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Love Horoscopes – October 9, 2013


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Aries: Things in your life seem to be heading downhill right now. Take some time today to figure out what is going on. Focus your attention on the areas that are causing your unhappiness and what you want to do about it. One of the more important issues is the current state of your relationship. The closeness you once felt, the fun you two once had seem to have disappeared into thin air. Thankfully the energy surrounding you is working in your favor today. Once you figure out what makes you happy and this will make your relationships happier to. When you start moving in that direction the energy will help put some life back into the sinking ship your relationship has become. Fix yourself first, and then fix everything else around you.

Taurus: Today may not be your day. If you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed, someone put you in a foul mood. That someone may have been your sweetheart. He or she is in a mood of their own as their ego has decided the world will revolve around it today. So not only are you hot tempered and highly irritable, your partner is acting like a child. It is probably a good idea that you are not alone with him throughout the day. Maybe get together with friends and have a loud and rambunctious evening out. This will help you stay away from the ego and give you plenty of opportunity to be busy with your friends. Your sweetheart can handle him or herself just fine without for a few hours. Conflict averted!

Gemini: You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as things in your relationship become clearer. Though it’s a broad point of view, you finally understand the principle of the matter. Since you do, you will act appropriately causing feelings and emotions to grow faster than they were before. With this clarity comes a level of confidence you have not had since you two got together. That confidence may be on display today as you reluctantly become the center of attention. You have a wicked sense of humor and that is brought to light as everything suddenly becomes really funny. You laugh and everyone else laughs just as hard with you. Your loved one will see a whole new side to your personality and fall in love all over again.

Cancer: During this time your creativity takes hold of your life. It brings to you a confidence that allows you to take a chance in love with your emotions. If you are going out tonight, you may not have any intention of meeting someone new but he or she is there and notices you, even admires and appreciates your boldness. Your combined sense of humor is what brings you both together and has everyone take notice. You two playoff of each other very well which makes this attraction even higher. By the end of the night, this person will either be your new best friend or your new lover, the choice will be yours. One thing is for certain, this person will turn your life around and it will never be the same again.

Leo: Sometimes you take yourself too seriously and today this could lead to a confrontation or an uneasy encounter. It is entirely possible that you have been teased or made fun of by your loved one. Though you fail to see the funny side in all of this, he or she is laughing quite heartedly and you have taken the whole situation seriously which probably causes yet another argument. This is just the icing on the cake as your loved one has not been acting like themselves lately. Rather than dissect it all at once, take some time away and confide in a close friend. You may come away with realization that forever reason your loved one can’t help but be so negative at this time. Keep in mind that while you understand, you are not a verbal punching bag.

Virgo: It will be like someone flipped the light switch on today in your love life. You can finally see the true power behind your current love affair and realize it isn’t as bad as you thought. The atmosphere surrounding you has an intensity that needs to be sated so expect a higher level of romantic and sexual energy flowing about. This will likely make you irresistible to your loved one whose own passions will be set aflame by yours. There will be a lot of urgency to the actions between you two and a great deal of physical satisfaction. By the end of the day you will see humor in all of this. You can use today to put new life into your relationship or walk away from it.  The more you see this as a dead end, the more it will be.

Libra: Today may feel like you stepped out of one of those teenager Hollywood movies. Your sense of confidence increases as you find someone in your life who may be worthy of your love. You decide to go after this person and despite what your intuition tells you, you two begin to date. Come to find out later that there was a hidden agenda and the joke is on you. And like the Hollywood movie, what was a joke has now become a serious endeavor. This person cares very deeply for you and your dysfunction. He or she wants to be a part of your life if you will let them. They know that they can’t keep you with them if you don’t want to be there so the choice is yours. This time you go with your gut, it never steered you wrong before.

Scorpio: Your intuition is very strong during this time which heightens your sense of confidence and compassion. If you have a date tonight, he or she may not be in the most happiest of moods. Something may have happened right before you two meet that adds a sour note to things but you can change that. Use your instinct and sense of humor to turn the evening into a positive one. As long as you can make your date laugh the sky is the limit, anything goes. The more of a favorable response you get from them, the more that the negative of the evening is behind you and you will most certainly score a second date. Don’t worry, the second date should be much better than today. Go to sleep tonight knowing you saved the day!

Sagittarius: Lately it has been easier to see what is wrong with your relationships and the world around you than what is right. You have fallen into this funk where you bored, restless and just completely unsatisfied with what you see and feel. You need to lighten up and shake off this foul mood you are in. Before you confront any of these issues head on with your lover, try to find the humor in it all. There should be some obvious irony and a few jokes on you wrapped up in all of this drama. Once you take a good look around you, you will find that what was really bothering you has gone away. What is left? A few insignificant annoyances so turn this into a positive day by trying to have some fun and love your sweetheart.

Capricorn: You have been annoyed by your lovers inadequacies lately have voiced your opinions loudly. You are so tired of all of this that you would rather not be bothered with anyone least of all your sweetheart. The humor in all of this is that underneath it all, you still lover this person very much. Since that is the case you really need to understand that this relationship will not grow to its full potential if you keep on like this. There is only so much that either one of you can take. Take a good look at where this relationship is going, what you both have done wrong and how you two can fix things. A little heart to heart won’t hurt today so talk things through and meet in the middle. Once you do, add the spark back into your lives by spending time together.

Aquarius: You may have been reflecting lately at what your world has become. Since you have someone to love in your life now, you seem to have a new perspective of all that is around you. There may be a lot that people find wrong with your new relationship but in this moment, it is what is right for you. There is a certain novelty and adventure to this that you need right now and in return you will give a sense of flexibility and open mindedness to let this flourish. Things are still too new to determine if this will go really bad or really good but in the end, you will be the one who has the last laugh. It has been a long time since you have had this much control of things. Whatever happens is on you. This is in your hands.

Pisces: You have been thinking about slowing things down and spending some quality time with your sweetheart. What you would like to do is pick up and get away somewhere but you know that he or she can’t get that time away. That doesn’t mean that you can’t organize an amazing evening filled with quality time and reconnecting. If you are unattached, the same concept applies to you as well. There is someone you have thinking about asking out. You keep going back and forth about it but now is the time to just do it. Ask out your potential romantic partner and go somewhere you two can get to know each other better. Spend a few dates getting to know each other then go and paint the town red!


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