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Love Horoscopes – September 16, 2013


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Aries: Friendships and love relationships are the energy for today but could very well contain hidden secrets underneath the affection and warmth. For as much as you both care for each other, there is a natural suspicion and distrust that each of you have ingrained within. Though there are no reasonable grounds for such emotions, there is something brewing between you two. Rather than go off the deep end, it is best to talk and so transform a very delicate situation. What you will find is that your minds got the best of you and what you believed you were seeing was not at all what was there. All will be well. For many of you who are unattached, there may be an opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to work out quite nicely for you.

Taurus: Most of you may have come to a very clear, definite decision about an important relationship. Now that you have, you are in no mood to compromise in your plans, ideas, or desires. This is fine but in the process do not just shove them down someone’s throat, you’re likely to be disappointed with the response. There may be a lot to talk about now and both of you know it but for some reason not much is actually being said. You both have something to say to each other about the way you feel, but neither of you are willing to get the conversation going. All it needs is for you to take the first step – it will really be worth it. Use your charm and emotions to emphasize how much you care and it this will turn into a successful endeavor.

Gemini: Sometimes it’s hard to say what you feel, and then suddenly it comes blurting out all at once. You may feel compelled to let the cat out of the bag today concerning something that you need to discuss with your loved one. The challenge right now, to try to even out that the anxiety and say as much as you mean to without giving away what you don’t. It is clear that an event that occurred in the past will have an effect on both of you if it isn’t brought out into the open. When you do finally speak, be both careful and thoughtful so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm your sweetheart. Doing so will transform your relationship in a way you cannot possibly imagine. It will be alright, just breathe.

Cancer: Today you may want to take caution and listen to your heart and intuition. The energy of passion and intrigue surrounding you right now is more than you have experienced for some time. Because of this, close relationships will have a big impact on your life at this time. Under this energy, old associations will be transformed or come to an end and new ones may show up when least expected. For those of you riding that knife-edge between being purely platonic or totally involved relationship, you may be forced to choose. You have been thinking about this for some time; now make a choice. Just trust the gut feeling you have – you won’t go wrong. If you do not make the decision, you could miss this opportunity at happiness.

Leo: You may find yourself basking in the attention coming your way today. Though every time you get near you know who, your heart pounds and your imagination takes over. Now it is pretty obvious how you both feel towards one another but you have been asking yourself if this is real love or just another fantasy.  Your feelings and observations need to be evaluated to see if you are wasting your time or if it could be worth waiting for. But because you have a few other options in your stable, you will probably ignore the more complicated issue and pick from an array of easier choices. However, don’t leave any of them dangling for too long as you could well miss out on an excellent opportunity, with the right mate.

Virgo: There is a feeling of great intensity between you and your loved one today. Your sexual drive is quite strong but sadly you may be more concerned with satisfying your own desires than being sensitive to your partner. Combine the two together and you should expect there to be a few more tangles in your intimate relationship on top of the tensions that have been brewing. Instead of thinking about your sexual needs, you could use the intense energy to your advantage by transforming your relationship and begin the healing process. You can recreate your connection on a new and deeper level, but it will need some talking through, especially concerning aspects of the past. Once you accomplish then, then go get your horizontal on!

Libra: You may be having some dark and secret thoughts today as passion enters your life today. You have your suspicions about the way a certain person looks at you. You like them looking at you and find it interesting that they do. Today you have the chance to actually find out how this person really does feel. You probably already expect this interaction to be a little awkward but once you two get to talking you will see that you two have quite a natural connection that will create a wonderful relationship. This will open your eyes to a broader perspective than usual causing you to better appreciate how your personal activities, interests, and goals fit into the demands of a personal relationship. You CAN do this, and will do this with this person.

Scorpio: Your ability to sense when something is wrong will help you to help someone you are close to. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pushing and prodding for them to let go of their tensions and talking it out. It may seem to them as if you two are having a nosey conversation but this is very much needed between you two. What you find out may not be entirely to your liking, but it is far from the point.  You needed to hear this and they needed to get this weight off their shoulders. Though you may enjoy learning about all these secrets about your lover today, you still need to help them come up with solutions that will put an end to the chaos and them at ease. Revel in the knowledge later, help fix things now!

Sagittarius: There is a friendly and harmonious tone to the interactions you have now. Those of you that find yourselves at a crossroads in your relationship, the harmonious energy may be fleeting. Sure you can hang out off the side of the road but it won’t be for too long. You will have to make a decision, one that has plenty of bearing on your upcoming future. Though it is never too late to say yes, or no for that matter, you should consider where you will both be in a year’s time. If it still looks very passionate, then go for it. If not, avoid heavy discussions with him or her for the duration of your time together. For those who find themselves identifying with the latter, live in the moment and share a pleasant time today with your current sweetheart.

Capricorn: Challenges and unwanted surprises may test your personal relationships at this time. You will have no choice but to take a bold step forward in a direction that you have been trying very hard to ignore. Be honest with yourself and ask why this is? Are you scared of something going wrong or worse yet, something going right? Answer those questions because you will be forced to take one last long look at this particular path before the opportunity is gone for you. If you do choose to take this path, it offers even more than you can imagine. In the end, you won’t regret it at all. Unexpected twists and turns are likely to come at you from new sources as well during this time. Be wary of new people entering your social circle, they might be what they seem.

Aquarius: You are feeling at peace and very good about yourself now. Your daily life and activities run smoothly and everything seems in good working order. If you are attached, your loved one may come across overly passionate today. Thanks to the energy surrounding you, you can reduce them to putty in your hands, having them do nearly everything you please. Isn’t that something? Oh yes, until they set a bargain before doing all you desire. You probably didn’t see that coming but it gives you something to consider. Is what they are asking for worth what you may have to pay later? Unless it is sexual in nature, you should really give it some thought. Maybe you can turn it into sexual favors… that would be a lot more fun.

Pisces: It’s a day full of luck and charm, especially for those of you that need a boost in your love life. For those of you that have a platonic association that you hope to transform into something more, today may be the day the ball gets rolling. You have made a good choice as this is likely to turn into a relationship with passion, fire, and real spirit. The success of this endeavor is dependent upon you communicating your desires and the way you do it. Be sincere, and you will find a new joy in life. There are a handful of you that feel like being extravagant with your money today. Beware of being overly generous unless you are very sure this person you are with isn’t in it for what you can be to them rather than what you can give to them.


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