7 Basic Body Language Tips to Help You Read Between the Lines


Knowing a little about body language is like learning to read between the lines. We say things with our eyes and make different gestures with our body that help us get our point across. At the same time reading someone else’s body movements can fill in the blanks of a conversation for us. Body language is the unspoken conversation that happens when ever we communicate. We use it everyday and most of us aren’t even aware of it. Not only don’t we realize it in ourselves we fail to understand what others are saying to us. Body language is a very powerful method of communication that can be understood without saying a word.

Body language includes many different gestures and uses all parts of the body including the eyes, head, arms, hands and legs. Each gesture could have more than one meaning, so it is important to keep the gesture in the proper context when you interpret its meaning. Being aware of the message you are sending with your own body could change your life. Once you are aware of the movements you can become a better communicator. On a job interview, talking with friends or looking to meet new friends you will look at others in a brand new way when you try to read what they are saying with their bodies. Our voice may be saying one thing while our body language is saying quite the opposite.

Flirting is the first step in a new romance or relationship and starts with the basic but critical smile. Your smile can show interest from across a crowded room and you’ll also know if someone is interested in you by their smile. You’ll flirt with body language before you even say hello and mutual interest can be understood without saying a word. These 7 basic body language tips will have you seeing things in a whole new light. Although, they not written in stone they are usually correct to some extent.

1. Usually a person will look up if they are trying to remember something or trying to imagine how something could be.
2. A person may look down if they are guilty or giving in.
3. Someone tapping their fingers, like drumming on the table may be feeling nervous or anxious.
4. Looking someone directly in the eyes usually indicates honesty and interest
5. If the arms are crossed across the chest it’s usually a display of anger, defense or disagreement
6. Looking away or at other people usually shows a lack of interest
7. Being unable to make eye contact, fidgeting or looking around could mean a person is not telling the truth

Don’t think that everyone who can’t make eye contact is a liar or just because someone smiles at you they want a romantic encounter. There are other indicators for all types of emotions but, the point is:

Get more out of every conversation by understanding what others are saying with their bodies.


It’s all about being a genuinely good person and having a good time together. If you weren’t born with a natural talent for attracting the opposite sex or the ability to make them laugh, don’t despair, there is hope for you. You can quickly learn these skills and others that will make you a better date and lead to that long lasting relationship that you are looking for. You can find resources, training and advice on relationships at http://411flirt.com. If you’re new to the dating scene or a seasoned pro there is always something to learn.


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