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Love Horoscopes – October 13, 2013


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Aries: That warm loving feeling you and your lover shared a few days ago, has grown cold and serious. They are acting as if nothing is wrong but you can tell something is going on. Once you feel it, you are not quite sure how to or if even to approach them about it. Right now, the energy surrounding you is promotion deep and intimate communication. Even though you may not be sure what to say, if you start talking the conversation will lead to a deeper understanding and mutual appreciation between you and your mate. Because this talk began seriously doesn’t mean it has to be that way. If you pay attention, you will be able to slip in a few sexual innuendos and whole lot of flirting. You may win back that loving feeling after all.

Taurus: There some things you wanted to discuss with your love but it may not go the way you planned. Totally unrelated to what you wanted to talk about, you find your loved one in a weird place mentally which gives you something else you want to discuss. Though their actions have you on the defensive, you would really like to understand what is going on inside their mind. Before you approach them you need to lose the attitude. Until you know what is bothering them, there is no need to be hurt or indifferent towards them. Stay positive and approach this from that frame of mind. In general, many of you may connect back to your past in some way. If there are some issues or loose ends to tie up, maybe with an ex love, doing it now would be ideal.

Gemini: You are looking to spend a quiet day with the one you love if you are attached. While words are so very powerful when spoken, the lack thereof could be just as commanding. You are finding it hard to put feelings into words so you would rather not. You want to simply be with your loved one, somewhere private and share your affections. That is all you want, no frills or a drawn out evening… the couch or bed and warm snuggles. Who knows where that could lead! If you are unattached, take this time to meet new people some where it is a bit relaxed and quiet. Think bookstore, maybe a park or even a coffee house. If you see someone who catches your eye, a nice reserved approach would work well today.

Cancer: The world around you is heavy right now. Something is weighing you down both in heart and mind and it is really becoming too much to bear. Whatever this is, this secret or omission of sorts you are hiding, you are finding it very hard to keep quiet despite the fact you would rather not have anyone know. What you are holding on to is deep and difficult but you are losing your mind over it. To regain that peace, you know what you have to do. Once you do, that weight will be lifted and the atmosphere surrounding you will become light and easy. You will have turned something negative into something positive. If you are unattached you may meet someone who could become much more to you if you let him or her in.

Leo: You are likely asking everyone around “why so serious” today. Even your lover is a bit introverted today which makes the romantic affair you saved for the weekend, out of the question. Though you may want to push it and make it happen in hopes of cheering your lover up… don’t try it. If you push the matter the evening could turn into one of pure misery rather than the closeness and affection you hoped for. The planetary alignment isn’t helping those attached but for those unattached it may give you a little boost. If it feels right, you should go ahead and ask your crush out. Let go of whatever has held you back and just do.  Taking a risk has never felt so good and once you do, will be happy you had.

Virgo: You are feeling affectionate and warm but if you are attached, you are not getting a receptive vibe from your love. In fact you may be getting a closed off, stand back away from me kind of attitude. This not something you expected from your love today but maybe the restless you are feeling from your stable and predictable relationship is rubbing off on them. You need to figure out what is wrong and in order to do so you need to keep an open mind and be very flexible. There is more than one way to make someone talk. If you are unattached you might want to use your somewhat impulsive nature and your flirtation to your advantage today by reaching out the one you find attractive. Do not be afraid to agree to disagree with this one.

Libra: Today may be a day you will have to walk a thin line on. You are in the mood to be loved and appreciated, worshipped even but your sweetheart is in one hell of a mood that you know you should stay away from. It seems like once a week their spoiled brat syndrome flares up and you are pretty used it to it after all this time. But there is someone out there and you do know this person, who is willing to show you a good time. It may seem more along the lines of what you are missing. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself with this person. As you realize that you are indeed missing out on the world around you, you may find yourself willing to take a risk at real happiness. The chances to take now will reward you well later.

Scorpio: Perhaps a challenge is just what you need right now. This one may prove to be a bit difficult but in the end this will be both entertaining and gratifying. The more and more this new person in your life becomes stubborn and inflexible the more you are determined to prove that you can win. With this comes the urge to break away from your usual manipulations and try something radical instead. You may have to revert to more subtle and sinister strategy in order for you to get your way.  Whatever you do, do not ignore your intuition, it will provide you with clarity and increase your resolve. Just keep in mind that whatever you do today, you probably won’t be able to take any of it back.

Sagittarius: You can forgive but you will never forget and you will be reminded of that today. You may have wanted a little bit of romance today after a long week but there is such disdain in your loved one eyes that mood is spoiled. It is entirely possible that this foul mood and behavior from your lover is leading up to a confrontation in which you have to stand up for yourself. Even though you are fairly thick-skinned, you may not be able to brush off the comment that puts you on your ass. Your current love is tired of playing by your rules and has decided that they may not want to play with you again.  Normally you can just brush this off but for some reason you know this memory will linger. Instead, focus on enjoying your freedom exactly as you please.

Capricorn: Well aren’t we in a crappy mood today. Sure you get sulky but this is downright ridiculous. You are feeling nothing is going right, everything is wrong and you are pouting like seven year old who didn’t get the toy they wanted. Look, you could spend this day relaxing in the comfort of your loved ones presence or you can continue to be upset about everything else around you. Think positive, be positive and everything else will turn positive. Even though you do not feel like it, try smiling and leave the crap behind you. Your loved one would certainly appreciate it. Think of this as renewing your spirit. The more negative you release and more positive you bring in the better you can be for you and your relationship.

Aquarius: This day can go one of two ways, fall deeper into the dark or be weightless in the light. You have upset your own personal equilibrium over trying to do everything that everyone else wants while trying to get what you want. As you have come to realize all that does is make you frustrated and annoyed. You live with yourself, day in and day out so it is in your best interest to please yourself first. Set yourself free today, by not compromising and asking for what you want and how you want it, when you want it. Do not fall prey to your fears and hide your true emotions. If you do then you will just end up digging yourself deeper into a hole. It is time. Stop neglecting your desires to please someone else. Love who you love, be who you want and that’s it!

Pisces: For many of you, sex is weighing heavily on your mind. The feel, the act, and the power it brings; you are in the mood for as much as you can get of it today. The problem is that for those of you attached, some of you may have a partner who seems somewhat cold and distant. Your focus is likely to turn toward getting to the bottom of whatever their issue is and resolving it tout de suite. If you begin to meet some resistance then you may not want to push anymore than you have. Leave your loved one to brood, mull things over or whatever it is they need to do. Meanwhile, you go about your day as the mood has been long lost. Whatever you do today, be careful not to burn any bridges with your loved one.


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