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Love Horoscopes – October 12, 2013


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Aries: As your world finally begins to clear, now is the time to take stock of your life. People and your relationships with them have been a bit confusing. You have had a hard time understanding the motives of those around you and even your lover if you are so attached. What you need a moment to understand YOUR motivation in each scenario and see if you are limiting yourself in some way. If you are holding yourself back, figure out why but do not let the setbacks upset you. As you determine the next steps to take in varying facets of your life, do not be surprised if your annoyance or frustrations bleed through. Do not move forward until you accept that you cannot change the past but you can make the future, especially of your relationship, brighter.

Taurus: You may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that was full of drama. Indirectly, the things happening in other areas of life were affecting your intimate relationship. There has been quite a bit of energy wasted through conflicting goals and feelings running both hot and cold. You still may not be sure what was and outright lie or just a case of mixed emotions. But finally your loved one is being honest with what they feel, giving truth for any lies said and accepting the consequences of their strange behavior. You may not get answers to everything you want but this is start. As they themselves become clearer on what they want in life and from you, everything will flow much more smoothly between you two.

Gemini: You feel good, look good and sound good. The energy surrounding you is flowing much more smoothly than it has for quite some time. Thankfully it seems the tide is changing for the better. You are much more confident and willing to take a stand when it comes to your intimate affairs and strong enough to accept that whatever will be, will be. A sense of clarity comes with that confidence and you see things for what they are. As you take a look around, you can tell that you were not the only one in a haze of confusion and distance, your loved one was in that hazy state as well. Now you see that the mixed emotions and signals were due to reaching a point in your relationship where the future was up for question. You both share the same answer.

Cancer: The reservations you have had about your intimate affairs have begun to clear up. You close relationships have been weighing heavily on your mind lately and you honestly had no idea what direction to take. You and love one have endured communication problems but nothing like this. For a period of time you felt this breakdown would be damn near impossible to resolve, that your bond was not as deep as you believed it to be. In the simplest explanation this relationship was enduring a transformation but you two have made it out to the other side. Now is the time to come back together and clear the air. There is still so much at stake but as your senses become clearer, you can listen to your heart and intuition.

Leo: You really need to be careful with how hard you push things in your relationship. Your loved one keeps saying one thing to your face yet does something else or says something else to someone else. You see this happening and it is driving you up the wall. But do not demand or force things to the point where it can potentially explode. What you may not be seeing due to your anger is that he or she is going through a period of indecision because they are confused about what is going on around them. Your loved one cannot get a handle on what they feel, what they hear and see around them and how they should go about straightening it all out. Eventually all the pieces of the puzzle will come together but not without your help. Help not criticism.

Virgo: For the first time in a long time, your close relationships are feeling much more secure than they had been. The energy surrounding you is flowing much more smoothly with a noticeable difference in the air. The security you feel is what is important because your uncertainty was getting the best of you. As the fog around you clears you see things clearly and understand that you feared what you shouldn’t have and you worried for nothing. Now is the time to show your appreciation to your loved one that has stood by you through all of this. You will benefit from the solid emotional base that holds up your relationship. If you are unattached now is the time to travel outside of your comfort zone. The one you will love is somewhere you have never been.

Libra: Those of you unattached all this indecision finally blows away with the wind and all you are left with the desire to move forward. Those intense and powerful fantasies you have been having about the one you have been keeping your eye on, have finally gotten too much, you have to act. Follow your intuition when you do, take the risk and put yourself in a position to get to know them better. Your idea of this person is built so high that it is time you see how much of it is real before you move forward into a relationship. If you are in a relationship you need to be reminded that no matter how much someone loves you, they still cannot read your mind. Do assume they know what you are feeling, take a moment and tell them.

Scorpio: What you thought you knew, what you thought you felt is about to be flipped upside down. You will suddenly have an appreciation for your past because your tried and true tactics are just not working anymore. If you are unattached and trying to change that you are disappointed that your new desire is not begging at your feet and is unaffected by your charm. It is time to step up that game and bring it into the current century. Otherwise, you will be starting all over again looking for someone new. If you are attached, your relationship is much more pleasant than it has been and even more productive. You would like more harmony in your intimate affairs but understand that will come in due time. Keep making the effort.

Sagittarius: You are quick to envision the utopia of where your relationships first start. Your overly high optimism is great until you realize that once again you will not reach the perfection you seek. If you are attached you are reaching that point now. You have invested quite a bit of yourself into this relationship and it isn’t going the way you hoped it would. Since communication plays an important part in your day, use it your advantage and rethink your utopia. Sit down with your loved one and map out a much more tangible future with reachable goals and mutual ideals. Don’t leave the table until you feel confident again. Speaking of communication, expect everyone to want five minutes of your time. Everyone needs you right now for something.

Capricorn: You have wanted to help others, help those you are close to because it brings you joy, makes you happy. Sadly your gentle disposition has been taken advantage of and it is time to take back some ground. You had a hard time seeing what was going on but now that illusion has been shattered. He or she took from you all you could give and still wanted more. Thankfully the problems you have endured because of it will go away. Since you cannot walk away from this person for whatever reason, you reestablish and even formulate some new boundaries that are in your favor. This will not happen again but if it does, whatever the reason it is you felt you could not walk away, reconsider it.

Aquarius: You have been going through some changes and trying to find your way, especially when it comes to love. During your journey, other areas of your life have suffered from your emotional imbalance. Now that you have a better handle on the direction you want to take you need to bring back your equilibrium before others get hurt. Regardless of if you two are just starting out or have known each other for some time, you have both learned quite a bit about one another and will continue to do so for the time being. You two have been so absorbed in maybe one or two facets of one another that you have ignored everything else, thankfully that will change. These changes are for the better and will strengthen the foundation of your love.

Pisces: For many of you, today may be the day that you finally feel like things are back on track. The energy surrounding you has been both hot and cold, up and down. Right now if any decisions need to be made, it is better that it wait a few days, otherwise you will see your problems begin to fade away. You will feel stronger and stable in your relationships. The confusion you have been feeling, the distance between you and your loved one will gradually clear. From here on out expect the tide to turn and two of you grow closer than ever. If you are unattached, you may begin to feel as if you are ready to return to the playing field and try your hand at dating again. No need to rush, plenty of time to find the one for you.


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