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Love Horoscopes – October 7, 2013


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Aries: If you are unattached, you may be feeling frisky today. If so, use this energy to your advantage. Revel in your passions as you look for romance, but know you may meet someone who is much more than you had bargained for. Do not sell yourself short. You can play with the big dogs. Get your ass off the porch and show them what you are made of. If you are attached, things are not going so well as your insecurities have flared up again. You’re not really sure what is sparking this negativity and suspicion but you feel it in your bones. What is likely they case is that he or she has done something you recognize from your not so happy past. Though these two people share similarities, your current romance is very different and very unlikely follow suit.

Taurus: You may have some flexibility in the day but you cannot stop what is already in motion, you didn’t start it. If you are unattached, your low level of warm and passionate feelings will not stop a deep seated connection from being made.  This person is someone you know so they will know how you operate and where you hide. They will find you and will be very hard to resist. For those of you in a relationship, it isn’t working and it will not work.  You see something special in this person but ‘just one more’ chance will get you know where when they do not see it. Backing down from what your intuition tells you is not what today is about. You know that it’s time to show them the door. You know what’s best for you.

Gemini: Believing in destiny comes with good times and bad. Fate serves you a dish that looks wonderful but the taste is damn near unpalatable. Even though that is the case you cannot help but still enjoy this meal. You soon find it appetizing, and go back for more! You are likely to form relationships during this time based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. You get that there are many layers to a person that you should really see before writing him or her off your books. Because you are in touch with your more perceptive side, this helps you to express yourself in a rather sensitive and empathic way. It helps you get through some of those layers and gets this person to drop their façade and show you the truth.

Cancer: There is an intensity to the day that has you feeling very vulnerable. You are gripped by an almost fanatical need to make fundamental changes in your life. You are driven more by instinct than by reason now and this affects more than just your decision making. Your urges seem to focus on the need to rid yourself of limitations or obstacles in a close relationship. What you really need to see is that this person adores you in a way that no one ever has. It is intense and feels claustrophobic but their love is real and tangible. You know it is there and will likely always be. The changes you need to make are within you, not in those around you. Be careful you don’t burn a relationship that you really want to hold on to.

Leo: This is time for those of you unattached to shine. The energy surrounding you is helping you achieve this by boosting your stamina and confidence levels now. You will certainly make a strong impression on anyone you encounter. Since you will be noticed a lot more than usual, this is a very good time to go out and be seen, hopefully you will meet new people.  Someone new may tempt you out of your usual routine. This person has a very seductive appeal and a worldly demeanor, you have no idea what you are getting into but you want to continue moving forward. There is something about this person or situation that is or feels familiar. It is nevertheless a sign that all is well, and can only get better. See where this takes you.

Virgo: After a rather negative time, you are looking to make a fresh start with any of your romantic/emotional commitments. Though you want to wipe the slate clean, you are likely to be a little more secretive than normal. You would rather not hide anything from your loved one, but feel that under the circumstances, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. After all, ignorance is bliss. Or is it? You have something already planned with someone else that you intend to follow through with. Keep in mind that tomorrow you will feel very differently about everything you thought or felt today! Your physical energy and determination levels are high right now. Unless you channel your energy into something positive, negative emotions are likely to settle in.

Libra: Talks between you and your romantic interest are likely to be frequent and rewarding during this time. You have an opportunity to change certain aspects of your relationship today. Although you generally dislike diving straight into the murky areas of any partnership, especially your own, you would be advised to do your best. It may not be pleasant, but a lot of burning issues will be handled by both of you – meaning there is more time for fun later on. Thankfully you two are so in sync that you two can get through this and maybe even share ideas that can lead to dreams and goals worth chasing. Working in some lighthearted flirting into your conversation today should lead to more romantic moments later.

Scorpio: Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now as it is likely you will meet your match today. You usually find you have to humor most of the people you date. Things may start off great but as you get to know them, they lack the kind of depth and intrigue that you crave so deeply. However, today you will definitely be fascinated by this person who comes into your life and desperately want to experience more! You will be moved to express your affections more openly than usual in order to get this relationship off the ground. Do not let this person out of your sight. In general, it’s a great day to sit back and enjoy what and who makes you happy. You should really do all you can to make that happen.

Sagittarius: Your emotions are up and down today as you meet someone you truly desire but trying hard to not approach. Lately you have become more and more disillusioned when it comes to anything related to romance and have started to dismiss those who would like to date you. But through a rather surprising conversation, you will find that the experience is much more exciting and fulfilling than you ever imagined. Even though this will all become a bit overwhelming, this person makes it worth your while. Still, making any snap decisions is probably not a great idea right at this moment. Take your time before choosing any other direction than getting to know this person.  He or she will understand and take it just as slow as you need it to be.

Capricorn: You are shamelessly honest to a varying degree at your best times but today you may encounter someone who is totally honest and has absolutely nothing to hide. They tell you point blank they are an open book and will share with you what you ask. You may find this quite attractive and appealing, and intriguing. This is a shock tactic that you have never really considered to use yourself. Maybe not is the time to do so! If you are attached, luck has taken a shine on you and causing you to be a bit more extravagant with your money than you may be should be. Beware of being overly generous because this person you are with may not be with you for who you are, rather what you can give to them. Find out.

Aquarius: Things are heating up today so be careful how you approach that special someone in your life. You will have the opportunity to change certain aspects of your relationship through and open and honest conversation with your loved one. Though this would mean exposing your more vulnerable feelings, now is the time to bring up the topics you would like to discuss or work through. You’ll need to present things in a practical manner, so there won’t be any misunderstandings what you are trying to do and accomplish for both of you. It may be a bit difficult but the outcome will be worth it. Go ahead and rehash old issues or repeat yourself a few dozen times. It will all work out in the end and you two will be better because of it.

Pisces: If you are unattached you should consider changing your mind about a certain person that you have had mixed feelings about. Granted there are facets of their behavior that have you worried but as you know, there is a reason or everything. As you interact with them today, something will click that will help you to understand why they are the way they are. Know you know what you are truly dealing with. If you are attached, it is time to get creative and maybe introduce new games to play to your relationship. An element of mischievous fun is the very thing to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. For you today is all about your ability to make the magic happen. Your skills may be a bit rusty from not needed to use them, but you still got it!


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