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Astro-week September 9 – 16, 2013




Dear Aries


Venus will enter Scorpio this week and for you this means an opportunity to make some money with your partner. It will also begin a cycle of interest in the occult and perhaps the darker side of life’s mysteries. You will attract sexual partners during this transit. It’s a love and money time but it’s not necessarily directed toward you but rather your team.




Dear Taurus


Do you remember back ½ a year ago when all of the love was directed squarely onto you? Everywhere you looked people were impressed and all you had to do was show up. A similar love energy is forming this week but it’s directed towards your partner. Love and harmony are in the air and it’s time to deepen partnerships. Teamwork is the key. Success for the next 6 months depends on your team so make it strong and make it lasting.




Dear Gemini


When Venus enters Scorpio, love and attraction begin to turn a littler darker and transformative. For our chatty sign, you can expect to find yourself discussing the themes of death and the supernatural. As for love, last week you finally broke your dry spell and as much as you’d like to keep having fun, it’s time to get down to the business of the daily grind. You are poised for something very big, you have just lost sight a bit. Get back to your real work this week. And be a bit of a dick about it.




Dear Cancer


This one should be obvious. When Venus enters Scorpio you can expect a sudden boost in your sex life! Good job. This doesn’t mean you’re going to stop being shy, quiet, and guarded but you just might find someone who understands and likes your natural cadence in love. Have fun and enjoy the love and attention.




Dear Leo


It’s time to beautify the home. If you’re thinking of renovations or moving, now’s the time to put things into motion. You’re coming across as pushy these days so watch how you say, what you say. As always, there’s a chance for love for everyone at almost all times. That pushy attitude can easily be transformed under the Scorpio influence, into a leadership role. That’s great news. Get to work.




Dear Virgo


Reach out just a little farther and try to connect. You’re not the best communicator in the zodiac but Venus will give you the words this week to make your intentions clear. Have some faith and go for your goals. We are entering a new cycle for love, this means endings and beginnings, so you might as well give yourself a chance and go for it.




Dear Libra


So you finally got back into the game and love has taken hold. Good job. Keep in mind this is an unusual and quirky kind of attraction so you might be experiencing new feelings. Does it mean it’s the real thing.. maybe and maybe not. Get out and have some fun anyways. Just be careful. Libras like relationships where the two partners meld into one and do everything together.. think wearing matching scarves (gross) but you’re new love is kind of the opposite. So.. now what?




Dear Scorpio


Good job. It’s about time you get back into the game. The world needs our most gifted lovers and this week Venus enters your home sign! Now Venus usually like to be free and expressive and you tend to be controlling and quiet. So.. here’s how it’s going to work. Someone special is already falling for you, reach out and just make it happen. This love cycle belongs to Scorpio so go out and take what belongs to you.




Dear Sagittarius


There is a lot of clearing out of your past these days. In fact every time I look at your chart I see the past coming up to haunt you a bit. You have to opportunity to begin a secret love affair if you choose but be careful, open enemies are on the loose. You begin to think about ways to make a little extra money from work, and the friends that can make all of this happen. Start reaching out over the phone and internet.




Dear Capricorn


Love takes a social twist and it feels great to have your friends back on your side. Attend some group social events and try and be seen for the next couple of weeks. Conversation isn’t your current strength but help is out there for your projects. Expect a reward for work already done.




Dear Aquarius


Although the Sun is lagging way back astrologically in your sector of joint finances, Venus is encouraging you to step into the public spotlight at the office. So.. it looks like a bit of both. You’ll be receiving the rewards and recognition but it’s your team that keeps you chugging along. Be nice to everyone this week.




Dearest Pisces


This marks the beginning of a small spiritual awakening for you. Love is moving gracefully towards a deeper commitment. Whenever Venus visits this part of your astro-chart, you’ll feel called towards a distant shore. You might feel like taking a vacation, or simply visiting a bookstore to let your mind travel for a bit. Whatever you decide to do, keep yourself open to new and different opportunities this week.





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