Mirroring Body Language and Seduction – Don’t Waste Your Time With It


” … and then from that point on she will follow you to whatever you do”, my friend said with a huge satisfaction that almost made me fall of my chair.

“… and who cares ?” asked another friend.

“What ?”, said confused friend number A.

“I said who cares ?”, repeated friend number B.

For those that have missed the interaction because they were too busy doing other things, here is what happened:

One friend was telling us what he had read in some NLP* book: that by mirroring the body language of another person, the other person feels close to you. However, he missed one important point: when it has to with seduction you want to impose your emotional state not follow another person’s state. You do not have enough time to follow her and then lead (a common technique used in NLP). So, this is why this technique does not work when it has to with pickup: mirroring body language and pickup do not go together.

When can mirroring body language help us ?

When you are trying to build comfort you can use that along with verbally trying to find commonalities to induce a state of intimacy. As Dale Carnegie used to say: “I like you = I am like you”.

Keep that in mind the next time you find your self in field:

– During pickup, lead, lead, only lead.

– During comfort pace and lead, pace and lead.

Again good luck with seduction and remember that the success in the details. My seduction trip was some times cruel and some times funny. If you want to find how it all started just check out the following link:


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    • Tnx A – I guess everyone’s game is different. As for seduction.. I think building rapport leads to comfort while breaking rapport leads to fast seduction – just my 2 cents – tnx again – S

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