The iris of the moon peaks through clouds


I lay down beside her

& pulled the covers up around our necks

The iris of the moon peaks through clouds

casting a midnight rainbow..

There’s a light snow falling on the beach

& the ocean shimmers

As we feel the first touch of winter

Creeping in through the frosted window

I reach my hand around her yoga hardened body

And nuzzle a soft kiss

into her patiently waiting neck – exposed & perfect

I can taste the day melting away

As the pulse on my lips

Paces the beating in her heart

I feel

Cupping her perfect breast

It’s hard to believe she  had children

With a warm sigh.. & then a little giggle

She pulls away !

It’s cute.. but the duvet opens

& cold air rushes between us

She’s not used to the cold..

But she’s already used to me

Turning  her perfect body

She takes a chance on forever

& looks into the midnight eyes of the hypnotist

& again.. she giggles!

The smile is sincere & she kisses me deeply

The pressure inside of my head is enormous

As thoughts are pushed aside

Replaced with her dark callings

& a desire to please


She pulls back.. again

but her smile is replaced with a different look

& somewhere between curiosity – trust.. & desire

She pushes me onto my my back

& for reasons I still can’t explain..

She throws open the covers and bites my chest

The cold in my bones momentarily distracted

by the pain in my flesh

She thinks she’s tough as she straddles my chest

Her warm medicine dripping into my open wound

She reaches back.. to calm me

I’m not a bad girl Sonny.. I just know what you like

– S

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