How Do You Know When Your Marriage is Over? Discover the Signs and Stop Your Divorce!


How do you know when your marriage is over? Will you see the signs pointing to it so you can prevent it from happening? Or will you be totally oblivious to the fact that the marriage you both had once swore to uphold is beginning to disintegrate? Think about it for a second and take a long look at your married life. You might actually spot a thing or two before you read on.

There are a number of answers to the question: how do you know when your marriage is over? But the most significant one happens to be communication. All relationships are bonded through constant communication. Without it, trust cannot be established; commitment cannot be achieved; and marriage would be nothing but a dream. Love may be the reason, but communication is the foundation. But if you think that talking about each other’s schedules or your kids’ activities constitute an effective communication, then you are lost. It is about sharing thoughts and feelings openly, warmly and naturally. Try to re-establish the connections you once had in order to save your marriage.

So how do you know when your marriage is over? When you have stopped growing together, your marriage is bound to end disastrously. When you have ceased to be happy for each other or quit being happy with yourself, be alarmed. Somewhere along the road, you might have stopped supporting each other’s dreams. You could have competed against your spouse, instead of supported him or her. Compromise might have taken a backseat and your goals changed.

They are common day-to-day occurrences but you need to discuss them with your partner or you will end up destroying your marriage and subjecting the kids to a broken home. Take note of the signs and plan your actions well. You may have just managed to mend your marital situation and saved your family from a whole lot of traumatic adjustments.


Whether you are still together and having problems or you are already seperated and want to save your marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial!

Don’t make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your spouse. Find out what you need to do to stop your divorce and emotionally reconnect with her or him again.


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