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Love Horoscopes – October 17, 2013


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Aries: This is a time where your desire for true companionship and friendship are at the forefront of your mind. The game of love just got serious today as things are bit more exciting than usual thanks to a little conflict sprinkled into the mix. Thing about this is… you kinda like the conflict. The person you are interested in, you have strong feelings for but he or she is a little rough around the edges and you two clash in some aspects. At first glance some may look at you two and think ‘what could they possibly see in each other’ and thing is, you two challenge each other. That challenge lights a fire in both of your souls, keeps the blood pumping and makes your toes tingle. This relationship is going somewhere and you will have so much fun along the way.

Taurus: Your relationships, both friendly and sexual, will become stronger and certainly feistier today. The energy surrounding you is full of zest and passion which really does wonders for your spirit. You will bring out the same in all those you encounter today. What you will come to realize that conflict isn’t a turn off that it can be a turn on. If you are attached, any conflict you two endure is likely to make you two stronger together than split you two apart. If you are unattached, you will have a few surprises in your love life as someone comes forward who has had loved you from afar for so very long. You two do not agree on many things but it is a respectful contrast that you two can learn a lot from.

Gemini: Like so many others, you may have wished you stayed home today. You have decided to make an effort in your intimate affairs and of course, nothing goes according to plan. You have invested so much time and money into this that it falling apart around you makes you upset and makes the situation worse. Your love is a gracious person and sees all you have tried to do for them. He or she will show you appreciation in ways that calms your soul and smoothes out your heart. If you are unattached, you might want to actually leave the house if you are serious about bringing romance into your life. Sure the Hollywood stars do wonders for your imagination but isn’t it time you find someone who can give you the real thing? Get out, meet new people!!!!

Cancer: No matter how hard you try, nothing will match up today. Not the best outlook for the day but from time to time this will happen. In your intimate affairs, you need emotional support but your loved one needs some independence. While you understand that need more than anyone, you are hoping to get some cuddling in before they go off on their little adventure without you. Hopefully you two can come to some sort of compromise because you both need this from each other. If you are unattached, romance begins a new cycle in your life but you will be reminded of a few important truths. Though you have this yearning to be appreciated and admired remember that you should be wanted for who you are instead of what you can give.

Leo: Today you may not be sure about anything especially in your love life; at least you can’t say it’s boring. Those of you just starting out in a relationship may be in for some confusion today as the person you are dating exhibits behavior you have never seen before nor thought they were capable of. This isn’t necessarily bad but isn’t all that good either. You will likely confront them about this but when you do, do not overwhelm them with your intensity. They may not be able to handle it especially as they try to understand what you are talking about. Rather than confront them at all, maybe think about observing this display and file it away for later. For now be supportive, nod and smile and maybe their actions will come with answers soon.

Virgo: Your emotions are heightened right now as you care more passionately and respond instinctively to whatever happens to you at this time. Usually when this happens the recommendation would be to follow your instincts, say what you feel and don’t regret the impulse or the answer. But today, if you are unattached, you may think twice before speaking to that gorgeous person you have admired from afar for so long. It is entirely possible that you may see a different side to them that you are not sure appeals to you. At this point investigate this person without revealing your intentions. You could find this aspect of their personality actually very attractive. If you do, then proceed to seduce and charm!

Libra: You are rather transparent today and this might put a monkey wrench into things. There are times that many consider you a peacemaker. You have this ability to assess a situation and use that analysis to smooth things over. Most of the time this comes with saying one or two of a few dozen platitudes you have saved up but it normally does the trick with hiding whatever little white lie or situation you are trying to handle. Except today, your loved ones can see through this and know you are not being truly sincere just trying to placate them. Though your true skills of diplomacy and charm will come out, you will still have to make certain concessions to maintain the harmony in your relationships. It’s not easy being you now is it?

Scorpio: Conflict sometimes brings with it clarity. You feel the tension building between you and your loved one but feel powerless to stop it. The more you think about it clearer the problem becomes. Yes, the passion and the spark between you two has dimmed considerably but now you have pinpointed where it might have begun to fade. Knowing this can help you fix things if you choose to. For those of you unattached, many have decided it is time to get back into the dating game. You have the energy and desire to devote towards getting what you want so rise to the occasion and make it happen. Luckily for you there will be a few challenges to thrill you along the way but know that any commitments you start now will turn out well for all involved.

Sagittarius: You may not know this but there are some people, many who may be close to you, who are envious of what you have including your sweetheart. For many of you attached, it is obvious how well you two get along and how much your two adore each other. The goofy banter you two share and how you two can laugh at each other without it being insulting, it’s wonderful and somewhat rare. Take a moment and truly appreciate your love life. Not just who is in it but the fact that it brings so much to your life and improves its quality in ways that money or material items simply cannot. Many of you were well on your way to taking your sweethearts for granted, as if they are not going anywhere. Someone is waiting for you to slip up so they can slip in.

Capricorn: Sadly some of you will have to deal with an unhealthy relationship today which could mean an interesting confrontation to say the least. By the end of the altercation you may be thinking to yourself ‘why do I choose the wrong person’ but don’t let this get you down. Remember that when one door closes, a window opens up. You window will open sooner than you think and the person you can give you what you really need will be there. As he or she makes room for themselves in your heart, they remind you that not everyone is a bad apple and there are some good people left in this world. You haven’t been able to trust yourself before but this person is someone to take a chance on.

Aquarius: Many of you may be involved in a loving relationship that has you on edge. You are not used to loving this deeply and really have no idea how it happened but it has. This doesn’t scare you so much as you just have no clue what steps you should be taking and to do both deal and understand the emotions and situation around you. Take this matter to your sweetheart and have a long and deep discussion about how you feel. Share your anxiety and be honest, you have never felt this way before and you don’t want to screw things up. This conversation will likely include what you both want from a relationship and future goals. Once this is done, you two will both see each other in a new and positive light. It will make a difference

Pisces: Today may seem like one of those days you wish you had stayed in bed. The people surrounding you may seem cool and detached. Everyone is taking themselves far too seriously and it is interfering with what you want. If you are attached, your loved one isn’t helping matters either. Rather than focus on this mysterious turn of events, brush it off. Everyone has a bad day, and it is entirely possible that this day is theirs. If you know if your heart you have no reason to warrant such behavior, let it go. Let nothing break your stride today, let nothing stand in your way. You can go about whatever goal you are trying to achieve without your loved one by your side. They seem to need the day off.



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