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Love Horoscopes – November 24, 2013


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Aries: Those of you still juggling a few lovers need to start wrapping up this experimentation phase. Yes you want to see who the more suitable lover is but now that your secret is out, your potential loves are growing restless. They will not fall for your wonderfully charming and magnetic personality for long. The only good thing about this is that when you do finally make a decision, you will know that you have made the right choice. If you are completely unattached, you may be looking for adventure. Take the time to meet new people, your affectionate disposition and charm will attract people to you that you will want to spend time with. There may be some memories made through this process.


Taurus: This isn’t an emotional or passionate time right now. Do not be surprised if you feel a disconnect with those you are closest to. If you are attached, go back to the basics of your first date and get to know each other again. There may be some new interests that you two have yet to explore and can do so together. Or maybe it’s the opposite and you two can explore things separately. This is a time to learn about each other past the passion. If you are unattached, your desire to restore your social life may be a bit consuming and interfere with your professional obligations. It may be hard for you to just get up and go so why not try scheduling your recreational time. Sure that sounds ridiculous but it will probably work out better for you.


Gemini: You need something more. Whether it is your relationship or lack thereof, you need something much more than what you have. Do not let these feelings overwhelm you; the smallest acts will return great rewards.  If you are attached, socializing or exploring as a couple will do wonders for your relationship right now. This may enhance the solidarity between you two as well as increase your levels of harmony. If you are looking for someone to share your life with, the places you go are old and stale. Start doing more activities, ones that interest you or you have been too timid to try and you will meet some new people that will end up enriching your life in more ways than one.


Cancer: Many of you are feeling a bit impulsive right now and that can be a dangerous thing. If you are looking for a little fun, this will likely become a rather precarious situation. You are looking to spoil yourself and enjoy life but you may end up growing feelings for someone you shouldn’t. You started out looking for a great time but this person fills a void you either didn’t know you had or have been ignoring. If you can’t bring yourself back to your original frame of mind you run the risk of having your heart shattered by someone who never intended things to get this way. If you think you can handle the fall out then by means have at it but honestly, you should maybe cut your time with this person short.


Leo: Regardless of what people have tried to tell you, you do know what is best for you right now. This isn’t time for you to ignore your intuition. For some of you attached, you are involved in a relationship that just isn’t working.  You have tried, time and time again but nothing has changed. You can no longer give the situation or this person ‘just one more’ chance. It is probably best for you to let this person go. You no longer have the strength to carry this relationship. If you are unattached, you are not looking for anything serious. You want to have fun and be sociable with whomever you meet. Flirt in a manner where no one will take you too seriously and you have all the fun you want and still walk away a free agent.


Virgo: Some thoughts come to restless mind today that leave you in a sour mood. Recent disappointments with someone close to you have reminded you of your tendency to neglect certain needs. When you are so focused you forget the world around you and this time you’ve been neglecting your own needs for socializing, affection, and companionship. If you are unattached, you need to stop sacrificing pleasure and love to meet your responsibilities. This will do nothing but leave you with feelings of desolation. If you are attached, you may find you are unsure of your feelings for your sweetheart as well as yourself. Some time apart will help you get a hold of your emotions and get back on track.


Libra: Regardless of your relationship status, you intuition is on the mark today. You need to be able to squash any drama before it starts to boil with as little fanfare as you can. If you are attached, you can’t help but think that things are growing tense in your relationship. If this is the case, suggest your sweetheart spend the day doing whatever it is they would like to do. You both need to be reminded that while closeness is good, spending time apart is just as necessary as being together. There is no need to worry, things are good in your relationship and when you two come back together, your bond will have strengthened. If you are unattached, the road may lead you to someone who will be just as surprised as you are.


Scorpio: Though your emotions are running both hot and cold today, your focus may turn to the connection you have with others in your life. This may be about your partner, lover or potential new relationship but a sobering reality comes to mind today.  This may bring about some changes but until you are ready to let certain things go, the difference you are trying to make will be for naught. There may be a few of you who have a remarkable relationship with person who is really a friend but acts like your lover. You two are perfect together but there is no passionate spark. This relationship will continue as it is but don’t be surprised if you two start sharing more feelings and growing closer, platonically though… still no passion in the cards.


Sagittarius: You are entering a time where concerns about your emotions are not at the forefront of your mind. You have a level of emotional security that leaves you feeling content, for now at least. Though your relationships may feel platonic today, that doesn’t mean you still can’t share all kinds of new experiences. This is a time to invest intellectually in your relationship. Things seem fine in the physical department but there may be some lows when it comes to substance. Whatever you decide to do today, learn something different and make it unusual or at the very least, fascinating. If he or she is the one for you, you may remember this day as laying the roots down for your future together.


Capricorn: This should prove to be an interesting time for you but you still need to watch yourself. You are restless and with that you are very bold and daring in your mindset. You feel compelled to find and be a part of something enterprising right now. It is entirely possible that this may come to you through someone from your past. You two may not have been very close before but you may find that you have much more in common now. Where this leads you both, who knows but they are on the same path you are. If you are attached, you happen upon someone who would be a productive addition to your life. He or she may only be a friend not necessarily a love interest. Be careful that during this time you don’t get too far ahead of yourself.


Aquarius: You may be looking for a break. People from all areas of your life are pulling you in different directions and you just want some time for yourself. This is likely to include your sweetheart but that doesn’t mean this relationship is over or that there are problems, it just means that some time apart will do you both some good. There is nothing wrong with being your own person for a while. Besides, you being away will give you some time to think and gain perspective. Some of your memories and old feelings may surface and while some answers may be found, other questions may rise. Thankfully you will be able to see your past a bit more objectively than before which will allow you to gain some much needed closure.


Pisces: For the most part, things are good. Your life is running as smooth as it will ever be as you are getting things in order. Sadly this order does not extend to your love life. You feel good about yourself but not so good about your love life and part of you just doesn’t care. It isn’t that things are falling apart or that you are no longer in love, you just don’t feel it right now. It isn’t the sense of detachment that bothers you it is lack of passion. An Pisces without passion, you are literally a fish out of water. What you are going through is just a temporary glitch. If you are unattached this will likely be a short dry spell but if you are attached, a little time a part may help that romantic spark later. Often times the absent heart does grow fonder.


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