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6a00e5551268ac88340120a61cf6cc970c-800wi1Astro-Week September 30 – October 7, 2013


Dear Aries

The change that everyone is experiencing this week is happening in your astro-sector of joint finances, death, and transformations. It’s full Scorpio energy and that’s not always a good thing for Aries. It means things can be slower and more stubborn for you instead of the playful and sporty that you like. Then again it’s about money so maybe taking things a little slower and finding out what’s really going on might be a good idea.


Dear Taurus

There’s no way around it, something is changing in your relationships. This time is all about how smooth and peacefully you can help that change along. Even if you’ve been hiding your feelings, or the universe has thrust this unexpectedly upon your door, it’s happening. Speak up for yourself and make your voice heard. You’re not going to sink the ship, you’re just going to help point it in the right direction.


Dear Gemini

Have a closer look at your daily routine. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to change in your daily life, now’s the time to finally do it. If you want to stop smoking, begin a new fitness program, or a daily meditation program, this is the week to begin. Now, in addition to beginning something to make yourself better daily, there’s someone/something that is giving you one very good reason to step up your game. Take the opportunity to shine brighter than you think you can and destiny will find you.


Dear Cancer

After a summer of frustration, bruised egos and stifled creativity that left all of us feeling a bit beat up emotionally, something or someone has finally awakened your inner child and you’re in the mood to play! Unbeknownst to even those closest, you made a decision for yourself a little while ago. It hasn’t been easy and you probably had moments of doubt. But through it all, you knew this week would arrive. Unleash your creative and expressive urges in the safest and most playful way you can imagine because when you’re happy, the world smiles back at you.


Dear Leo

Something is changing inside of you. The way you deal with issues at home and how your family affects the love in your life. Something has to give. You can finally say enough is enough and make it stick. You don’t have to go crazy. Just change something about yourself first and be firm about it. This is a good time for Leo’s to patch up rifts close to home.


Dear Virgo

This week it all begins again but this time with a new appreciation for how we all communicate. Have you really been double checking facts and working your usual plan or have you just been timing out? Transportation will change and you’ll suddenly find yourself busier. Communication will open up even where you didn’t realize. Expect moments of “I can’t believe you didn’t know that?” The change will be welcome.


Dear Libra

Your values are beginning to change. Things once important are beginning to transform as you continue to grow. This week will herald change in the things that bring you comfort and security in the world. This includes money, people, and things that bring you emotional and physical comfort in some way. You might want to play but just don’t feel you can anymore. You’re willing to take a chance if the stakes aren’t too high. Don’t rely on luck. This transformation will take work.


Dear Scorpio

Although the Sun is in Libra and everything is beginning to balance out, the real change is beginning with you. Destiny will meet hard work and discipline. If you keep going you will reap rewards. They won’t be bonuses or surprise results but simply drawing upon what you’ve already created. This week you’ll finally step out into the new you that you’ve been waiting for. Take a chance and be the person you’ve always wanted to become. Success this week is through You so expect people to call. Before you begin anything ask yourself if this is what you really want. This week change will stick.


Dear Sagittarius

It might feel like someone is out to get you. I wouldn’t worry too much. Take the time to reflect on yourself and your spiritual needs. Try meditating. I know.. it’s not exactly your idea of fun. But something that leaves you feeling centered and more in tune with your higher self will help you through. It’s time to establish a new habit just for you.


Dear Capricorn

Take some time and have a look at the groups that you associate with and how they are helping you to reach your goals. Hard work and diligence is required but success will also follow. It’s not really a time of surprise luck but clarity in what you desire. A new path will present itself. Review your social network. Don’t be mean or too cold but just clean house a little.


Dear Aquarius

You’ll be stepping into a new public identity. Some of you might begin a new job and others will accept a more leadership position in society. A question will be asked though. Is all of this making you happy? It’s still a balance kind of week so make sure you take time for yourself as you answer a world that is knocking at the door. It’s time to believe in yourself. The world already does.


Dearest Pisces


You know your decisions are right but you have a new question about your faith. It’s time to put your beliefs into action. Distant shore call but the path is not that clear on how to get there. You’re going to have to just trust the change and know you’re on the right path. It’s time to stand up for your beliefs and make a commitment to what you think is fair. It’s a higher purpose kind of week. Love is waiting in a bookstore.

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