How to Make a Woman Go Totally Crazy Over You Using 3 No-Holds-Barred Seduction Secret Tactics!

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It’s a little too cryptic for me but he does touch upon one of the “Dark/Forbidden Hypnosis Techniques”. The October Man pattern is a Forbidden Pattern for a reason.. & MOST people can’t handle the emotional outbursts that it creates – but IF you THINK you can handle it – I’ll post it for sale on – under Forbidden Patterns. Hint for your research.. you know you’ve found the real NLP/Waking Hypnosis pattern because October Man is actually based on _______ by M. Erickson.

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There’s a normal way of speaking and there’s a flirty way. It’s obvious which style you should use when talking to ladies, but a lot of guys don’t realize the big difference between the two types of conversation.

Getting a woman inside your reality means making her feel your attraction for her, while inviting her to show her own attraction for you. Your ability to flirt is the most important skill you must develop in the dating game, and here are some suggestions on how you can make a girl go crazy with longing for you just by flirting with her…

How To Make A Woman Go Totally Crazy Over You – Using 3 No-Holds-Barred Seduction Secret Tactics!

Tactic #1. Build Anticipation

Women will love it if you work up to the offer, and they will hate it if you ask outright that you want to go out with them. Anticipation is what makes the flirting game more exciting for girls. Flirting is really exciting if you can turn her anticipation level on to a feverish pitch.

Tactic #2. Be a Mystery

Be indirect when responding to her questions about your intentions. You can also divert her attention by asking her some questions. You can keep your mysterious vibe if you refuse to be too transparent to women.

Tactic #3. Use Hypnosis / Fractionation

This is a simple maneuver called Fractionation or hypnosis converted into a seduction tool. It’s unnoticeable and effortless to use; you can pull it off in just 15 minutes or less.

Even if you’ve never heard of fractionation or even seductive hypnosis before, you’ll have the benefit of this technique because it will quietly and effectively get her where you need her… in your bed. She becomes romantically attracted to you in the course of your banter. It’s really effective, although highly controversial at the same time.

Before you use this tactic, please be careful…as fractionation ( could be downright dangerous if used by men with bad intentions.

If you want to seduce women in 15 minutes (and will do so ethically), then download Fractionation Formula for free.

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      • So.. instead of educating yourself & others on the different & marginally ethical techniques that people are using against others.. you’re just going to run away and bury your head? – I’ll put it another way. These people and the uneducated towards them – both throw stones at me. And this tends to damage both themselves and the people around them. Kind of like this conversation.. I don’t like it either.. but I’m doing something about it.

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