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Love Horoscopes – November 17, 2013


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Aries: You have these romantic desires but you may not have the confidence it takes to make a move. You want to, but something within you is holding you back. In order to share this warmth and affection, you need to overcome whatever this fear is and reach for the love you deserve. If you are attached, you may be coming away from a period of tension and have no idea how to get things back on track. So long as the tension is resolved, a subtle suggestion or seemingly small yet natural action should be all you need. If you are unattached and yet have been building towards something with someone, ask yourself are you getting cold feet? Or better yet, has the other person left the ball in your court? You can do this, you want to do this!

Taurus: You may be traveling on a bumpy road in your love life right now. If you have been trying to seduce or even just be noticed by someone you desire, you may have stumbled a few times and had your fair share of embarrassing moments. To tell you to shake it off would be obvious thing to say but this is easily a hard thing for you to do. Give yourself a break, take a few days and regroup. Change your approach; focus on showing off what you have to offer. This person should see the catch you truly are. If you are already attached, could be a little unhappy with the current state of your sexual encounters. Rather than become angry or tense, use your desire for passion and show your loved one how you want it done. You will be happy you did.

Gemini: Some of you may want to be the center of attention right now. You would like to be appreciated for who you are rather than what you have. Sadly, this may not come from those you are close to. You may find the satisfaction you are looking for from people you do not know or situations you are not directly involved in. This is the Universes’ way of making you take a day to yourself and remembering that there is a whole other world out there spinning. It is likely that you are still feeling some level of isolation from those you care about right now. No one will notice if you embark on this field trip of sorts. Give yourself this space, take all the time you need and when the dust in other areas of your life settle, life will begin to return to normal.

Cancer: For some of you, there is still a barrier or some sort of tension in your relationship. You have tried various things to move you and loved one past this but nothing seems to be working. You have become so worried about the state of your affairs that you have become overprotective of yourself especially your heart. So many scenarios are swirling around in your mind that your actions have become more cautious and conservative. With your guard up not only have you become more aware of every little problem, you have added to it as well. Rather than confront your sweetie yet again, give yourselves some space. Granted you may have already tried this but you really need to be careful what battles you fight. Take a day or two and come back to this.

Leo: There may a domino effect in your relationship today. Sure there have been disagreements with your loved one but lately they’ve been frequent and growing nastier each time. What you need to do is take an inventory of sorts, doing so will force you to be candid about everything. Take some time away and honestly but carefully catalog each problem, even those that have been hidden or ignored for quite some time. This crisis you two are enduring now is likely to be related to each and every one of them in some capacity. When you know the full scope of what you are dealing with and how much of this you should take the blame for, you can approach your sweetie in a more logical and compassionate manner and begin to put this all behind you.

Virgo: You may be slowly coming out of a long introspective period. You have thought about many things and maybe adjusted a few ideals. One thing is for sure you have reached some level of clarity when it comes to your love life. You have realized that you haven’t actually been an active participant. Either you have been simply going through the notions or you have been getting bowled over and just going with whatever the flow has become. This has led you to a series of questions and desires to achieve. You feel more passionate about your love life and have come to the decision to actively engage as well as be productive. You have come so far; go further by trusting your instincts right now. If it feels right, say it or do it. No hesitations, no regrets.

Libra: Many of you have finally gained some clarity about the current state of your intimate affairs. Within this you have seen that there has been a handful of shortcomings that are completely out of your character and a few lingering grievances that may need closure. Consider this period a learning experience and use these lessons to help strengthen all of your personal relationships, current or future. Now that you are aware and no longer have the feeling of dread that once came with certain thoughts of your love life, you can talk freely about your feelings and needs with your lover if you are so attached.  Your lower inhibitions will allow you to be honest and more compassionate which will give you the results you desire.

Scorpio: When it comes to your intimate affairs, you not one for cheap thrills and fleeting measures, you are all about substance and the bigger picture. You look for what will benefit you both in the long run and would rather you two get there in your time not someone else’s. It has taken you a while to reach this insight and now you need use your knowledge in your current situation. Because this realization has made you a little more confident than you normally are and also rather observant, you can better provide the compassion and respect needed for relationships to flourish. If you are attached, use this to feel more comfortable with your sweetie by understanding what they need to feel secure and blending it with your needs.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you have to take control of a situation and deal with it yourself. The more others have tried to intervene on your behalf, whether you knew about it or not, the more complicated things have become and the more misunderstandings you have to repair. When you feel overwhelmed sometimes you get clumsy from the weight but thankfully, this situation does not warrant such worry. Before you approach the object of your affection, go into this knowing your own weaknesses, it will make a difference. Determine any patterns of behavior you have that you now know had unconsciously sabotaged previous relationships. Are you doing any now? Once you have worked through this then go ahead and work it out with your loved one.

Capricorn: If your love life is suffering right now, it may be in part to any disharmony between your head and heart. This is a simple fix, it really is. Take the time today you be honest with yourself and understand what you want and absolutely need from your intimate connection. Yes you want it to last and yes you want to feel a sense of belonging but what else does emotional security mean to you? A person like you can could get deeply philosophical about this so do not let one aspect of dilemma consume you for long periods of time. Keep coming back to it or use your instincts to feel your way through. It wouldn’t be considered a failure if you share some of the harder to decipher points with your lover. You might learn more about them if you do.

Aquarius: Some of you may not want to be bothered by the debacle that is your love life. Nothing wrong with that, take a break from it all. Do not dwell upon any lack of charm in your last attempt at seduction. Do not dwell upon your lack of spontaneity or enthusiasm when it comes to more intimate actions. Do not worry about whether or not this person still cares for you. Instead accept it has been a bad few days and look at what you can do better. Focus on the person you care for and how they interact with you. Use this to adjust your flirting style or how you can effectively convey what you feel. Once your intimate communication improves, everything else will fall into place. Take a few days to think then come back to the one you want.

Pisces: For some of you it may have been a roller coaster kind of week. You are looking for some rest, relaxation and time to reconnect with yourself. Those goals and desires you may have started out this week determined to meet, may not seem so important to you right now. Mostly everyone in your life has demanded so much of you think week that you want just to avoid any more stressful confrontations or situations. If you are still feeling somewhat alienated from your loved one and can’t seem to get through to them, let it go for now. Spend this time apart recharging and things should go much more smoothly when you two come back together.


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