It’s a Dancey Day!

“Your people, the ones who signed you up & the really successful ones – they’re lying to you.”

“I know..”

“English Teachers, living in Asia need cell phones. That entire building of foreign students all need cell phones. Spouses who cheat and teen aged girls in small towns all need cell phones. If you’re opening a small business at the retail level and you need a POS system you would probably ask your small business Account Manager, the guy you’re buying the business from, or you’d ask your Commercial Realtor.”

“That’s really smart Sonny..”

“You’ve never hung out with a drug addict M before..?”

“.. why the hell.. seriously – what the fuck is wrong with you?”

You’re being tough on him. Why? – Universe

It’s a difficult week.. I just wanted to write Ga’s astro and pray for my friend and the only way I can express my frustration is by telling people they’re not good enough. No matter how hard you try – there are some day where you just can’t feel love.. & it sucks because.. Love colors my dreams – & it’s our dreams.. the known & unknown daily manifestations – which control, guide, and direct everything we both do.. and don’t do – S

2013-09-08_14-24-47_323This week I’m running the bridge again but first we have to make it through the park.

“Did you go to.. Sonny..

“How do you know where I come from?”

“I don’t but I can tell you come from some place scary.”

“Is it because I try and play the right notes even if they’re not written..”

“LOL!!! No. What does that even mean? No. You guys all look a little.. kind of arrogant.. and bored. But I also know you’re not afraid of anything on this entire street and that makes me feel pretty safe whatever it is. Thanks for playing tonight.”

Hey.. Good job Sonny – you managed not to piss off the band. – Universe

That’s nothing.. I even talked to the audience. – S

2013-09-08_14-25-42_230Here we go – into the Dragon – S

Hi Sonny Boi ! What you doing good? I was with your Uncle Imo in Trinidad for the month. I just got home. I have to train for my race. How are you doing? ”

If you’ve ever thought  you were a 10 then you never met my mom. And no I’m not a Momma’s Boi – fuck you.. ok maybe a little. I really didn’t want to speak with her just yet. Nothing bad, she just kind of likes to fuck me over- just mom stuff and I wasn’t in the mood. And seriously.. I’m an adult, with a kid and an ex-wife and I live on the other side of the country. Ok.. vent over – it’s kind of cute sometimes, and I still call little AJ my baby and he hates it. But I’m going to do it for the rest of my life. And if I’m going to run this, then I’m going to need her help. She called right on time. 

“I’m about to run, what’s up?”

“You still running? Good”

“Why do you keep asking me like that? I even take pictures and show people”

“We were getting ready to run through the mountains when Imo saw a crocodile in the yard! He ran right back in the house. It was only three feet. Oh.. it was so funny.”

My mom is really tough. She cries just like everyone else. But I’ve never seen anything scare her. 12 consecutive Boston Marathons and counting. A little over the top but she’s a hero.

I’m going to visit your sister later I’ll call you when you’re on the road”

“Why the fuck would I want to talk to you while I’m running?”

“Watch your mouth. How’s your love life these days?”

“Oh god, I gotta go mom. I’ll talk to you later.”


The North Shore. I really do like it here. – S

“You have absolutely no expression. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“.. that’s a new one..”

“Really ? what do you usually get”

“They say I don’t care..”


“How do you see it Sonny.. ?”

“I don’t really see things like that.. seriously don’t look at me like that. I see things in a series of pictures in time that we’re moving through.. or not. That’s all.”

But it’s not actually about music for me.. it’s about magic. And the special connections we create and cultivate around world.. one beautiful, blessed, and sacred heartbeat at a time. – S  


And back again – S

“You know.. when your agent calls you should probably take the gig..”

“Under the files of Duh”

“Just saying”

“What the.. what’s she.. What are you guys doing..”

“It’s a dancey day Uncle Sonny ! We’re dancing”

“OK.. I love you too”

My little sister is really good at pointing out the obvious right in front of my face. And.. as much as I’d like to write about a time in my life when I had to do things over and over – like wtf? I’m just in a good mood tonight. – S

Not synonymous? – Universe

You see.. I learned a lesson last week about connections and what is important in life. I learned what you can do. And I learned what you can’t do. I learned trust.. I learned my place – faith & once again I’ve learned peace. We are special & we bump into special people – and my mom is right.. don’t meet me half way – meet me on the road & we’ll cross the line together – S


“I ran the bridge again.. I don’t know why, The pictures weren’t good last week”

She giggles and begins to cast a spell on me. I like it. I like her. I think I will make some more dirty hypnosis meditations.. – S

2013-09-15_14-11-55_648So.. I took a detour from the street and tried the park for a bit. And I was reminded of something very harsh that I have to go through.

Am I really being too much this time ? Saturday.

“Get that nigger shit away from me”

Did you really just say that to me? Because.. like ok – Throwing stones is so easy watch.. All I did was try and be supportive by asking about his court date – for when he called the police to mediate the domestic dispute between him and his 300 pound pregnant wife, who is due by c-section at any time. I asked because her friends were waiting nearby to collect some belongings for her and his little daughter. It’s not the first time a teacher has brought their domestic problem to the school but..


I have absolutely no idea how to even begin to bridge a compromise so.. we really are on our own. 


 Then again.. I’m running for peace. My peace – S

“Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of Love Guru or something..”

“What do you want Tock Tock”

“giggle.. So Soooooonny… giggle”

“fuck.. what..?”

“So why are your relationships so fucked up?”

I think she wet herself laughing.


“You guys went shopping ! Before the exam ? Are you mental..”

“Ya.. So.. everyone deals with stress differently – We went with Gi to the gym then we went shopping. I’m a Scorpio, I need to connect my body and my spirit. Tock Tock’s  a Libra and..”

“Stop calling me that.. !  I’m sitting here – move Sonny – c’est mon bureau – Va Fuck – oh god now I speak french like you – we’re all going to fail”

“Ok.. whatever – she needs to connect with beauty and togetherness. So we went shopping.. what’s the problem? How do you prepare for stress? Don’t talk to me during the test..”

“Don’t talk to ME! Sonny stop pinching me – N’s coming.. calm down ”

“ were asking question as she tried on clothes.. very slick Sonny”

“We just believe in each other”

2013-09-15_14-17-50_814This morning I received a text from Speed. Her boyfriend was in a serious car accident as well.. that’s a weird coincidence. I sincerely hope everyone heals quickly.. some more than others – S

Sonny.. – Universe

Ok.. until all teams are safe @ home – we’re still on alert. Something is freaking people out. You want to tell me what’s going on ? I’m almost home – S 


So.. What did you learn player? – Universe

“It’s a dancey day Uncle Sonny”

“I love you too Scooter”

I learned what it feels like not to be able to fight back. But for some reason it’s different this time.. I wasn’t in Boston when my dad was waiting for my mom at the finish line. And I wasn’t even in the school when one of our kids caught her finger in the door. 

You simply cannot be everywhere for everyone at all times. But you can do.. what you can do – and believe it or not you’re probably already doing it.

“We’re all doing our best @ the time Sonny”

“Thanks Speed. I know – good luck”

Sugar and spice


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