What Attracts Women To Men?



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When we look at factors that women are attracted to in men there’s more to it than just one key factor. There are actually a lot of factors involved. Perhaps this is why men get so confused and don’t understand how to attract women.

Women are programmed to seek out dominant males. Dominant males offer survival value, which is good for the survival of the woman and her offspring. This increases the chances of her genes being passed on to the next generation.

That is why alpha characteristics such as confidence, leadership, humor, charisma, and social skills are bigger factors of attraction than physical appearance.

Women are often attracted to bad boys and assholes. The reason for this is because these types of men portray all of the alpha characteristics that women are attracted to. They might not be the best partners on a logical level but these men are able to trigger emotions of attraction better than provider beta males.

Women don’t usually understand what they are attracted to on a logical level. If you were to ask a woman what she’s attracted to she might say, “I want a nice guy who is funny, with nice abs, and a cute smile.” But then you look at the guys she has dated and they aren’t anywhere near her description. That is because what she logically thinks she’s attracted to is not what she will emotionally respond to.

Men listen to what women say they want and take it too literally. A woman might say she wants a nice guy so guys think that if they are really nice she’ll like them. Then they get frustrated when she doesn’t respond to their nice gestures and think she’s a bitch.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t want her man to be nice to her it’s just that she is not attracted to nice guy behavior. Typical nice guys are overly nice and do not have all the alpha male characteristics she’s attracted to.

Men are attracted to a woman’s physical appearance so they think that’s all women look for in men. This creates a false belief that if they are not good looking they cannot attract beautiful women.

Physical appearance is a factor and can help you get noticed if you have good looks. But if you are insecure, needy, and boring women will not find you attractive. This is why looks are only a small part of the equation and can even become irrelevant to her attraction to you if you are able to convey alpha characteristics.

Another misconception is that men who are muscular or ripped are more attractive. This is because muscular men convey safety and protection through there appearance. A woman wants her man to make her feel safe and protected but you can easily convey these attributes to her with confidence and leadership regardless of your size.

The truth is any man has a chance to attract any woman; it’s just most men don’t know what it is that attracts women. They concentrate on superficial things and luck to attract women.

When men learn to concentrate on areas that women are attracted to the results are incredible. Men who never thought they could attract hotties become overwhelmed with options of women to choose from.

We should feel lucky to be men. We can change ourselves at any time to become more attractive regardless of what we were born with. Men often become more attractive with age and life experience. We can produce offspring even in old age. Women do not have these options.

You must learn to take these characteristics on in your personality and convey them to women. Soon you’ll understand what you need to work on so you can attract the women you desire!


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