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Love Horoscopes – November 2, 2013


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Aries: Like your Pisces neighbor, if you are attached, you should carve out some quality time for your sweetie. Because things may have been distant lately, expect the conversations you have to be very deep in nature. Although you may find the today’s energy a little too emotional, this is the ideal time to clear the air concerning the lingering problems you both know are there. Once you two work things out you both feel much lighter and need to re-establish the closeness you two once shared. Keep in mind that while things may get a little tense throughout this reconciliation, flattery will get you everywhere if properly worded. When this over, focus on your intimacy by moving things to the bedroom.

Taurus: The world outside is draining you. There are people coming to you for sympathy or people needing your advice and issues that leave you confused or discourage. You need to get away and leave those thoughts behind. If you are attached, it is time for a date night with your sweetheart. Lock out the world by either going somewhere intimate or staying home and cooking a grand meal. Either way you need to turn off any form of outside communication and just get lost within each other. If things are rough for you with your loved one then you might want to keep all personal interactions to a minimum. Rather than create any more misunderstandings just hide away from the crazy world for a day or two.

Gemini: The energy of the day is emotional and deep but for once, it is easy for you to express what you feel. You are so at ease with yourself that you may end up over sharing and saying far too much. Because your emotions and energy levels are erratic at best, talking is the least of your worries as your impulsive nature decides to make an appearance. For some of you attached, your loved one may enjoy this unconventional side of you and others may look at you strangely and let you go about your business. Just go easy today as this irregular energy is only temporary. You can’t fit all the passion and intensity you feel in just a day or two. Go ahead and enjoy things you never though you would but don’t go too far that you will regret it later.

Cancer: Your appetite for life is heightened right now and you are actively seeking any opportunity to satisfy your urges. One of those urges is to strengthen the bond with your sweetheart if you are so attached. One way to fall in love again is to engage in a conversation that doesn’t accuse or blame but is deep and honest. Lay all your cards on the table without consequence. By doing this, it will remind you both that being together is worth the ups and downs of life and that you two can tackle them together. If you are unattached, this is a good time to enjoy the people around you as well as yourself. Be playful and adventurous; leave the seriousness you have been feeling at home.

Leo: This is a good time for reconnection and reconciliation in all areas of your life. Any unfinished business or fences to mend should be taken care of now. You will be surprised at how many doors a simple conversation will open for you today but only if you are sincere in your intent. Rather than going through the motions, make sure that your apologies or desire to resolve any issues comes from deep in your heart not out of a sense of obligation. If this means sharing truths and difficult emotions then so be it, especially if it with your sweetheart. For many of you this is territory unknown but a path you should take none the less. In fact that is also a part of the energy of the day, if you haven’t tried it before – try it now.

Virgo: Many of the people you encounter will be emotional sensitive today. This can be good or bad but it is something you should be prepared for. If you are attached, your loved one may announce something you have been hoping for. Granted, they have added some sort of “all or nothing” kind of stipulation but you are the point where you could care less, to you its “better late than never”. Now if you are unattached things may not be so be easy. Because the energy is running hot and cold you may think you and someone special are getting along well to only have it go horribly wrong. Do not let this upset you. For right now, wait before you make any romantic moves. If it is meant to be it will happen soon enough.

Libra: Friendships and love relationships are the energy for today, as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. If you are looking for love, which is not usually the case with your sign, you would do well to be able to listen to what others have to say for a change. If you are at a social gathering, rather than trying to impress others with your string of glittering achievements, allow others to do the talking. If you heed the advice, an opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface and work out quite nicely for you. If you are attached you are intensely drawn to your loved one. It’s not enough for you to feel loving towards him or her, you need to express it both verbally and physically.

Scorpio: If you are in a newer relationship, you have this need to make sure it gets off on the right foot. This may be hard for you but getting into the habit of sharing openly and honestly is a precedent you should begin with right away. If you want this relationship to surpass the last, implement this before it’s too late. Thankfully the energy of the day is in your favor and has taken away some of your inhibition towards the matter. For those of you in a more established relationship and not happy with some part of it, you will not be able to ignore these issues much longer. There will likely be tension and a few disagreements but thankfully you can easily discuss your feelings on the matter once you calm yourself down.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself having a few long and intense conversations today. People close to you are seeking you out for advice or to relieve the burden of some sort of secret. By being patient with those who call upon you, you will increase the level of intimacy between the two of you. Besides, some selfless generosity during this time will not only make you happy but come back to you in kind at a later date. Do not let the weight of others bring you down as well. Appreciate that so many people value you as a person. If you are attached, your loved one will benefit from your gentle and tender demeanor. You desire harmony and to be surrounded by beauty. As you spend time with your loved one today, both needs will be satisfied.

Capricorn: Regardless of your relationship status, you are itching to share your feelings with the one you adore. Usually you like to keep a part of yourself hidden in the background but today, you just want to share all of you with all of them. This doesn’t mean you are leaving yourself vulnerable, this just means you are taking a chance to improve your current situation. If you are attached, your sweetheart will finally know where they stand and respond in kind. If you have your eye on someone, you are truly in luck today as you are already much more charming and appealing than usual. Couple this and your openly affectionate manner, you will likely to gain a few new friends and even more admirers. Ask your secret crush out if you dare!

Aquarius: You will be surprised at what you accomplish today if you would only take that first step. If it feels right then go ahead, take that risk and ask your sweetie whatever it is you’ve been holding back. By talking things through, you will finally get to the core of an issue that has been bugging you for some time. Once you get everything out in the open, you will have a new perspective on your relationship and likely be renewing your commitment to each other. It is up to you. You can either let this opportunity slip away or you can make some real progress in your relationship. If you are attached, the same goes for you. Why be on sidelines hoping and yearning for your crush to make a move when you can make a few moves yourself.

Pisces: It is time to give your beloved some special attention especially if this relationship is new. Subtle feelings and intangible intuition allow an increasing buildup of emotional communication. There is plenty to talk about, but it would help if you could both share from the depths of your hearts. This will encourage you to be honest and open with each other, and to be clear about anything that may have been causing a problem. It will facilitate better communication in the future. You are unsure how far you want to go right now because you feel so much. The stability you are looking for will work itself out in its own time, just hang in there. Taking things slow is really the best way to handle things right now. There is no need to rush things.



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