Mouths drop & the doors open


3 Mins Seduction

The elevator opens on the 11th floor

Unveiling today’s opponent

Green eyes glisten & Christmas cheers rejoice  

As I crack open a game of love..

Press the button Sonny – Show her you’re not afraid to touch stuff*

Relax on the ca-va & just start counting – I got this*

 It’s cold this morning..

She leans into the warmth of my eyes

It’s begun

Doing anything fun today*

No.. just work*

Too bad.. I can’t even talk to you now – What about tonight?*

The elevator stops on the 6th floor

The Universe is pleased & awards me one min of extra time

I’m putting up my Christmas Tree*

That could be cool.. real or fake*


Seriously.. I wonder what else about you is fake.. *

The elderly woman who joined us begins to giggle

What about your nails – let me see*

They’re fake too.. !*

It’s hilarious.. the elevator is finally awake

Almost there..

What about your orgasms..?*

Mouths drop & the doors open

What’s your name blondie..?*

They call me de Soeille  – like the Sun.. – you can call me tonight*

– S

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