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Love Horoscopes – September 28, 2013


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Aries: Did you have that conversation yesterday? The one where a few secrets may have been shared? If you have or even if you haven’t, there may be a few more secrets brought to light today. Once the door opens up, there is no telling what may come out at any given moment. You need to be willing to apologize or forgive depending on what is said. Understanding and compassion is the key to keeping things balanced right now. For those of you unattached, you need to call upon the grounding power of your sign as an opportunity seemingly falls into your lap. The one you have admired from afar, the one that makes your heart beat faster whenever they are near, yes that one… in your life and soon enough in your bed. Be brave, ask him or her out.

Taurus: If you are attached, your partner may want to spend some quality time with you and suggest a getaway of some kind. While relaxing somewhere exotic might be tempting, when is the last time you two really had some fun together. Why not make this a trip to remember and go somewhere that there is some action? Plan an adventure this trip, vacation another time! If you are unattached, everything you need will only take a few subtle motions to get. Hanging out with friends and they stuck you next to the one you desire? They knew what they were doing and now so do you. Simple touches and a few small smiles will get the ball rolling. This person can take a hint and soon you will be on the road to emotional and physical satisfaction!

Gemini: Things may be going well in your relationship but there is always room to make it better. The energy of the day is adventurous and lively so make the effort for you and your loved one to do something completely different. There is no need to go too far out of your comfort zone but there have been things you two have talked about trying, start from there. For those of you unattached it is likely you will be receiving quite a bit of attention over the next few days. You should go ahead and bask in it. It has been a long time since you have had any fun since you are in no mood for a relationship; this kind of fun is right up your alley! Just make sure you show some decorum as the gossip mill will be running and you will likely be the subject.

Cancer: Right now, events in your love life are unpredictable at best. Much of it has to do with who your loved one is. For some of you this will be a positive time and for others it will take you a little while longer to get there. For those of you that fall under the latter, you are likely experiencing some sort of miscommunication. This may be unintentional or even on purpose but it is getting in the way of how you really feel. Sadly it is beginning to get out of hand. Let things cool off and try to patch things up later. For others, the adventurous energy of the day is making its way through to you. It will not matter what you do or where you go but what will matter is how well you two come together when you come home. It will be worth the time, money and effort.

Leo: You may be fine with how things are going in your relationship but your loved one needs a little more. They are feeling a bit restless and stir crazy so it is time to get out of the house and do something, anything will make them happy right now. Now this could go one of two ways, you go along with it and have a nice evening out or you become inconsiderate and complain about doing so. Just understand that the latter comes with a lot more than just an argument over staying in or going out. This could potentially open the flood gates for more than one argument that could turn into a battle. Save yourself the stress and compromise a little today. You never know when you might want something later… this concession will help.

Virgo: If things are going well with your loved one then they are going very well but if not… they may not get better any time soon. For those of you having a good time in your relationship, the romantic energy you feel is laced with adventure and experimentation. You two have had plenty of ‘what if’ conversations; it is time to put something into motion. Deeping on how you feel you can start with the easiest and work your way up to the most daring, either way do something! For those of you not having such a wonderful time in their love life it may be in part to you taking out your frustrations on your sweetheart.  If you continue, you will find yourself completely alone. Take some time, find your center and then apologize for being an ass.

Libra: Your partner is content, you are content but are we ever truly happy just being content? Exactly! The energy of the day feels the same way. Save the contentment for a cold stormy night, get out there now and do something, anything! Take the reins and make the arrangements. Surprising your sweetheart will make them fall in love with you all over again. Now who doesn’t want that? If you are unattached, this energy works in your favor as well. You want to get back in the game so getting noticed is one step closer to your goal. Concentrate on looking well, acting with class and being your wonderful self. Someone will be paying attention that you would not think is, give him or her a good show! Things will soon be looking up.

Scorpio: Thanks to the energy of the day the adventure bug has bitten your loved one. Sadly your idea of fun and excitement is a little different than theirs. Because they are so adorable when they are excited, you decide to concede and do whatever will make him or her happy. This is admirable and absolutely wonderful of you, even though you are fully annoyed and irritated behind their back. Try as hard as you can to not let those feelings be known otherwise what would have been a fun occasion will turn into one where there is a lot of words said that will certainly wound and cause pain. Focus on what is right in front of you. Your loved one is happy, excited and thankful that you are there with them sharing this sweet moment.

Sagittarius: The adventurous energy of the day doesn’t quite translate that way for you today. The energy acts more like a sense of confidence you need to speak to your sweetheart. You have been trying to make a point and get across how you feel about relationships but in your mind it seems like you are just rambling on. Before you open up this line of dialog, get what you want to say straight in your mind. Focus on wanting to curb the showing off and extravagant behavior and keep things blissfully private between you two. Keep the talking points to a minimum and pace yourself. Remember that keeping your voice even but firm, will not scare your loved one and have him or her running for the door. Things will change for the better afterward.

Capricorn: Any time there is an energy laced with adventure and excitement, you are all over it! You and anyone else you can talk into the sharing the experience with. Today another one of those days and your loved one is going along for the ride. Nothing boring or mundane here, anything you do today is different than the last time and so much more fun. There will also be a tinge of romance and magic expect the evenings to be blissfully busy as well. Things will grow deeply passionate between you two as a result of this little excursion. If you are unattached and seem to be falling short, it is time you ease up a little bit and stop being so hard on yourself. The right person for you is out there, they’ll find you soon enough. Keep doing what you are doing.

Aquarius: If you are an unattached Aquarius, this is a call for action. The energy of the day is overloading your brain with images of adventure and passion but you can only achieve this if you take a few risks. It is time you play match maker for yourself instead of everyone else in your life. Get out and about, hang out with friends and even make a few phone calls to some worthy past playthings. Either way, you cannot let this energy pass through you without you taking advantage of it. Take a leap into the unknown and risk it all. You will be much happier when you do. If you are attached, all you have imagined for you and your loved one can come true so long as you get the ball rolling. Once you do, you two will be rock solid.

Pisces: There may be a few of you that have reached a point with your sweetheart that you want to make things a bit more permanent. Today’s energy will help you accomplish this but you also need to help yourself. If he or she hasn’t mentioned it by now, your loved one is worried about your natural detachment to other people, themselves included. They do not quite understand that this is just who you are. Peel back a layer or two when you approach your sweetie about your desire to commit, they will feel at ease and you will have the type of relationship you want. Some of you, especially those who are unattached are dealing with some memories and feelings from the past. Focus on resolving them however you need to so you can move on.


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