Weekly Sonnyscopes are up ! Weekly Love Horoscopes from The Sunny Side


Weekly Horoscopes November 4 – 11, 2013 from Sonny !




Dear Aries


It looks like the class you took last week might pay off sooner than you thought. This week you’ll be attracting attention in your career so you’ll have ample opportunity to show everyone what you’ve learned. Shine brightly. Joint projects are favored so have confidence in your partner. Teaming up will bring financial rewards. Energy is still focused on daily tasks and details. Look at everything twice but keep going.




Dear Taurus


This is an excellent to week to take a class, study a foreign culture, plan a vacation or put it all together and find someone who fits the picture to share all of the above. You do move slowly, especially when excited.. at the beginning anyways. Taurus has a tendency to see something they like and just stop and look. Then charge ahead! And heaven help anyone who gets in the way. Right now there is someone that you want and they currently aren’t going anywhere so you don’t have to rush. But remember, they’re making plans as well.




Dear Gemini


Love continues to deepen with open communication. You’re on a natural astrological journey right now and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can spoil it. Just remember to keep your eyes open. As you and your dearest continue to grow together you’ll find yourselves joining forces in business. And according to the planets, if you work together then you’ll be successful. It’s also a week for erotic tendencies so have fun combining work and play.




Dear Cancer


As Jupiter, the big planet of luck continues to transit your sign, you can expect fortune, happiness, and your waistline to continue to grow. Venus, the planet of attraction is entering your astro-sector of personal one to one relationships so you can also expect warm feelings between yourself and your partner to continue to deepen, mature and grow while at the same time remaining playful and fun. Cancer love is deep and there seems to be a lot of attraction happening right now that might shake you both ways. Keep that shell hard and head for softer waters if the other kids aren’t playing nice. You’re the lucky one right now.




Dear Leo


It really would be fun to get out and play but you’re stuck at home with the chores. On the plus side your daily routine should smooth out and if you’re lucky, love just might find you somewhere that you go every day. Get busy communicating your ideas. You are experiencing unusual thoughts and visions. It’s time to get the word out and share them with everyone else. Begin to look twice at all business offers. Some of them will be too good to be true.




Dear Virgo


Love gets creative. This is a wonderful week to begin expressing yourself and your childlike nature. You’ll be filled with an urge to run out and play. It’s all very un-Virgo, but why not? You deserve love as well and if you want to have some fun then the planets are urging you to take a chance. You’re also attracting luck. Don’t go crazy but see where your hunches take you.




Dear Libra


You continue to grow through powerful transformations at home but there’s finally some relief. A surprise proposal might change your living situation. This week, lovers are weird, business is booming, and your mental health is clearing. Watch out for attacks from your past and your secret enemies. Protect your mental health and stay centered. You won’t have to do anything drastic to balance yourself, but you will have to do something.




Dear Scorpio


You’re in the spotlight so get out and shine. Love is favoring communication so speak up but remember that you’re a Scorpio and your words are sharper than you realize. Let love flow and you’ll find it reciprocated. Once again, do your best to watch your tongue but make sure you speak up.




Dear Sagittarius


There’s a powerful change happening right now for you financially. It might be painful at first but if you stick to the plan it will be for the better. Both Love and Luck are working in your favor but from opposite sides. You’ll be helping both yourself and your partner so get working. Having said all of this, Mars, the planet of action is working his way through you career sector so a new job could be in the works. Keep pushing and you’ll get it.




Dear Capricorn


Love finally arrives to Capricorn and not a moment too soon! As Venus enters your sign, you’ll come across as more refined and approachable. Although you are standoffish by nature, people will begin to see you as warm and approachable. And this will be a real turn on to your dearest partner. Keep looking for help to shoulder your load. Friends are here to help.




Dear Aquarius


You may be thinking about business and all of the responsibilities that accompany success but love is going to return from your past. Whether you decide to act on the request or simply be flattered that they are still thinking of you, the choice will be yours. You might be tempted to get out and play but it really is a work week. Partner up for you best chances financially.




Dearest Pisces




Your friends are here to help. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted, then now’s the time to take your chance. Right now you’re not happy sitting on the sidelines so get in there and shake things up a bit. You’re the psychic one and you can already see what you have to do. Get going.


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