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Love Horoscopes – December 4, 2013


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Aries: Love is social for you on many levels today. Some of you may want to play matchmaker between new and old friends. Do not be surprised if in a year or two that relationship becomes permanent.  A conversation with your long time partner may make you fall in love all over again. You may have thought you knew all there was to know about your sweetheart and something small just gets you yet again. Some of you may encounter someone that just takes your breath away with their intellect and style. They have a natural ease as well as a good sense of humor on top of their dashing wit and have their sights set on you too. Whatever you today, do not isolate yourself otherwise you will truly miss out.

Taurus: This will likely be a day of long but comfortable conversations. If you are attached it will be with your sweetheart but if you are unattached it could be the person you are interested in or a random person off the street. If you have been feeling low lately, things are much better for you. Your newly formed confidence and warm heart has turned your perspective around and opened you up so that you can really benefit from what you learn or understand today. The discussions had today will be just what you need to get your life in general back on track and find your way back to accomplishing all you had desired. Sometimes your heart has to step in and clear the way for your mind to reach its level of greatness.

Gemini: If you are attached and things have grown distant, the energy of the day will help you bring it back around. In order to achieve the harmony you once had you need to put any grievances you have been holding on to on the table. Getting past these issues and letting how will be a big step in moving your relationship forward to where you think it should be. Expect conversations to be very personal and touch upon many private subjects. But in the end the quality of your relationship will be exponentially better. This won’t be such a serious day though regardless of how it starts. What will really seal the deal for you two is amount of laughter and intellectual stimulation that comes from the hours of discussion. It will make a big difference.

Cancer: Turns out what you thought you wanted, isn’t at all what you thought it would be and what you need isn’t anywhere near what you have. You are looking for comfort and security from someone who can shower you with love and affection but hold a conversation and know how to think for themselves. Some of you have pieces of this while others of you have none of it but none of you have all of it and it is posing a problem. If you are attached, asked yourself if you can get what you need out of the relationship you have. If you honestly think you cannot then it may be time to move on. If you are interested in someone or just began to date, go no further until you know they can satisfy all of your needs. Otherwise have faith you can attract the right one.

Leo: If you are frustrated with your love life right now then put it on hold. If you are attached, take a day or two away from your partner. If you have interest in someone then you might want to steer clear of them as well. This just isn’t the day to make decisions so don’t force your thoughts to any conclusion or make any plans. Let those thoughts permeate today and tackle them tomorrow when it is likely you will gain a fresh perspective. If things are going well, you will really improve your relationships today. The day may be centered on conversations of varying yet stimulating topics. You and the one who has your heart will be so smitten with each other that whatever connection you two share has now deepened tremendously.

Virgo: During this time you want to take prudence and listen to both your heart and intuition. You are looking for something and are nearly restless with need to find it. Considering the energy flowing and swirling about, what you are missing is intellectual stimulation. It doesn’t matter if you are attached, dating or single, you are looking to be inspired and impressed. You want something more than even you can give, you want to learn from someone rather than be the one teaching. With proper care, you can achieve this in your relationship or even attract a love interest that turns every part of you on. This will end up being the transformation you need to feel alive once again.

Libra: There will be highs and lows today in your love life that are centered on the power that certain words hold in our lives. People can come together or be divided through conversation and you will likely experience one or the other completely. If you are unattached, random conversations can lead to something surprising let alone promising. You will connect with someone on principals and creativity. You share the same respect for all mediums and zest for life. Do not let this person simply walk away. If you are attached, sadly this will turn into an emotional day plagued by minor aggravations and brewing frustrations. If you can get away from everyone then do so otherwise be careful that you don’t say something you will regret later or burn any bridges.

Scorpio: Many of you are at a point in your intimate affairs where you are beginning to question purpose and direction. Thoughts are centered on some form of “is this person the right one for me”. There are even a handful of you just starting out in a relationship and are already wondering about a few years down the road. The logic you normally rely on is giving way for fantasy and speculation to map out a possible future for you and this special person. Though this projection is creative rather than factual, it still serves function and gives you plenty to think about. Until you can make practical sense of these thoughts, be careful on how you interact with the one who has your heart. Misunderstandings are easy right now.

Sagittarius: Thoughts of love and relationships weigh heavily on your mind during this time. Your mind is dissecting and reconnecting thoughts with feelings, emotions with ideas and sorting out your desires. You are looking past the physical need for stimulation and looking for a mental seduction. There is a sense of security and stability you have been missing and you know that in order rectify this, you need your romance to be intellectual. But now the question begs to be asked, what kind of compromises are you willing to make to accomplish what you long for? This task may be a bit easier for some of you who are unattached.  You may meet someone who has amazing insight and spirit; they are just as impressed with you as well.

Capricorn: Many of you attached may be at a point in your relationship where you are looking towards the future and imagining what it may hold for you both. Are you still together? The energy surrounding you is encouraging you to explore those possibilities and think in the long term of your current relationship. While you are doing this thinking you should see if your sweetheart is on the same page. Thankfully the energy of the day is also very easy and relaxed so having a conversation of this depth won’t lead into any anxiousness or tension. Sit down and talk, see where you both are and what you think the future may hold for you two together. Once you two get on the same page begin to look towards all the exciting possibilities.

Aquarius: There may be a shake up for many of you today. For some of you this may be because of someone who comes into your life full of creativity and promise. He or she is likely to be quite influential in your life for some time to come. This may not necessarily lead to anything romantic right now but do not be surprised if you are caught up in their spirit. If you are unattached and looking, you are hoping to connect with someone who has more substance and intellect. In order for you to do so, you need to put yourself in a position where you will meet someone of that caliber. Listen to the conversations around you and join in the ones that sound interesting, this will work in your favor. If you’re attached, you may find yourself having to compromise a little.

Pisces: Today, the energy surrounding you is relaxed and interactive at this time. You feel rather affectionate and tender towards anyone in your inner circle or who means something to you. You can turn this energy into something deeply satisfying with a little bit of care. If you’re attached, show your loved one the affection and love that you feel. Engage them in conversation and talk about everything and nothing all at the same time while wrapped up in each other’s arms. If you’re looking for love then feel free to be as social as you’re comfortable doing so. You will meet people who you’ll have a profound and meaningful conversation with. There will be someone you click with mentally and emotionally on a very deep level.


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