Hypnotic Seduction Techniques – Discover the Power of Seduction Hypnosis


Let’s take a quick look at some common questions about hypnotic seduction techniques, and see if we can’t dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions that abound. If you are like most of us who are EAGER to learn the magic of seduction hypnosis, you want to make sure you know the REAL deal going in, right? You are in good company – and many of us stumbled across LOTS of bad information BEFORE we discovered the truth! So let me spare YOU some trouble an illuminate an exciting terrain by answering some common questions below! Read on..

Q: Is Hypnotic Seduction immoral, wrong or anti-religious?

A: It’s a fair and common question, but completely false! The beauty of this approach to automatic magnetism is through accentuating your NATURAL personality and charismatic qualities. You are not putting someone “under”, or coercing them in an EVIL way to do things that are antithetical to their morals. You are simply, becoming the very BEST, and most powerfully persuasive version of YOURSELF through maximizing your self mastery, minimizing your fears and inhibitions, and becoming so darn magnetic that folks have difficulty saying NO..:-)

Q: How Long Does Seduction Hypnosis Take to Learn?

A: It varies from person to person, but you SHOULD start seeing instant benefits after ONLY a few simple sessions. Using the method that I preach, you are going to get RAPID fire results if you are like most men (and women!) that take the home training, and you should see DRAMATIC benefits in ALL areas of your life within the month for sure. If you simply focused on becoming more attractive, charismatic and persuasive with the opposite sex, these benefits should become IMMEDIATELY apparent, within the first 7 days or so if you practice.

Q: Is this the Same thing as Seduction Techniques Taught By NLP?

A: No, but there are overlapping ideas! Milton Erikson, the founder of the principles that underlay conversational hypnosis ( and the man considered the greatest of the modern era) “discovered” many of the psychological triggers and theories about the subconscious mind that are taught in many newer age brain sciences. Much of NLP for sure, has been patterned after his discoveries. (as the initial founders of NLP were students of Erickson!) From a seduction standpoint, I DO believe that conversational hypnosis is a FAR more powerful technology, as NLP does not focus a ton of attention in that direction. ( But lot of us do..:-)


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