A Simple Strategy on How to Avoid the Friend Zone


So you’ve met a beautiful woman recently, and as you try to get to know her you’re wondering how to avoid the friend zone. If this is the case, then the strategy that I talk about in this article is just for you.

Why do guys end up in the friend zone?

It’s simple: being “just friends” with a woman simply means that she has zero feelings of sexual attraction towards you. Any romantic interest is nil. You’re simply around to help her pass the time, so she won’t get too bored with life.

By the time that she sees your positive qualities, she’s going to think of you as a wonderful man for women, just not for her. This is why many guys sometimes hear, “One of these days, you’ll meet a great woman that you really deserve.”

So how do you avoid the friend zone?

It’s simple, really.

When you first meet a woman, do not get to know her with the intent of being just friends. If you find her attractive in any way, shape, or form, do not approach her looking for just friendship.

The guaranteed way to avoid the friend zone is to let her know your intentions through casual Statement Of Intents.

What is a statement of intent? It’s a simple comment that lets her know how you feel about her. No, I’m not telling you to break down and confess how in love you are with her. A statement of intent is as simple as saying, “You’re so spontaneous… I really like that about you.”

Think that’s difficult? No, it’s not at all. You will make her smile and feel good about herself. Just two or three of these in one night and she’ll get the hint, and will start thinking differently about you right away.

If you’re a little more daring, here’s a statement of intent on crack:

“Wow, I never knew you could be so spontaneous… I think spontaneous women are sexy.”

At first, you will feel uncomfortable saying it. But once you realize that she is actually flattered and it’s actually getting her more attracted to you, you WILL want drop the “sexy” bomb like there’s no tomorrow!

Remember, friendship is a nice bonus, but what you’re trying to generate here is intimate compatibility. Just because you get along with many things doesn’t mean that she’ll think of you as intimately compatible with you.


If you’re trying to avoid the friend zone with a woman you’re interested in, make sure you do things right from the get-go. You’re going to spend a lot of time and attention with her anyway, so you might as well beat around the bush and hint at your interest right away. The statement of intent is just one way to avoid the friend zone and turn a friend into a girlfriend; discover a fool-proof system that will help you do just that at http://www.outofthefriendzone.com today.


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