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Astro-Week October 21 – 28, 2013


Dear Aries


Love has moved onto to the distant and exotic. You’ll want to travel and explore new and foreign ideas and cultures. The only damper is the extra traffic and communication hold ups. Be patient. One of the problems will be with joint finances so make sure you have a second look. Use this time to develop a more spiritual approach to things.


Dear Taurus


The confusion circling this week will land in your closest relationships. It may have felt like things have been controlled and restricted but there was also opportunity for growth. Things just don’t feel that fun anymore and you’d like to do something about it. Have a little confidence and speak up. You don’t have to get your message across right away. But you do have to begin speaking up.


Dear Gemini


It’s time for love Gemini. Go get it before it’s too late. All of the attention seems to be on your partner and that’s ok as long as you don’t get lost in the mix. It’s been difficult lately and confusion is setting in but you can make it work. Things are just getting busier and people will be riled up. Old friends return behaving as weird as ever. Everyone is doing their best.


Dear Cancer


Saturn and Mercury retrograde aren’t the best planets to have in your astro-sector of “let’s have a good time”. They actually put a damper on things leaving you feeling controlled and restricted instead of playful and adventurous. Added to the mix, Pluto is causing a painful transformation in your personal relationships. This is a tough astro mix. On the plus side, love is open, clear and remarkably practical for a change.


Dear Leo


Aside from the delays and communication confusions that everyone is having, you’re on a bit of a roll. You are actively taking care of your personal nest egg and you feel suddenly frisky and playful again. Now there are some problems around the home but that shouldn’t stop you from having a good week. If you feel lucky then take a chance.


Dear Virgo


This is not the best week to begin a new plan as communication will be confusing and computers will be acting up. But sometimes you just have to push through to get things done. Expect delays. It’s not all bad news but be prepared for delays. Love is currently waiting at home.


Dear Libra


Just as you’re about to break free when you have second thoughts. Unexpected behavior has surprisingly left you with clarity and a new plan. Work it. It’s not the time to actually try anything new and communication will be off. Revisit and rework an old business model. If you want new results then you’ll have to keep pushing the new you.


Dear Scorpio


Wow! Saturn just transited my natal Moon in Scorpio. That was a difficult emotional battle. But it’s over now and time for the next challenge. As for the rest of the Scorpios.. Have a look around and see what’s going on. There’s more confusion but it should also be calm. Don’t make any decisions but have another look at something close to you. It’s more special than you imagined.


Dear Sagittarius


You’ve been worried about your past and how that might affect your future. All of this is impacting how you feel about yourself. The nagging doubts will continue but you’ll also begin seeing very tangible signs that the world still loves you. With Venus in your sign right now, you come across as loving and approachable. Say hello back.


Dear Capricorn


Love this week is arriving from your past and it could get messy. You’re friends are trying to help but they seem to get it all wrong. All of this feels a bit too emotional for a steady Capricorn but you can get through it. Watch for behind the scenes activity to catch you off guard. They are talking about you.


Dear Aquarius


Although love would be great right now, you seem to be focused on your public career and how you’re seen in the world. There’s confusion on exactly how you’d like to appear to others. Don’t worry or overly rationalize it. The moods are shifting and your energy is very practical this week. You can get a lot accomplished towards your long term goals. Push forward in joint finances. Just expect slow movement.


Dearest Pisces


This week you will begin to revisit some of the ideas and spiritual beliefs that have been accumulating. There has been a lot of tension lately and it looks like this is the week where you’ll feel like moving forward again. There will be delays so be patient. Your mind will be on distant shores and travel plans. You’ve been wanting something new for a while. It’s time to test the waters and see what out there but definitely look before you jump in. Avoid arguments in love.


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