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Astro-Week November 12 – 18, 2013




Dear Aries


This would be a good week to forget love and to focus on business. Financial partnerships, career, and the home all come into play this week. Team up with a friend and launch a home based business or something that revolves around home repair, renovations, and design. A father figure steps in to lend a hand.




Dear Taurus


With Mars charging your libido and The Sun resting firmly in your astro-sector of personal relationships, it’s a great time for love.. but where? The planets say that it’s time to plan a vacation or take a class that will expand your mind. Topics that are fresh and exotic will both stimulate your mind and give you the best chance of bumping into your next romance.




Dear Gemini


It’s all about your daily routine this week so you better get down to business. Go to the gym, and pay your bills on time. You are definitely busy right now and that includes your latest business adventure with your main partner. Teaming up will get you everywhere right now. So try and put it all together and take care of the details and daily busy work while your partner takes care of the rest. This union has a very good chance to succeed.




Dear Cancer


Luck returns to help with a fresh start. Stay focused and remain positive as love is coming directly from your closest relationship. It’s time for aggressive pursuits in communication and to get the word out for your business. Interesting changes in your career become a reality. This is your time for love, so be confident, ask questions, and make sure your needs are met. You’re bigger and better than ever. Go get ‘em.




Dear Leo


It’s time to do something to fix up the home. You’ve been thinking about and you have the money so it’s time to finally do it. While we’re on money, it looks like there’s a new plan in place to add some much needed spending money before the holidays. Look twice but it should be something worth going after. Love is in the details.




Dear Virgo


You are so lucky when you’re out in the pubic right now that you should really take advantage of all opportunities. Everywhere you turn people are trying to help your dreams come true. Stick to your plan and everything will work itself out. Stay focused on the details. Remember not to come across as too pushy as the week unfolds and watch your tongue.




Dear Libra


Plans are in place to beautify an ever changing home life. If you’re single it’s time to start thinking about adding someone special to your living arrangements. Thoughts are focused on money and the security it brings but Libras like to shop! If there’s something that you have your eye on, look twice because it just might be on sale.




Dear Scorpio


I know it’s your birthday but.. Saturn is still causing all kinds of problems for many of you. Here’s how it works. A Scorpio friend of mine just went through a couple of weeks where everything she did seemed to be wrong. Nothing big, but the little things were catching up and being blown out of proportion. It was crazy to watch and it’s now happening to me! Don’t worry, you’re also going to go through it. Just know that on the other side will be relief and peace. As for everything else, you must keep you feet moving against all of the “no’s” coming your way because the planets say that one of these “no’s” is actually going to be a very big yes.




Dear Sagittarius


Creativity and security combine this week to spur you into action. It’s time to do something about your money situation and you’re ready to go. Stay focused because you’ll want to drift into fantasy. Thoughts will return to a project you were about to discard. Clarity returns to a personal problem. It’s time to recharge yourself and to prepare for the new year so don’t overly stress out. The thing that’s really bugging you is naturally clearing itself out and will finally be gone shortly.




Dear Capricorn


This week love mixes with sudden and unexpected communication. You’re shining right now so expect to attract more lovers than usual. If you spin things properly, you might be able to use all of this for your master plan. It’s a great time to get out and be social. People are waiting to help your dreams. Make sure that you ask! It’s time to plan for the holidays.




Dear Aquarius


Money plans might be too good to be true but that doesn’t stop all of the effort at work. Keep pushing. The planets are urging you to put in extra hours at the office and you might be surprised to find yourself in the middle of a late night romance. It won’t be easy to keep things quiet but it’s sure going to be fun!




Dearest Pisces


Your friends are really in a position to help you right now so make sure you ask. It may seem like you have to go out of your way or things happen unexpectedly but they happening for a reason. You can make the most of things by being prepared for the good and accepting the strange. Love is out there in social groups.






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