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Love Horoscopes – November 8, 2013


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Aries: You are truly difficult to please right now and everyone around you knows it. Restlessness and impatience may overcome you throughout the day and you will likely be very demanding of those around you. Right now you feel that progress is too slow, and you are tired of waiting for the things you want or the person you want. You may even decided to give u on love all together for the time being because you are feeling this void inside that is just empty and cold. Not that you need someone one in your life but you would like your world to be warm again. Others may be able to sense your desires and try to make a move. If this person is not what you want then be polite and keep your distance. Right now try to exercise a bit of patience.

Taurus: For those of you who may have had a rocky start in your relationship, things are beginning to come together. This is a great chance to investigate a more complex problem in your relationship so think about making the most of this opportunity and sharing your feelings. By doing so, you will deepen your bond and commitment considerably and also to learn more about your own self. What you want to do is give each other some space, get your thoughts together then come back to spend some quality time together. You will be able to resolve whatever is lingering and rekindle the spark that may have become a little dim recently.  If you are unattached, use your charm to get you into situations where you want to come out on top.

Gemini: You have been in a great mood and things around you have been quite harmonious and people have been very friendly. You would rather not to anything to change that right now. First things first if something is bothering you, for now let it go. You want to avoid any dry, practical discussions that are just too heavy for the kind of energy surrounding you today. The energy surrounding you is working towards enhancing your sense of passion. Spending time with someone you lust for is more in tune with what you are currently feeling or desire. If you are not attached, try not to be aggressive when communicating with the one your heart is set on. He or she will likely be taken aback and will resist your advances.

Cancer: You are capable of forceful and decisive action today which may cause you to go too far too fast. You are on the receiving end of a tremendous energy boost that is leaving you both feisty and spirited. Physically, you feel good and your energy is flowing smoothly but you have so much of it you may bowl someone over trying to carry out your own agenda. The problem is that someone that you have been trying very hard to charm will find your overpowering today. They will be so overwhelmed that they may decide to make a break for it and leave you behind. What you want to do is maybe not see him or her today, give them some space. If you want to give the relationship any chance, then back off.

Leo: Your emotions are running so high that you need to be careful not to go overboard. You may experience a great deal of abject moodiness, and not much happiness when it comes to your current relationship. Your high pitched feelings may lead you to feel slighted when no offence was actually committed. You have every chance of enjoying yourself if you can draw your partner out of their deeply pensive and introspective mood, and get them to enjoy the day with you. It may seem, however, that they are determined to do the opposite of everything you want to do. Express your feelings, but don’t drown him or her in them. They may be a bit stubborn today but the nicer you are, the nice your sweetheart will become.

Virgo: If you are unattached, you may be going out on a first date tonight. Take a deep breath; this should be a very special evening, a great start for something more. You will feel the electric intensity and passion in the air and it will be obvious to all those around you. As the evening goes on you will find that you two get on with each other better than you had thought possible. If you have the courage to pursue this, it will be worth it. If you are attached you yearn to spend time with your special someone. Quality time spent with those you love will reenergize you and reaffirm much of your sense of purpose. This renewal of your sense of belonging and commitment is sure to put smile on your face and a little snap in your walk.

Libra: The directions you take today may be the start of great friendships that bring both wealth and love. The energy surrounding you is encouraging all sorts of pleasantries and passions which will provide you with the foundations of a lot more to come, but only if you allow it to happen. And you so want it to happen as you are powerfully attracted to a certain new and delicious person in your life. You are drawn by their deep passion and the intensity with which they pursue anything or anyone they wish to be involved with. They are a ‘full steam ahead’ kind of person and you certainly want a ride. You might want to exercise some patience before asking them out. Make sure you have seen all sides of their personality first.

Scorpio: Socializing and having a good time with others is the energy you may feel now. If you get invited anywhere that sounds good, you might want to make an effort to find some time and say yes. It is entirely possible that you may meet people will be of some importance or influence in your life. Also, when you attend this gather you may need to find some way to exercise some self control and keep your feet very firmly anchored to the ground. Love at first sight, a passionate connection or simply shock at how gorgeous someone in particular is, will likely sweep your off your feet. As tempted as you are to jump right in you must not give in to this romance too quickly; you need more time. Regain your composure and don’t seem so eager.

Sagittarius: For many of you attached, this may continue to be a period of transition. You will be faced with many critical level decisions, ones you really do not want to make. These may lead to a major change in your life, maybe even several. With the current planetary alignment, do not be surprised if this is only the beginning of the changes that will be occurring. Those of you unattached and have someone in your sight, you will have the opportunity to make a good impression on this person. He or she may already know you have been admiring them from afar and is very interesting in getting to know you better. Enjoy a great conversation but don’t give them everything at once. Let them come after you for a little it, they will appreciate you even more.

Capricorn: You have come very far in this ongoing saga that is your life. Sympathy and understanding are emotional qualities that take on greater importance for you now. This has led you to come to grips with the past and begin to resolve as many issues as you possibly can. Learning that it is truly wisdom, not knowledge that counts in life has given you a better perspective on love and life. Which will be something that you will be using today if, you get the chance to spend some time with that special someone you have long desired. Dial back your natural intensity and allow your easygoing charm to shine through. He or she is just as nervous as you are so try not to blow this opportunity.

Aquarius: Someone from your past may reach out to you or you may reach out to someone who was once very important in your life. Whatever it is that is going on in their lives, your natural and sympathetic listening skills is just what they need right now. You have this ability for drawing out others’ feelings and personal experiences. Right now he or she needs to vent and get it all off their chest. Sadly this may come at a price. It is possible that it this isn’t linked to the person of your past but you should keep your eyes open and be on guard today. Someone may be trying to get you into a compromising position for whatever reason. To thwart their nefarious scheme, humor them until

Pisces: Those of you that heading in a new direction yesterday are taking in as many facts about the world around you today. You are tempted to jump to a particular conclusion because of the negative status of your current relationship. But that isn’t all. While you are forced to deal with a relationship you are trying to walk away from, there is a tidal wave of passion ready to overcome you. It will be harder and harder for you to resist this new person and juggle what is left of your unhealthy relationship. Try to stay strong for a few more days, this new person, he or she is not going anywhere anytime soon. Finish your current affair before you start traipsing off into another.


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