But her touch..


OMG ! It’s almost noon  & I haven’t written about Ms Amazing yet !! – S

Calm down Sonny.. it’s a beautiful day – where did you leave her..? – Universe

She was hot.. & glowing from the humidity.. a bead of sweat was forming between her breasts.. swollen.. & rising to meet my gaze.. she reaches forward to touch my arm – just to let me know that we’re both real & that I’m safe.. but her touch sends a spark through my body – from her simple touch.. what am I supposed to do.. ? – S

These are problems you have.. ? – Universe

Every time.. her beauty freezes me.. & her electric touch breaks me open – from the inside.. then she laughs @ me – S 

Good job Sonny.. where is she.. ? – Universe

I left her in time.. & in time I’ll see her again – S

Sugar and spice


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