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Love Horoscopes – September 23, 2013


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Aries: Relationships are particularly satisfying and productive now, in fact, you are in a cycle of harmony and pleasantness. Today you may find yourself in such a good mood you may have a fit of the giggles. EVERYTHING may seem funny to you, even things that you really shouldn’t be laughing at. If you are attached, it is likely you will end up laughing at something that your sweetheart doesn’t really find all that amusing. Just hope that today of all days, he or she doesn’t decide that they can’t find the humor in anything. If you are unattached, relationships started now work out very well. This could be a good day to “run into” that special someone who makes your heart beat fast. Your sense of humor will likely draw them in.

Taurus: Today is the time temporarily put aside all your cares and troubles. Lately it feels like you haven’t been getting your way which has left you much more aggressive and hot tempered now. You know that you have been impatient and irritable, your impulsiveness has probably lead to a few accidents or mistakes you wish you hadn’t made.  You need to be somewhere that the atmosphere is joyful and lighthearted. Is there a fair or carnival in your area this weekend? If so you need to be there and preferably with the one you love, if you are attached. Make up for the last few days of your sour demeanor. If you are looking for romance, then you may potentially meet that special person in a similar setting of fun and laughter. Try to enjoy the day!

Gemini: Emotional self control and feelings of distance and aloneness could overwhelm you today. This will like bring forth the realization that you have been far too critical and hard on your friends and loved ones focusing on their shortcomings rather than strengths. You may find yourself trying too hard to make for your cool attitude of late. This is truly admirable but make sure you do not over indulge while doing so. It isn’t about what you buy them or try to give them, it is saying “you’re sorry” that will go a longer way in making up for it all. You have been more critical than supportive this past year, there may be something you need to address in your relationship or maybe the lack of a loving bond is the problem. Just keep in mind that you are not alone.

Cancer: This will certainly be an intense and loving kind of day. Regardless of your relationship status, people are drawn to you and are likely to find you very attractive. This magnetism will be felt throughout your personal space, especially in any of your intimate affairs. Expect those to be intense and compelling; you may not leave the bed or floor today! If you are unattached, pay extra attention to those around you. You may be getting a few more stares or double takes than you are used to. You may look into a pair of eyes staring back at you that you may never want to let go. Wow people today with your charm and humor, it is rather infectious and will make everyone happier!

Leo: Sometimes people look at you and just shake their head. They know that you often times in your own world or on your own level that can be tricky to understand. Prime example is your sense of humor; many of you laugh at your own jokes or find comedy where some find none. Today though, someone who doesn’t know you so well may make a joke at something you find sacred and off limits to jest. Glare and plot their demise all you want but they have no idea the crime they just committed and they really did not mean it personally, they meant the joke as a way to try and attract you to them. Look at it this way, things have been boring lately, this is first excitement you have had. This is not worth hurting or breaking their heart over.

Virgo: You may be or have recently been under a lot of pressure lately and it has taken its toll in your personal life. You really need to wrap your mind around current events, what you need and how you can achieve it but honestly, your mind and heart need a break. Distract yourself by maybe taking in a movie, comedy of course, or go somewhere fun like a carnival or circus. Maybe grab those closest to you and make a day of it all. Those who may have felt your sense of humor was non-existent may change their minds after spending the day with you. Regardless of your relationship status, while you are out and about you may find yourself in a romantically embarrassing situation. You may find it difficult to laugh at yourself but laugh anyways, its funny.

Libra: It may be a bit of a mixed bag for you today. Your close relationships may undergo some abrupt changes at this time, not all of them good and not all of them bad. Either way the outcome sits, you will certainly have a smile on your face as you are reminded that the lemonade you make from the lemons life gave you can be as sweet as you let it be. The driving force behind these changes is your impatient and demanding need to achieve greater sincerity, honesty, and understanding between you and those around you. Where you may have failed or at least think you have, you either tried too hard or really nowhere near enough. Where you believe you have succeeded, they were just waiting for you so they wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Scorpio: You are likely to be a bit selfish today. You want to be seen and noticed so you go out of your way to lap up appreciation for things you have done and positive reinforcement for your other actions or thoughts. If you are attached, this may come at the cost of your loved ones dignity. Things may be going well, you both feeling good, enjoying each other’s company and humor until something unfortunate happens or is mention that you still continue to laugh at or make fun of. Sadly, this is something real and shouldn’t be laughed at yet you will be, laughing as if it was the best joke in the world because it didn’t happen to you. But it did and it happened to them, what if it had been you? Exactly, so be considerate!

Sagittarius: Today will likely bring out your rather crude sense of humor and your odd and somewhat disturbing laugh. You will probably find yourself telling bad jokes or maybe using humor to cover up some things you would rather not discuss. If you are telling bad jokes just for the sake of it, be prepared to cuffed on the back of your head a few dozen times. If you are trying to distract your partner from a much needed conversation then stop while you’re ahead. Now is the time to have these discussions, how much longer can you wait to achieve the peace and harmony you desire? There is a lot that has been holding you back that should be resolved now. Your partner may already know something is up, just not sure what. Tell them today!

Capricorn: For some of you, the light and humor that were once so prominent in your life has been dull and faded lately. Your love life has gone downhill and looks like it is at the end of its rope. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly today, you may meet someone who cheers you up and who even shows you a good time. Your sad and tried lips haven’t smiled so much in quite some time. Use this time to forget about the demise of your intimate affairs and live in that moment. Live in this temporary fantasy that life is really good and relationships do work. Some of you may find something that could help save your relationship will others may find the strength to do what really should be done. Fantasies really do have their purpose.

Aquarius: Most of the time you hold a somewhat humanitarian view, love everything and care about everyone but do little or nothing about it. Today, you actually want to embrace the whole philosophy and do something as well. Right now, thanks to the energy surrounding you, it is easy for you to give generously of yourself and empathize strongly with those you encounter. But if you have been distant and cold towards your sweetheart lately, then do not be surprised if you get the same in return despite any efforts you make to be compassionate and warm. For this particular situation, it may be too little too late and you just have to admit defeat. Let this be a lesson that you must think before you act, you cannot always smoothing things over with humor.

Pisces: All eyes may be on you today, for whatever reason, people will want to see all you are doing. Any other time this may have sparked some unease but there is a confidence flowing through you right now, you know what you want and what you are going to do with it once you get it. Just make sure that you don’t get cocky and become domineering, or inconsiderate of others. Regardless of relationship status, you may receive many phone calls today to socialize. You should get out and meet up with friends who inspire laughter and a sense of humor. Be careful not to over-indulge, otherwise everyone will be staring at you doing what you think is dancing! If you can’t shake your rigid mood, take this day to yourself rather than annoy others with it.


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