you. You may not be able to put your finger on it right away but it is something you would rather not deal with. There is still one place where walls have been erected, lights are turned off and a door has been locked. Until you give yourselves permission to enter and really work through the matter at hand, the relationship may remain on hold. Though your partner will appreciate working through this, it will not be easy on either one of you.

Taurus: Stop a moment. Clear your mind of everything. Those of you wondering why your love life feels like it is going wrong, look in mirror. Something from the past may be haunting you, stopping your present from evolving. It may need a little quiet contemplation to get the right perspective. You might want to think about this today because right now your relationship is hanging on by thread. As you think through the mess, it may be difficult to decide whether to make your own moves or wait to react to your loved one’s before you let out your feelings today. In fact you should may be consider a little of both the ideal. However you go about fixing this will be very much worth it, so long as you do actually follow through.

Gemini: All of your relationships will intensify during this time but you need to be aware of your tendency to act in a rather compulsive and or demanding way. The energy of the day will not help you there. The intensity of the day will bring about a powerful desire to be close to and share your deepest feelings with your loved one. Sadly, some of those deep emotions are laced with some apprehensive thoughts. There have been some issues bubbling beneath the surface for quite awhile now and because of your compulsions, may boil over at this time, possibly in a very disruptive way. Your relationship has reached a point where it may well change into something stronger and more committed but you two need to get past these problems first.

Cancer: Depending on your status, the energy surrounding you is likely to be opposites of the same coin. If you are attached, silence is golden today as you would rather not make a fool of yourself and say something too good to be true and obviously very unlikely. However, the alarms have already sound in your loved ones mind and they want you to come clean on something you would rather leave alone. Perhaps you two can agree that you will only speak about what you feel comfortable and just start the conversation. Now for those of you unattached, if you can say it then you can have it. This is time to make your desires heard so you can get who and what you want. Your bold attitude will attract what you need, including the one you desire.

Leo: A time when something personal, sensitive, or very secret will come storming out of the closet to confront you. It’s a definite day for emotions to run both hot and cold. This chaos may leave you feeling that you have lost on some level. Worse yet, what you are feeling isn’t because of someone doing something to you but of you doing it yourself. You may feel like you have sold yourself short on some level because you compromised your beliefs recently. Take time to think this through. Just keep in mind that change is the easiest thing to do if you are capable of letting things go. If you have compromised your beliefs and ideals, you should re-evaluate their importance and practicality again.

Virgo: Some of you may make yourselves sick today with worry. Whatever the matter at hand is, it is not worth it to worry yourself sick. You will be prone to stomach trouble today if you can’t find a way to relax and put this issue aside. What is obviously that you are going about resolving this the wrong way so what you need to do is walk away and forget about it for a while. If you can clear your mind, the answer to reveal itself at the right time. All of this disappointment in your loved one has made you realize that you have been neglecting your own needs for affection and companionship. A sense of loneliness and feeling desolate could overwhelm you as a result. Are you sacrificing love for the sake of meeting responsibilities? Stop that.

Libra: Now is a good time for you to take a step back and give a good look at your personal relationships. Determine what’s working and what’s not. What you may find is that everyone needs to lighten up. In order to set the appropriate changes in motion, you need to have an honest talk with those involved. You will have to do a lot of smiling and make cheerful conversation before others begin to respond. This could be very boring, but if you can get them to talk just a little about why they seem so cold, this may clear the air and get things back on track. If things are well and moving along, great! Just don’t try to make any changes. Now is not the time to rock the boat so don’t go looking for anything wrong either.

Scorpio: You are very sensitive to delicate changes in the energy around you. Because of this, try not to get to upset if your feelings are hurt by others today. Though it might be a bit too late for that as you feel the cold of revenge slipping in. Regardless, you should try to focus on maintaining as much balance as you can in your intimate affairs but that may also be a problem considering that you may not be talking to the one closest to you. The absence of words is not helping matters at all; in fact it is making things worse. One of you needs to break the ice and begin a worthwhile conversation; it might as well be you. This silence has to stop before things get out of hand and you find yourself without. Thankfully the day will pass quickly.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself in a difficult situation today regarding your intimate affairs. This situation is causing a problem at home because it has created a distance between you and your loved one. Thankfully the energy surrounding you today is rather cooperative and healing. This will extend to all your relationships that are in need of help and repair. It would be worth taking some time out to sort through this issue first in your mind. Once you do, things will begin to happen. Work with your sweetheart to bring it to a state of resolution. This isn’t something you can quickly work through. Expect this to take some time and quite a bit of your energy today. Tomorrow should be better, at least not so tense.

Capricorn: You normally can handle your emotions by flipping them off and on like a switch. But today it seems rather difficult to do so and you just don’t feel like putting forth an effort to try it. Some of you may feel somewhat burdened by circumstances surrounding you, and sense restrictions that you really don’t need or are not really there. You want your loved one to affirm your value and confirm that you two are a part of something special. You want to know that what you two are working towards is going somewhere. Of course they may not realize you have these needs, so drop a few hints and you’ll get the affirmations you need. It may help to get away for a few hours by yourself and allow your true feelings to surface.

Aquarius: Today an issue may rise to the surface that has been running along underground like a stream. As it comes to a head, you may be really worried, and even fearful that certain events are about to take place. Staying silent when you need to speak won’t help. Say what you feel and feel what you say, it’s easier now and you can do so with little fear of getting into trouble. Thankfully you can better understand what others are trying to tell you at the gut or intuitive level which makes this all the easier. So overcome your reservations, the rest will be easy. Soon you’ll be glad you spoke the truth and resolved this issue. Things will go back to being loving and warm once again.

Pisces: If things seem to be running smoothly around you let them. Leave things along and walk away. This is not a great day to socialize or be romantic. Those closest to you are in no mood for the warmth and positivity you may be feeling. Right now is the time to stay stable and a bit conservative in your life. Clear understandings established now will last and serve you well as long as you don’t push them. Any new ideas you may want to put in motion is best saved for another day. If you are looking for that special relationship, do not make any moves until you see their mood has changed. Then things will really brighten up. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is all it takes to make things work out. It is hard for you to do but it’s something you must.


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