How to Get Him to Date Me: A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating


You admire this guy and you’ve been dreaming about him since he spoke to you in the elevator. You wait patiently for him to ask you out on a date to no avail. You keep praying and hoping that this guy will just come up to you and tell you he wants to take you out, yes, just like that. And if that never happens? What does a girl need to do? Should you take matters into your own hands? It’s hard being a woman, even at this day and age we still adhere to certain double standards dictated by the society. Some guys don’t mind getting asked out but if you still feel iffy about that thought, there are some ways on how you can get a guy to ask you out on a date. When it comes to “how to get him to date me”, it’s important that you build some kind of attraction first. You have to catch his interest otherwise he will never notice you and all you can do is dream about him every night.

You’ve probably heard this over and over; the best way to catch a man’s attention is by looking attractive. By looking attractive it doesn’t mean that you have to wear tops that show off your cleavage all the time. Pick clothes that are flattering to your figure but make sure you still leave something to the imagination. That’s going to make him want more, don’t you think? Look better but don’t try to change yourself too much. A new and improved you is way better than being somebody you’re not. Wear makeup that will enhance your natural beauty. Don’t go for dark eyeshadows during daytime. Men love seeing a woman that looks neat and “put together”. Your makeup should just be enough so you don’t look like you just got out of the shower.

Always wear a smile on your face. This is one thing that will surely make a man drawn to you. When you look warm and friendly, it’ll be easier for the guy to come up to you and strike a conversation. Men hate a snooty woman who thinks she is better than everyone else. Confidence is sexy but cockiness is not. Be polite and show respect for other people. It doesn’t matter how attractive you look or how smart you are, if you are ill-mannered, nobody would want to be around you, let alone the guy you have a crush on.

Don’t ever let your nerves get to you and act totally weird when he is around. Don’t act nonchalant and pretend you are not interested in him at all when deep inside you are dying to kiss him. If you like him, flirt with him a little bit by being extra nice to him and by throwing in some compliments here and there. Saying stuff like “I like your shirt, it looks good on you” will tickle him.

Another thing that you can do when it comes to “how to get him to date me” is by asking for help. Rescuing a damsel in distress is a game that every man enjoys playing. If you are having problems with your computer at work, now is the perfect time to ask for help. Guys are always willing to lend a helping hand especially if we’re talking about a pretty girl here. When he’s done helping you, thank him and make sure you give him your sweetest smile. Offer to buy him lunch as a “thank you”. If he likes you back he is going to say yes immediately. is dedicated to helping women find – and keep – the relationship they deserve. Get our free confidential handbook and learn why he won’t commit to you and more.


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