Kissing Tips and Techniques – How to Master the True Art of Kissing

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Mastering the art of kissing necessitates a warning: French kissing will not only bring back delicious memories of what it feels like to be head-over-heels in love; it can also become seriously addictive. You just won’t believe what four lips and two tongues can get up to with a little bit of creativity.

So you think you’re a good kisser?

Well, you better be. Whether it’s your first kiss or your hundredth, both men and women use kissing as an assessment device. A study done at the University of Albany concluded that first kisses are often dealbreakers in terms of how a relationship will play out. Women often feel that a first kiss can predict how good a lover a guy will be. Bad kisses will deter both sexes in getting involved with each other, but women generally place more emphasis on kissing than men. This has to do with the fact that female sexual arousal takes longer than male arousal. For women, kissing is a welcome part of extended foreplay, whilst men would happily forego kissing in favour of intercourse.

The art of kissing makes lip-locking way more than an appetizer. It can be the main course – and certainly a continuing presence during the act of making love. It models the very essence of sensuality and intimacy and transports you to a shared place where passions are free to rise.

Kissing Tips and Techniques

1. First, always carry a mint. You get judged by the way your breath smells and your mouth tastes.

2. Lips are important too. Make sure they’re moist and soft. First contact feels good if it’s as light as a butterfly landing. Just brush your lips against each other, then focus on your lover’s bottom lip and nibble gently. Lips are one of the most responsive erogenous zones on the body, so make full use of its erotic pull.

3. Think ‘seduction’ as you relax into a full-mouth kiss. Meet your partner’s tongue in your mouth and circle it lightly. Find that perfect balance between not too dry, but certainly not too wet and sloppy. Be careful not to open your mouth too wide. It’s also good to remember that men prefer wetter kisses and more tongue action than most women, so adjust your style to please your partner.

4. Up the ante by pushing your tongue into your lover’s mouth to explore the roof of their mouth, which is another particularly sensitive area. Pull their tongue into your mouth and give it a slow and sensuous blow-job. Tenderly suck on it, play with it and circle the tip with your tongue.

5. Don’t forget to use your hands to enhance the experience. Cup your partner’s face and caress their face with your fingers. Press your lower body into theirs, but don’t get too distracted from what your lips and tongue are up to. That’s where the main action is!

6. Chances are good that you’ll both be thoroughly aroused by this time. Keep varying your tongue movements: slow then fast, soft, hard, then hold still and let them do the work for a while. Make sure it lasts a good, long time.

Of course, you don’t need to stay on the lips. Travel around your lover’s face, to the cheeks, the space just under the ears… Trace the line of their jaw, gently kissing, gliding your tongue across the skin and then lightly exhaling on damp skin.

If you want to pride yourself on being a good lover, the art of kissing is a great place to start!


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