Weekly Sonnyscopes: Beginning September 16, 2013


Astro-Week September  16 – 23, 2013




Dear Aries


A little impulsive these days? Actually, you seem to be thinking of romance a lot but I doubt your partner quite knows why. You’re looking at them for some kind of joint financial partnership. Whatever it is about this person, you think they can make your financial dreams come true. And right now, this is all you really need to know to take your chance. I’m not sure about love but if you push through then you will find rewards.




Dear Taurus


How’s our most docile and loving sign? This week you’re going to need that tough outer skin. Restrictions in love will directly affect your closest relationships. If you were looking for unconditional love, then this isn’t the time. You’re going to have to really be there for someone right now.  One more thing, be very alert for accidents to those closest to you.  Finally, you haven’t been paying attention. Those you thought were your friends have really been hiding a big secret from you. Good luck.




Dear Gemini


Love has entered the domestic realm. This means you will become very busy with your day to day life. It’s a great time to get out and meet love half way. Any place that you go during your daily routine will lead you to love. Just remember to say hello because this week love will hide a bit, or at least be somewhat disguised. Figure it out because it’s waiting for you. Go get it.




Dear Cancer


So you did it, you finally met someone! Many Cancers have been telling me they finally found “the one”. Here’s the problem, they are also telling me there is an obstacle standing in the way. Come on home team, this is love. Get creative. You can do it. Added to the mix is the simple fact that you are both in very high demand and it’s creating a bit of uncertainty. Just know, you newest wants to make it work and is willing to do almost anything. Good luck.




Dear Leo


Your ego is healthy and strong. You’ll also have a sudden surge of active energy. Try not to step on too many toes. Love is still being directed towards your home so renovations or a move are in order. While you’re at it, you might want to help love along by inviting that special someone over for dinner. Scented candles will do the trick. Good luck.




Dear Virgo


There’s something that you want to say but it just won’t come out. Try again. Generally, your ideas and how you can put them into a logical and structured order are your gifts. Keep going. You went out of your way to waste the time of people who were trying to help you. Expect a little dose of Karma.




Dear Libra


Last year when your planets of attraction were firmly in your astro-sector of everyday tasks and the people you bump into at work, I recommended that you go to the gym which is something you do every day, always giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’d work it all out. But you never did. This week you’ll feel a love restriction. Passion returns but so do the control issues that you dread so much. Why can’t everyone just let you be free? Probably because you’re still reaching out in the wrong direction.




Dear Scorpio


Here it comes. You can feel it. It does restrict and it is uncomfortable and there’s nothing around you to justify it but it’s still there. Now the good news. This is what it feels like. This is what it’s going to feel like for those who will go through it after you. Now you’re learning how to use the signs to your advantage instead of just being affected by them. It’s no longer enough to recognize signs Scorpio. You have to now use them to your advantage.




Dear Sagittarius


I know you’re looking for a new job but you’re just going to have to wait a bit. Seriously, I know you don’t like to hear that but the active attraction energy is currently in your astro-sector of clearing out the past, healing mental issues, and generally getting ready for new beginnings. So yes, continue the press work and keep sending out those resumes just don’t expect any results quite yet.




Dear Capricorn


Be very careful when out in the public. Gifts might arrive with a catch. Don’t worry about it. If you need the help then you need the help and you might as well go through with it. Will you pay for it later.. maybe. But you still have to do it and these are the only guys who are available to help. Just ask for help, accept the offer and go though with it.




Dear Aquarius


Why do you keep arguing with your lovers? Don’t hush your tongue but try to get along. It looks like the big problems this week are respect and control. The first is causing you to lash out and the second is causing you to freak. What to do then? Give love a chance is not very practical right now but the tension in the air will definitely pass. The last couple of days may have felt like a small calm but this week we are right back into it.




Dearest Pisces


If you play your cards well, this could be a really good time for love. Jupiter is bringing luck and expansion directly into you astro-sector of sex, expression and creativity. This means love and happiness if you can put it all together. You do like to be there for others but this week that will be tested as controlling tendencies creep in. Now this can go two ways of course. If you guys work together, it will give form to your adventures. If it goes sour then you’ll feel restricted and just sulk.  Emotional teamwork will be required.


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