She transformed and empowered her reactions..


“It’s raining..”

“That’s too bad – all of your gears are here.. if you had your jacket..”

“I hear you. It’s just rain. I forgot you know.. it’s not like I wear a lot of clothes by the beach”

Like I can tell my mom that I can’t do something.. because of rain !? Not gonna happen – S

“I have to run the Waterfront Marathon and then I want to rest for a couple of weeks and run the Marathon in …….. – what do you think?”

“Well.. we’re not young anymore.. but then again – you’re right in the middle of your running career and it might be fun to mix it up a bit. I think your body can handle it but don’t race in ………… run with dad and take pictures he’ll like it – it could be fun.”


“Pooky has the kids today. She took them to pick apples”

“I know, Speed’s bf is in the hospital – I don’t know what’s going on but the kids are OK.. well my kid’s OK anyways”

“You don’t know anything?”

“I don’t know anything and I’m not asking. I really have other people to worry about right now.”

“I hear ya – go run”

“I’ll see you on the road lady – if you miss me.. I’m gone”


Do you know why you’re here today.. ? – Universe

I’m running today because I want to see my mom again.. and beauty is always in motion.. & brains don’t stop working just because you’re sad – or having a bad day. I’m running today to make my dad proud of me.. he loves his all-stars and he likes to see us fast & strong.

“Hey Sonny.. I’ve come to run with you today”

“Holy Fuck – (yes, I almost jumped right into a tree).. What are you doing here? Seriously.. This is fucking weird.”

“This is as good as you’re going to get Sonny – catch me”

“You’re not even fucking here!”

“Run Sonny!”

“You’re too fast ! Fuck…”

“And stop smoking! I can tell”

“How the fuck can you tell what I’ve been doing?  Seriously – psychics are just fucking weird! Especially the closet ones.” 

Your brains are broken – Universe

Perhaps.. But I’m learning.. & it’s simple really – to me anyways. She likes to run.. so I run – Sonny

But Sonny.. there’s no one here – Universe

You still don’t get it.. she IS coming for me – I just have to show her where I am.. by shining as bright as I can – so MY destiny can find ME – S

Sonny… – Universe

I’m just saying.. I have reasons for being me – S


“Pull me a card”


“I can dig that action”


“What are we doing today?”

“The song’s done. I just Mastered it – What do you think?”

“Socan says you should register it and we’re good to go. I’ll throw it @ the film industry and see if it sticks.”


“I keep hearing voices in the third round.. I want to make the Olympic Team but I’m also trying to finish my Masters.”


“Sonny.. they said if I just sit here and talk to you then everything would be OK”

“Do you want me to make you a CD?”


“And how’s that going to help you in the ring..”

“They also said you were difficult”

“I’m not going to erase anything.. they should have told you that as well. If you want to be a champion – then you have to do that which is stopping you – and use it to propel you forward – it will then become your base instead of your ceiling. And from that point you’ll be able to not only win.. but win with grace – like a Champion”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I don’t like my clients getting knocked out”

“You’re cute. I’m ready to sleep.”

Yes – she was cute too. And she did it. She turned her fears into strength. She transformed and empowered her reactions. It wasn’t easy. We had to find out what the voice really was trying to say and then get it to say some new things. Hypnosis is pretty cool sometimes. 

Is that it ? – Universe

I’m just saying – When you hurt.. I hurt too – S

Sugar and spice



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