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Love Horoscopes – December 1, 2013


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Aries: Many of you have been looking forward to the weekend but it may not go as you hoped or planned. You are feeling restless and if you are attached, your sweetheart is feeling caged. You both have some major decisions to make but instead you two are fighting each other. You are rebelling and they are growing more rigid. One of you must realize that something has to change in your relationship in order for it to continue. These deep seated emotions can no longer upset or change your relationship. You both will end up becoming even more selfish and growing apart. If this relationship is worth anything to you both, you two can get through this. If you are unattached, it may be hard to deal with people today so keep to yourself.

Taurus: Every fiber in your being fights against your personal level of sensitivity and any feelings of vulnerability that you may have. When you are not in a relationship or have a desire to date someone, this is fine. But when you are, power struggles often happen and you lose the one care about because you won’t compromise. Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t be sensitive too. You really need to learn this if you want to save your love life. If you are unattached, you may begin what could be a very powerful relationship because someone can see past your barrier. He or she will end up having a profound impact on the way you see yourself and love. They will change you in ways you cannot even imagine but it won’t matter if you don’t stop fighting yourself.

Gemini: Midway through the day you may want to go back to bed and start the day all over. Sure it may start well but it may not end that way. That will depend on how much of your patience you lose and your loved ones expectations if you are attached. Whatever it is that sparks this explosion, the tension is thick, words are flying around with no real meaning attached and everyone’s control issues are front and center. If your sweetheart is feeling restricted and demands their freedom, why are you fighting? Give them what they want, however they think is best. Some of them may be wrong and others may be right but why hold someone who doesn’t want to held? This lesson learned will change things for the better though you may not see it now.

Cancer: If it hasn’t started already, throughout the month you should have plenty of opportunity to satisfy your appetite for variety. Whatever that means for you, these needs and desires are natural for this energy. Whatever or whoever will be involved, these mini adventures should not be taken seriously, for the most part.  There is a very strong possibility that you are being tested or are a part of someone else’s personal experiment. So by pass anything thoughts of commitment and just enjoy the company of those around you. Many of you, attached or unattached, may have a rather intense interaction with someone you know. They finally have the courage to tell you how they feel. If you do not return the sentiment, give them something to remember you by.

Leo: Today may be all about you. You are feeling neglected and want to have your needs taken care of first. There is no problem with letting others dote on you and shower you with affections you would on to them. Just remember that while giving is wonderful quality and certainly admirable, taking too much can wipe all of that goodness away. If you are newly attached, that may be the source of a teeny tiny eruption today. Your emotions are intense and you are already in a very passionate state of mind because this relationship is so brand new. But when you couple this with your personal needs, your sweetheart may take things the wrong way. This is just a stumbling block but you will both learn so much from each in the process.

Virgo: A change will do you some good and you are in the mood to make it happen. You are looking for more, some kind of transformation and after the last week or so, you have realized there are plenty of ways to achieve this. You have spent some time daydreaming and looking through the illusions that have engulfed you. This has given you an understanding and level of sensitivity that has allowed you to forgive and love at the same time. If you are attached this improves your relationship and becomes a part of the glue that holds you two together. If you are unattached, this has enhanced your emotional and instinctive levels. You may be more opened to love and thoughts of dating again.

Libra: You are very talkative today which can be a great thing for you since you are feeling friendly and your mood is light. The positive energy of the day seems to easily flow through and around you but there may be a lot of it. This may be so intense and powerful that your emotions could overwhelm you which will force you to release them in a way that could be intimidating. If you are attached, try to channel that energy into something sexual rather than using words. You are still communicating so it should satisfy your needs either way. If you are unattached, try to dial back the emotions before attempting any conversation with the one you have sights upon. Things will go much farther if you do.

Scorpio: You will certainly be a force to reckon with today. When it comes to your love life there will be some innocent soul who will be completely lost to your charms. Whether you approach this person or they you, he or she will find you absolutely irresistible and struggle to deny you anything you desire. If you are unattached, this is great for you as it could very well be the person you have had your heart set on. If you are attached, it will be fun to bask in the glow of attention but make sure your loved one doesn’t find you in a compromising situation. Regardless of your relationship status, you encountering this person isn’t by chance, there is a reason so do not blow this person off.

Sagittarius: Today may prove to be a real eye opener for you as you will have the opportunity to see just what it is that is holding you back from real intimacy. Your emotional responses towards those closest to you are rather deep in nature and feel intense. The energy around you is very magnetic and you will have a strong desire for closeness with your someone special so that you can both give and receive love. It will be within this that you uncover what it is that is keeping you from getting close to others. Part of this will have something to do with your outward intensity, so think about toning it down a little. Because you can be larger than life and shine too brightly, it can be overwhelming and cause people to step away. This is an easy fix.

Capricorn: For those of you working through yesterdays pessimisms, you have been doing a lot of thinking. As you explore you feelings you have come to a preliminary conclusion that you have been look for a new or an improved emotional experience. If you are attached, you do care deeply for your lover and you have realized that all of this drama was about your restlessness and your inability to be patient. Some of you may have created more obstacles to overcome under that influence but if you can summon together all your strength and determination, you can accomplish anything! The energy surrounding you has made sure that as you grow more and more optimistic, your faith will be restored. Restoring your faith should lead to real breakthroughs in your love life.

Aquarius: Issues you may have been avoiding seem much easier to handle right now. In fact, you feel much more comfortable in your skin today. You may be feeling so damn good that you decide no challenge is too difficult and no road is too long. So not only will you be smoothing out any ruffled feathers with your sweetheart but you will also demonstrate that you have some level of super human ability! And hey, why not? The energy surrounding you is on the same page as the planetary alignment of the day so when you decide to take your loved one and do something radically different, you can expect to find yourselves knee deep in a real adventure. There may be some low points and a few potholes on the road but when you are done, you will be rewarded well.

Pisces: Fate works in very strange and mysterious ways. Sometimes it isn’t for us to know how certain things come to be but rather we understand why this is happening so we can act accordingly. For someone who is as strategic as you are, sometimes the obvious is harder to determine. As this unfolds keep your eyes open, wonderful things are in store for you and your love life. You may start off by feeling emotionally confined which is causing you to lash out or others to do challenge you. The friction may result in some explosive interactions that end up romantic. Don’t worry, everyone is baffled. The fight was to bring you two together; the romance is to keep both there. This is likely to become an epic level of love that will be a life changer.


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