It’s about Growth..


“Hey Sonny Boi ! What you doing good?”

“Hey Mom what’s up?”

“What’s that sound.. are you smoking again?”

“I’m running – what’s up?”

“Fine.. you don’t want to talk to me..”

“I’m running.. fuck!”

“On a Tuesday.. ”

“I changed..”

“Good. I’m proud of you. Are you still doing it on your own..”

“Mom.. there’s no one here.”

“Good.  Keep going I believe in you.”


You’re running Sonny? On a Tuesday.. – Universe

I never stopped motherf@#@r – S

So it’s like that today? Ok then.. you know why there’s no one waiting for you @ the finish line Sonny? Because in life – there is no finish line – Universe

You’re wrong.. I used to think like that – I even believed at many points that the expression was made for me.. ‘Nica used to comment on it all the time – “Sonny, it’s your soul group – you guys are Strivers and when you transform – you manifest”. But I saw something different.. in The Chapter. We finished the Temple. And to make sure the message sunk in.. they made me recite the story to all of the younger brethren.  There is a period @ the end of a sentence. There’s a time an artist has to relinquish his brush and a writer had to lay down her pen.. to complete their work. – S

You’re cold Sonny – Universe

No I’m not! – It’s about goals – achieving them – & it’s about Growth. Back in school the profs used to constantly say – an economy without growth will fail.. and growth brings change. And believe it or not – your problems aren’t really going to suddenly augment themselves but rather.. they will simply transform as well. You might like it. – S

Ok Sunshine – What then.. about love ? – Universe

Is this a trick question? What’s wrong with finding someone you can grow a bit with.. together – S

But you’re running by yourself.. – Universe

Fuck you – S


“These are the half-step rules for ascending and descending dominate scales”

“Where did you say you got these?”

“They were given to me from Barry. He played with Bird in Detroit.. I’m the young alto player in his instructional video. He was one of my mentors for a bit.. also gave me some shitty advice with women – it’s cool”

“? Thanks Sonny..”

“You’re going to be awesome one day – I just like to listen to you practice.. just remember to throw me 12 bars when you’re famous”


She is wrong – Universe

I know – S

It’s driving her crazy again – Universe

Apparently – S

So.. – Universe

The groupon deal just came out – – S

Congrats – Universe

I fucked it up a bit but they wouldn’t let me post in “music lessons” –  I’m glad it didn’t get placed in hypnosis.. but whatever – the astro warned us & the hard work is just beginning – & transforming – S


Ok.. What did you learn today then Hot Shot – Universe

I saw a circle that I didn’t like so I walked away. I felt a heart reach out & we shared a giggle. I told my buddy I was proud of her studies. And I strengthened the bond with an old friend who is so completely fucking mental it’s not funny.

Ok.. – Universe

I learned that in life – you can be in the audience, or you can be on stage, or you can be running the show, or you could also just be @ home.. and any part that you wish to play – it’s better if you do it together – my Mom is wrong. I run faster with her in my life than I ever could without her.. – S 

And.. – Universe

And together.. it’s a beautiful day – S

Seriously.. – Universe

Ok.. don’t meet me half way – meet me on the road.. – S

Work on it – Universe

Sugar and spice



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