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Love Horoscopes – September 26, 2013


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Aries: A few of you may be involved in a relationship that has recently found its footing. You are at the point of no return and asking yourself will this or will it not work for the long haul. For those of you who know it will, you are ready to take it a step further and utter those three little word that turn dating into relationship. You are nervous under the weight of these words you will likely speak so fast or jumble them up that you could mess up the special moment. Before you make your declaration, you should practice saying “I love you” very slowly, several times and probably in front of a mirror.  When you comfortable, make your move! If you’re unattached, take the time to be friendly. You never know what an unexpected encounter can bring to you.

Taurus: You have staged a temporary retreat from your relationship recently and now it is time to do or die. Your loved one gave you space but has now run out of patience. If they decide to take matters into their own hands, because they have no idea what is going on, it will not end well. It is time to come clean and explain to them the crossroads you came to between your emotions and mind. Your heart wants to move forward with a stronger commitment but your head has given you all kinds of unrelated reasons not to. Since you have gone with your heart it is time to set aside some private time so you can smooth away all of this apprehension. Your partner is rather upset and confused now but in the end will be happier than you have ever seen.

Gemini: For some of you who are attached, you have been thinking a lot about the direction your relationship has taken. You have decided you want it to continue to deepen and grow as far as it can. Your partner has no idea you have even been thinking about it so to make sure it does happen you will need to share your feelings with your loved one. You trepidation is obvious but you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. It is time to take a risk, just start talking. Talking is easy, you love to talk and this shouldn’t be any different. You are not thinking marriage, this isn’t life altering; all you want to do establish that you no longer want to share or potentially share with anyone else. When you do, you are likely to hear the feeling is mutual and they were scared too.

Cancer: Those of you unattached may find yourselves attracted to someone new. They represent the possibility of adventure and naughty behavior you haven’t felt since you were much younger. This may cause you to behave in unexpected ways, either to attract or maintain this person interest. New attitudes are fine but losing yourself is this process is not. For those of you attached, you are feeling a bit sentimental and rather romantic. You and your love may have been together for sometime but as life gets in the way, sometimes you forget to touch base intimately. Though the evening may end up horizontal, it is really about all the sweet and passionate things you love about one another and reminding each other of it.

Leo: For those of you with someone special in your life, intimacy will be rather difficult to maintain during this time. Many of you find this to be because of outside influences beyond your control. For the rest of you, it is because you have decided the universe revolves around you being the Sun. It is one thing to be a little distant because certain people in your life may temporarily need you and your expertise. But it is not ok that a grand canyon is created because your sense of self makes three in your relationship. External challenges come and go and may even create a deeper admiration for how you handled the problems but your unchecked ego will eventually alone and bitter. Look in the mirror, which one do you see?

Virgo: You may start the day tense and brooding but by the end of the evening all your passive aggression will be gone. If you are attached your loved one will be sick and tired of your bullshit and call you out on it. You already know that if he or she is at this point you might as well get your grievances out in the open. Once they chastise you for holding things in, things turn romantic and sexual. You two have a lot of time to make up for. For those of you unattached, your sour mood may be lifted by a random encounter.  Maybe there will be no words spoken, maybe just a simple greeting… who knows but this person will somehow make you forget why you were so annoyed in the first place. If a conversation wasn’t started, maybe one should be.

Libra: For those of you unattached but have someone in your sights today is your day. The energy surrounding you is confident, attractive and seductive. You want to talk to the one you have fallen for, you want to ask this person on a date and take him or her home after the wonderful evening! But first, you need to be bold when you pursue this person so be extra creative with your words. You want this person to feel as excited and desired for you as you are for them. Today, all you are doing is talking; leave him or her wanting more! You leave the ball in their court and make them return it to you. If they do, you will surely be rewarded for taking the risk. If not, the next time you see them … think chicken shit and move on.

Scorpio: You can talk, discuss, have a conversation and confront. Each one of those adverbs could depict a varying level of speech and purpose. The energy of the day reminds you just how important this is as you directly confront a loved one about something that has either been hidden or ignored to the point of being forgotten. These unresolved issues stir up painful emotions and bring to light problems that you are not confident can be resolved. Choose your words calmly and carefully because you do not want to lose this person, you want to try and repair your bond. Keep in mind how much you do love this person as everything is laid out on the table. If you can’t speak in person, write a letter expressing how you feel.

Sagittarius: Many of you attached feel compelled to get to the bottom of issues and starting over if you need to in your relationships. You may find yourself in a dilemma where truth is being questioned. Whose truth do you believe? Is there truth to be found? Will the truth ever be found? For some of you in this predicament, the matter of truth may be a two way street. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and your loved one may have evoked just that. You may be the one who had better find a really good way to explain yourself, or deal with the continuing consequences. If you are unattached your sexual needs are intense and compelling at this time. Be careful when going out to get yours!

Capricorn: Right now your focus is on your home and personal life, more importantly your intimate affairs. Some of you may be having problems keeping your current interest, interested in you. Usually you try to impress them with who or what you know but this person really doesn’t care. You need a different approach and you need it fast because he or she is ready to move on if they do not see any substance from you soon. If they wanted flashy they wouldn’t be here. Others may feel more introspective now and decide to reflect someone where serene and quiet. You will come to realize that right now you need to be closer to home and to loved ones. The recharging strength you need right now will come from your family and loved ones.

Aquarius: Sometimes you like to take the opposing position of your loved one just be contrary. It is fun to be difficult and get a rise out of your lover but you can play this game for so long. If you can’t stop playing, you may find yourself becoming more and more estranged which would really be a shame. You two are such a nice couple; someone will snatch your significant other up quick once they decide they have had enough. Why not focus on enjoying yourself and those around you. Do not take anyone or even yourself too seriously right now. Focus on play as a fun adventure together rather than amusement at your loved ones expense. Relations between you two will certainly improve once you do.

Pisces: Lately you have been mulling over the impulse to make some radical changes to your life. If you are attached, this would mean your love life. Things may have gown stale and you yearn for something unusual to spice things up. You may have tried the tricks you like to fall back on but you are still unsatisfied. You really need to tear this down to the root and understand what is bothering you. You will likely be reminded of certain issues that needed a lot of discussion that you had decided to ignore. The energy of the day may give you the opportunity begin the necessary conversation and keep talking until you are both happy. Once you are both happy, you both will be far too busy to speak and possibly enjoying things you never thought you would like.



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