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Astro-Week October 28 – November 04, 2013


Dear Aries


You’re behaving a bit eccentric and zany right now and it’s kind of exciting. You might have recently been trying to turn a corner in life and just leave all of the nonsense behind. Take some time and have a closer look at your personal philosophy about love. You might be surprised to find how much your vision has changed. Freedom is to be respected above all else right now so if your partner is trying too hard this week, there might be some friction. It’s not a time to jump into bed with someone new but it is time to have another look at someone close.




Dear Taurus


This time of year always highlights love for Taurus and this week is no different. The Sun is shining on your relationships and if all of the rough edges have smoothed over, it’s time for love. And not just holding hands! Venus is in your astro-sector of erotic adventures and mysterious seductions. If you want, this is a great week to let loose and play. If you take a chance and get out for some safe and playful experiences on the darker side this week, you’ll come away with memories that may surprise.




Dear Gemini


You’re not exactly complicated, you’re just dynamic and you prefer many different experiences that simulate the mind and the body. So.. don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. Do whatever you have to do to shake out of it. Go out this week and be as erotic as you can. You may be surprised to find strangers simply falling for your charm. Remember to say hello. And remember, you’re currently hot and getting hotter so if they blow you off, it really is their loss.




Dear Cancer


Pluto is continuing to cut through and create a painful transformation in your closest relationships and it’s not going anywhere fast. This happens to all signs and it teaches a lesson to make peace, transform, and create a better world for everyone. And this takes time, so be prepared to shell up. Speaking of snuggling up, The Sun now in Scorpio is shining brightly on your urge to get out and play. If you can put everything together for a moment or two you should have a lot of fun. Expect the unexpected in your career, again. Most of the problems are simply more of the same. Remember to take care of your body and your mind will follow.




Dear Leo


You just want to get out and play this week but problems around the home will keep you grounded. Don’t worry about it. Just invite some friends over and you’ll find everything working out.  It’s a great time for love but it’s a lousy time for communication. Get creative and your relationship will suddenly deepen.




Dear Virgo


Watch what you say! You’re coming across as pushy. Even if you’re trying to be nice and look after everyone, everything seems to be on your terms. Play nice. Love is filled with illusions right now and it would be a good time to lose yourself in the fantasy. Just remember that it’s only a dream. Keep working your plan and you’ll find the new energy speeding things along.




Dear Libra


Karma has finally caught up with you and your past wants to balance things out. Double check all accounts. There might be more money there than you thought. If you’re craving love, then it’s all about communication this week. Reach out and you might be surprised. Expect painful transformations to continue at home. Love continues to explore the different. You might begin an internet affair.




Dear Scorpio


It’s not the easiest time to be a Scorpio. You’re coming across as controlling and selfish even when you’re trying to be nice! At the same time, you are the center of attention. Do your best to be your best and really shine. The fates are watching you. Karma will be tested but it’s a test you have to take. Step into the spotlight with confidence and just be yourself. Whatever happens, know that this time, you’ll get a second chance.




Dear Sagittarius


On one hand it feels like everyone is trying to control you and your world is in flux but at the same time you know you’re better than all of this and people are also noticing you so there’s also proof. Believe it or not, there is an answer for all of this and you don’t have to wait. The problems currently facing you are internal but they are also being reflected back towards you in your world so you’re going to have to change something. Don’t be excessively dramatic right now either. This is not a time to overreact or to blow off. But it is a really good time to have another look at what it is that you really want on a personal level. And then simply go get it. Success this week comes from keeping things simple.




Dear Capricorn


Play is on the menu and the more exotic the better. You might be planning a vacation or simply thinking about something different. Now’s the time for research but don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. Fortune and luck are favouring your relationships so make sure you and your partner are seen and you’re getting your personal message across. Things are better than they seem.




Dear Aquarius


Get out and be social. If there’s a party after work then be sure to go. You may be surprised to find yourself meeting someone just as unusual as yourself. On the down side, you can expect longer hours at the office and missed assignments. Pay extra attention to the details. Love is waiting in a social gathering.




Dearest Pisces




What’s it going to take for you to calm down? The tense energy has already passed but it has been replaced with a bit of confusion. This is tough for most of the other signs but for you, it should be easy. The water is all calm and you can swim wherever you like. And it can all be done without the drama.


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