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Love Horoscopes – October 20, 2013

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Aries: Whoa did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! There seems to be a lot of stress surrounding you right now and want everything done yesterday not tomorrow. Your impatience may cause you to bulldoze your way into situations, which can cause accidents or bruised feelings of the part of the people you live with or are emotionally close to. This is not something you need right now because there is vital conversation you two need to have and you want it done today. If you are serious about that then you really need to lose the crankiness and the temper tantrums. Try to keep a firm grip on your attitude otherwise when you and loved one have this conversation, your words will be abrasive and insensitive. Not good!

Taurus: Those of you unattached, it is entirely possible that you will experience one of two scenarios today. Knowing your luck though, you may find yourself caught in the middle of both. One may be you growing close to the person you deeply admire. You two have a very candid conversation that is full of your charm and mutual flirtation. Well on your way to accomplishing your goal. The other scenario is that there is someone who truly desires you but seems to be going about it all wrong. He or she keeps asking deeply personal questions and you are annoyed and turned off. Thing is, he or she doesn’t really know any better way to really get to know you. Go easy on them; they will grow a little more confident with time.

Gemini: A mixture of things may happen today that could have direct impact on your future. As your past and future intermingle with the present, a certain discussion might change the path you thought you would be taking. The energy surrounding you is heavy at the emotional and instinctive levels now so expect help to be subtle yet swift. This energy surrounding you is a bit mystical at this time so expect your dreams and illusions to have vivid messages scattered throughout. During this time you will also find yourself able to forgive and understand human frailties. Because you are so sensitive to this energy the barriers between you and others will fade away. This will open you up to new experiences and people.

Cancer: The social bug has bitten you so answer the call. You are not only a social butterfly but you will be the life of the party. Your emotions are high which leads you to be open, witty and even brutally honest at times. It will be hard for you NOT to talk about anything and everything with anyone you encounter. Now as you are out socializing, you may meet someone who is in the same mood as you are and even shares a few of your more sentimental values that you have been recently discussing. When you meet this person, you two really click. Thanks to your mutual attraction, neither of you will want to part so the conversation keeps going on and on. It may be morning before you get home and at that, you may not be alone.

Leo: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time. Things may be new in the relationship department but you still want the same things, respect and dependability. You want to feel save, secured and loved but you as you find that sometimes it just isn’t as easy as you thought. Part of the problem is that your loved one is holding something back from you. It is a secret they have been trying to deal with on their own and failing miserably. They are not telling you because they do not want you to feel obligated concerning this situation but they really do need your help. There truly isn’t anything for you to worry about out now that you know what is going on. An older relative or friend may give you some advice for the current situation.

Virgo: Mixed emotions may be the theme of the day especially when it comes to your love life. Sadly what you will find is trying to sort them out verbally can be far more effort than it is really worth and ultimately an unsatisfying process. Part of what will bring you balance is having a rather important conversation about this pesky little tidbit that has been nagging at your mind. Sit down, have this talk and clear the air. If you find yourself on the wrong end argument with your partner as this conversation rolls on, then try to patch things up as best you can and let circumstances take care of the rest. It is likely though that this conversation will be positive and clear the air between you two.

Libra: If you are attached, your loved one wants to spend the day doing things with you that are rather stimulating intellectually. Expect some sort of cultural fair or maybe a museum so it may not be romantic but it will be educational and broaden your mind in many ways. As you two walk through and discuss the fascinating facts or attend the exhibitions and lectures, you will learn more about each other and how well you two are compatible. This may lead to improvements made to your lives together. If you are unattached, you may be overly aggressive in your approach. Your sense of urgency and overwhelming need to achieve your goals may leave you oblivious to others’ needs and intentions. Watch yourself.

Scorpio: Today will unlikely be as romantic as you would like it be to so don’t get your hopes up. Most of the passion you do experience will be in terms of a rather stimulating conversation. So in that regard you can expect it to be an action packed and exciting day. Still, you never know where a good conversation will lead you. There is a smidgen of hope that you will end up in bed doing another form of “talking”. Because your emotional inhibitions are low at the moment, you are likely to talk freely about your feelings, needs and desires. Discussing your hopes and dreams with those close to you is likely to produce positive, even marvelous results. Use this to strengthen your personal relationships and create a path towards a promising future.

Sagittarius: The power of words will dictate your day today. If you are attached, it may seem the more you speak, the worse the atmosphere around you becomes. It may truly feel as if the whole world is against you today including your loved one. It doesn’t help that you are already overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, and many other your responsibilities. This negative energy may leave you looking at your live in a pessimistic manner. Take some time for yourself today so you have a better perspective tomorrow. If you are unattached, words will actually work in your favor and help you attract someone who makes you feel secure. You two may not be on the same page but it is that difference that opens your eyes to life’s possibilities.

Capricorn: Like minds and hearts gravitate will toward you like a magnet today thanks to the positive energy and emotions you emit right now. You will have a chance to seduce your heart’s desire by the power of your words alone. Although the encounter will start off platonic, you will make quite a bit of headway through the subtle art of conversation. Keep your ego in check and you will be well on your way. If you are attached during this time you may feel as if together you two could accomplish any goal. Use this smooth energy to make big strides, conquer new ground so you’ll be in ever better position when the situation is less ideal. As you two plan to conquer the world, make time to show each other plenty of affection.

Aquarius: Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable today. There is a chance that one of you may be hiding something that is keeping this relationship from moving forward. Because of your frustrations and anger, you may do something rash and regrettable. If you can’t count to ten a few times before saying anything you’ll regret later, then being alone may be the best thing to do today. If you can just hold on and keep all that negativity in check, you will have a chance to make amends with your loved one concerning this misunderstanding. If you two could open up to each other in mutual trust, you can heal any rifts very quickly.  So get it together and talk through the issue, this will really clear the air.

Pisces: This is the kind of day you can enjoy, lust driven and full of desire for your sweetheart. They are in an intensely passionate mood and they have no problems in seducing you with their soft, sexy, and very sultry overtones. The way that they will seduce you is rather genius to be honest. They begin a conversation that is likely to get your blood pressure up then turn it around to something fun and dirty. Your sweetheart really knows how to get you going don’t they! If you are single, this could be a rather exciting time for you as well. You feel friendly and social which leads you to hanging out with some of your dear friends. You will meet new people who are different from you but relatable. There may be a potential love match found.

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