Weekly Sonnyscopes: Beginning September 23, 2013

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Dear Aries

Relationships enter the spotlight. Additionally, you are extra affectionate, creative and sexually aggressive! Love is attracting in your joint finances so proceed accordingly. As tensions subside, embrace your new beginnings. Play nice but remember to keep playing. Powerful change continues at work so watch out. Luck is still favoring home activities.

Dear Taurus

You’re not out of the woods at home yet! Keep your temper in check if things go south. Love is firmly in your astro-sector of close relationships so in spite of recent flare-ups happiness should prevail. There is a controlling aspect to the week that might leave you feeling less than special. Let it slide. This week destiny will travel from your partner directly to you. Be ready for it.

Dear Gemini

This week you’ll start getting out a bit more and having fun. Creativity and sexual expression is taking on a greater importance. Keep going to the gym and keep your eyes open. Love is waiting in the things you do every day. Talk to strangers and see what happens. Beauty is on your side.

Dear Cancer

Pluto is cutting a painful transformation in your closest relationships. There are hard lessons here but you can do it. On the plus side, the Sun moving into Libra will help you to focus on your home and nurturing those around you. Mars is still kicking up a fuss in your personal finances making it a money in/money out kind of week. It’s tough but it will be a healing week.

Dear Leo

Things free up on the communication front. Do your best this week to keep busy and get things done. Communications and the things you can learn from others are the new themes for the week. You are still a little aggressive so make that work for you. Love is also still helping out at home.

Dear Virgo

The active energy of the week is still driving through your subconscious and stirring up bad dreams. Be careful of open enemies and people saying things behind your back. We’re entering a cycle of beauty and balance and money should be your main focus. Do your best to build a nest egg and save for the future.

Dear Libra

Happy Birthday! This is the week of balance. The days and nights will equal out. People will begin to catch up on sleep and generally center and restore themselves. True transformations and the rebirth will begin next month. This is the time to find yourself within yourself and to confidently show it to the world. Express yourself in terms of the future and it will be easier to let go of the past.

Dear Scorpio

Everyone loves you when you’re happy but they run when you’re sad. Forgiveness is not really your thing but unconditional love is. And it goes both ways. Compromise does not mean going back and giving in. It means finding an entirely new way to communicate and hopefully continue to grow together.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time to get social again. Work might have been occupying your attention for the last couple of weeks but it’s now time to get out and have some fun. People are around to help you get ahead so make sure you ask for what you’re looking for. The overall energy shifts from picking on each other to love and harmony. Choose to be a part of it.

Dear Capricorn

Don’t be so stingy. Your friends are there for you now so open up a bit. Destiny will feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand but it will pass. Lighten up and enjoy a more balanced week. Love is waiting in social outings. So get and try not to be so controlling.

Dear Aquarius

Partnerships heat up! Get ready for a little sizzle in the department of love. Last week’s arguments should have cleared up and it time to move forward. It’s time to plan a trip or take in a class. Love is still waiting at the office so put in some extra hours and make it count. Something will send you running home.

Dearest Pisces

There’s something mysterious and transforming about this week and only a couple of the signs will really take notice. Use your natural gifts of intuition and steer everyone in the right direction. There is harmony and forward motion for Pisces. Love is exotic, distant, emotional, educational, and waiting for you to reach out.


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