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Love Horoscopes – October 21, 2013


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Aries: Today you will need to do what you can to keep your wits about you and remain cool. If you are attached, you may find yourself so annoyed with your loved one that you really want to speak out to them about it. You know that if you do, there is the strong possibility you two will have an argument. Make sure that this worth the potential fallout; it may be so insignificant that you would have likely forgotten what all the fuss was about a few hours later. If you are unattached, you want a certain someone in your life so bad you can taste it and they are right in front of you. Problem is that they do not truly see you; they see what you want everyone else to see. Sadly, you may not be able to change that so be prepared for that heartache.

Taurus: Today you want to leave your cares behind and avoid any heavy discussions that could creep up. Leave the dry and practical matters for another day and focus on the friendly and harmonious energy you can feel around you. Part of that energy is very bold, confident and romantic. Regardless of your status, this should prove to be a fantastic day so long as you are patient and cooperative. You would love to share a pleasant and productive time with the one you care for but your restlessness and impatience may put all of that in jeopardy so try to curb it today. Go ahead and make plans to enjoy any available social activities or time spent with friends. This will help take the edge off and prevent you from going too far with the one you love.

Gemini: You and sweetheart may have gotten together today for one thing but end up being totally distracted by another. You two are working together towards a project or goal but may seem to be more interested in each other physically. Resistance is futile so go ahead and give in to your urges and get them out of the way. The entire scenario will play out effortlessly, just go with your intuition and let the mood create itself. You will not need to think about your reactions, just go with the flow. Once you two have had your fun, getting to work will be much easier. Now that your feet will be firmly on the ground you two will be able to work out the most efficient and progressive way to accomplish the feat before you.

Cancer: You are out of sorts today. You are irritable and annoyed by everything around you but worse yet, you seem to have lost appreciation for what you do have and with what you are surrounded by. Thankfully this mood will not last long but there is likely some damage you will have to deal with later. First of give yourself some breathing room; you need to remember that not everyone has to or will measure up to your beliefs and standards. So all your displeasure, the never ending stream of criticisms with those around you, are all wasted breath. Currently your values may be at odds with your loved one but that can change. You are the more emotionally mature person in this relationship but you are holding on too tightly. Loosen up some.

Leo: There is a mixture of energy whirling about you today. Some of you who are attached are annoyed and very critical of your sweetheart. You are on edge and you may feel like everyone is going to sink on this ship with you. It would be much better to focus this negativity elsewhere rather than destroy your relationship. For the rest of you, regardless of your relationship status, this may be a time of emotional beginnings and impulsiveness. In many ways this could mean a fresh start or an establishment of new patterns in your life but whatever it is this time will marked in your life by the powerful and forceful feelings inside of you. Expect some emotional directness and high levels of confidence during this time period.

Virgo: Today is not the day to chicken out; you are so close to all you want. Many things have held you back from approaching the one you love. Some of you have endured jealousy and fear that have caused you to be maybe more demanding or compulsive depending on your relationship status. Finally you can experience progression in a positive direction; all those hidden passions and longings can be acknowledged. You finally feel confident to make the move you want. Go ahead and strike up a conversation with the one you desire if you are unattached. Open yourself to your loved one by simply talking about subjects that are deep and personal. This will be a win/win situation; you will be pleased with the results.

Libra: Today will be most challenging as you find yourself confused, annoyed and troubled by the events of the day. If you are in a relationship, you will likely have a mask on with sweet smile and warm demeanor. You are rather upset about an issue that does involve your sweetheart and have no idea what you want to do about it. Worse yet you are having a hard time truly concentrating which is adding to the misunderstandings or miscommunications between yourself and others. Stop pretending that things are perfect or that you can get through this unscathed, it will make things worse. Get away from it all today, get your focus back and your thoughts straight then go back and resolve those problems. Take control and fix it.

Scorpio: It may be a mixed bag today so many of you may not want to put forth much effort into your activities. Those of you who are at the cross roads of your emotions and your actions, will not want to be so hasty. You could very well annoy the hell out of those you are close to and miss out something worthy just because of your impatience. For those of you unattached, you will find the day rather stimulating emotionally and sexually. Someone close to you finally develops the courage to tell you how they feel about you. This is big for them because days ago they couldn’t look you in the eye or even speak to you with complex sentences. This may be a surprise but it is a welcomed one so enjoy. This person could just be who you have been hoping for.

Sagittarius: For better or for worse you are bold and sharp today. If you are attached you may find yourself in the middle of a disagreement or difference of opinion with your loved one. You both are unnerved and there is an unspoken challenge between you two. This would be a good time to try and work things out and hopefully find a compromise. If you are unattached, the one you desire is within your grasp. You may see him or her and have an opportunity to do more than just your usual wink and smile. You may be able to get a few sentences in so complement them in some capacity. This will likely open up the door for more dialogue and a chance to get ask him or her out on date. They will be so mesmerized by you, how can they resist?

Capricorn: Many of you are longing for the return of eclectic energy in your life. You might be restless to some degree and regard less of your relationship status the need for something new is prominent in your mind. You are looking for a spark in your intimate affairs so start by looking to your friends and loved ones for support. There is a need for change, so go with your desires to break with old patterns from the past. If you are attached, maybe you two have gotten into this rut that has caused you both to nag at each other rather than talk. If you are unattached maybe your shy and quiet demeanor has cause you to lose out on a potential love interest. Either way, use this energy to sort it all out and clear the air. Get back on track!

Aquarius: You may find that personal relationships will be very challenging right now, regardless of your status. What you want and may end up happening are two very different things at this moment. While a certain relationship may finally get off the ground, it may not go very far as things do not progress as quickly as you would like them too. Though if you are attached, your relationship may be moving much faster than you want it to be. The energy surrounding you is unconventional but what it is doing is trying to appeal to your underlying thirst for a bit of adventure. You may not be ready for this but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it. If you discuss the levels of desire you are comfortable with, your needs will be met.

Pisces: Being surrounding by good people today is supposed to be easy today but for many of you who are attached, your lover will not be among them. Some of you will have to deal with a loved one acting like a spoiled child. He or she may definitely throw a tantrum that will make a 4 year old jealous but thankfully the ridiculousness will not last. Subtle communication on your part seems to calm them down enough to enjoy the evening ahead. Your words take on a more emotional meaning that helps convey a rather clear message to your sweetheart. So if you happen to see this unfold today, go ahead and step up. Stand up to your sweetheart and this childish attitude so you two can about enjoy what is left of the day.


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